Simple one.

So, its Friday again.

I am so not in the mood for today.
Nose blocked + cough + flu + dizziness = HATE!
What can I say?
I am just feeling so headache for the entire day.

Though I am still looking forward for tomorrow night!
Because I am attending secret date with several peoples. :p
Our secret date will start at 9pm. *wink*

I am very unhappy about this afternoon.
Some people just do not know others PRIVACY.
And I don't feel like to mention it at here. *pissed off*

seriously I hate male doctor and I hate medicine very much!
I prefer to drink syrup medicine which taste much better than tablet one. ;p
Why? It simply because the tablet form medicine is big, I always imagined that what if the pill reach halfway and suddenly stuck inside my throat ??! 
That's why my family members will usually help me smash the pills into powder form. It is just to ensure I will eat it and not throwing it away (I always throw medicine one). :p

Enough with that.

I was helping mom to fold the clothes and i saw this one.
Bro Delvin's college t-shirt.

Very simple one!
This is how its front  look .

Well, I am actually attracted by the design at the back. :)
See this one!

x2_126cced.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Its just remind me about my study time. :p

I am missing it. :)





  1. Oh gosh! Take your meds and get well soon. Have to be extra careful - cases of H1N1 on the rise again, it seems...

  2. @suituapui: i will de. dont worry. :) u scare me early morning! hmph

  3. Same as me.. haha.. If the tablet I cannot swallow it I will just throw it at the dustbin.. haha..

  4. Wrong formula my dear...

    Nose blocked + cough + flu + dizziness = A*Hini hahaha..

  5. That's a very nice "LOVE" T shirt.

  6. @Bananaz: LOL! *FAINT* i prefer my own formula then. hahaha. bwek!

    lol! thatS my bro's college t-shirt for their batch la. hahaha! damn all those words inside just describing my study life last time! haha

  7. I tell you what lah. I go take up medicine NOW so that next time u sick, u can see ME since u hate male doctors kan? :P

    See.. I'll change my profession just for YOU! blek.. :D

  8. Sotz... u take medicine by smashing it, lagi pahit. Throw inside your throat so that it wun touch ur tongue. Wun pahit wan. Btw, please get well soon. I nid to go work liao. LOL...

  9. @Merryn: heh! better make sure of it ah! next time i sick i find u de lor! if no medicine then i blame u oh! hahaha! so nice ah change profession for me. :p

  10. @Cleffairy: haha don k la! as long as i dont need to telan dat big medicine! my imagination too gud dy, wat to do. lol. if not smash it, u wait lar for half an hour to wait me telan one tablet. :S

  11. I think you should do more exercise May. This way you'll be healthier. I don't take medicine...usually I will just sweat it out. :D

  12. pan.jang? lol... apa tu????

    awaiting ur updates girl... :)

  13. Why throw away medicine so wasted! :P I prefer to swallow so that I won't taste anything on my tongue! :P

  14. Caroline, so so so terribly sorry, overlooked the matter didn't realise your number was there. Have removed the parcel pix immediately already. Once again my sincere heartfelt apologies. tQ

  15. errr, no lah, the pills won't get stuck halfway.. even if they got stuck, they will slowly dissolve one.. so no worries at all..

  16. yeah, the design of that t-shirt is cool leh, i mean i like the back with all the words..

  17. aiyah, too bad, you are sick during the weekends.. i hate this, because cannot take MC and absent from work.. :p

  18. get well soon Caroline.. dont stay up so late .. take care..

  19. oh my.. hope you're doing fine now caroline... wish all the fullest recovery of you

  20. i hate tablets too... but i hate syrup too because they are so bitter in taste... haha i guess all medicine are like that/...

  21. haha i couldnt agree more.. i love the tshirst seding too.. actually i am now thinking of designs to be put in my "I am a certified blogger tshirt for Blog idol... yikes

  22. @Tekkaus: yea but i only play badminton on Sunday with family. :) thats the only exercise that i can do. hehe

  23. @Merryn: LOL! how la i noe?! i only noe panjang. hahaha! :D

  24. @iamthewitch: heee.. sometimes ny. :) yea i noe if swallow then no bitter, but i just scare if i cant swallow all. lol scare that if it stuck halfway. lol

  25. @Bananaz: lol its okie, not so clear oso lar d pic, am just joking ny. dnt take it seriously. :) no need sorry lar. aiyo. :)

  26. @[SK]: WTH! then u prefer to sick during weekdays just for the sak eof those leaves meh?! lol haha i still prefer my dad smash it into powder form. xD

    LOL! yup me too like the back design with those words. :)

  27. @Bluedreamer27: hehe.. for me, syrup one taste nicer and sweeter. haha at least got flavor. xD

    Hmm.. am not so pro in designing t-shirt but hope u can come out wit better idea! :D

    Happy sunday to u too! :)