Shopping Experience on Irenelim[dot]com - 2

Well... Well...
I am going to show you all the second dress I got from Irenelim Fashion online boutique.
I got this for free! Thanks to the Project Witch! =D
May tell me which one you prefer after look at it. :)

This is my second dress...

Pink Lady Deep V Dress

Kay... From the name "Deep V", it is really deep v. lol!
Well, you can also wear it with tube inside. :)

Nice dress right?
Look at here! Wake up people!
Open your eyes widely!
Only the dress nice but not the person!

Okay, let me say something...

Look at me! Am very skinny and only wear S size clothes.
I am actually worry I can't fit in both apparels.
Want to know how worry I am?
Go ask Cleffairy and Merryn. Haha! :D

Now... No more worries. Phew~
No matter what size are you, just check on Irenelim Fashion and get the suitable apparel for yourself.
You can always ask opinion from Irene if you not sure if it fit you or not. :)

I lurveeee both dresses! <3

Thanks so much, Irene!
You gonna have my support for sure! =)


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  1. Feeeeee weeeeeet! lol.. last nite you mms me the side pics.. today get to see from front n yes lah, sexy!!!!!!!! hehehhehee.. but NICE!

    you look so sweet in that.. i like it :) suits you well.. u r so lucky :P

  2. Wah... so sexy... wait later... ppl's nose bleed! :P go out in that, go knock some guys dead!

  3. Nice deep V dress May. :D look so naughty and sexy. hahaha :D

  4. Sounds like Irenelim fashion is really that good huh! :D

  5. can't wait for the talent portion hehe

  6. oh here comes contestant number 2 LOL

  7. haha you kn ow what you look so girly here

  8. Nope...prefer the first one...

  9. @Merryn: FC! haha i simply choose one when mms to u that time. :p

    @cleffairy: ROFL! not sexy enuff dat. wakakaka! :p

    @Tekkaus: thnx unc!! wanna try to wear ir too?? hahaha! no no am not notty..

    @bluedreamer27: hello! i am girl, of course i am girly! hahaha! btw, since when im look like guy or act like guy here?? haha

    @suituapui: okie! i lurve both! :)

  10. Love the V shape anytime! i like v shapes neckline..
    wonder which pic was dwelled the longest time?? hahahaha..

  11. i guess you will look gorgeous and inviting with every dress you done,,, you know why?

    simply because you have got a very big nice smile,,,,,,that's for sure

  12. *phewitt* Who's that hot girl in the house? :P

  13. @iamthewitch: whoopsie! no one. hahaha! :p

  14. nice!! after putting on some accessories, perfect!

  15. @Kenzo: wait till the right time to wear it. haha! :D

  16. Nice nice, the deep v is delicious! Should take a clearer close up and make us all nose bled! Haha

  17. Why la the close up blur blur one? Go get a better camera ler. Huhuhuh

  18. @Irenelim: my gawd, u described it as "delicious"?! hahaha! no no no, too public n open dy. my parents kill me later. I used photoshop blurr it, cz got few followers following my blog SECRETLY n i cannot check who r they. quite dangerous oso lor. :)

  19. Hi,

    You look good in it. Perfect choice.

  20. Is this considered shocking or sexy pink? heehee. Nice color.
    Someone bang my door knocker just before lunch who is from Pos Malaysia holding a nicely wrapped parcel and without hesitation I asked "for Bananaz?". Oops dunno what he could be thinking of the name. Foongpc did confirm with me once and asked 'sure you wanna me write Bananaz on the envelope' and I said 'why not its cool'. Yeah the postal staff did raise their eyebrows..haha.
    Will post about it when I get back from Penang to attend a relative's funeral. tQ very much.

  21. @Bananaz: lol well i hope u like it. :) Its just a small appreciation pressie from me. :)

  22. *faint* at irenelim's "delicious".. lol..

    but u sure look extra girly in that dress..i just love it so much! But then.. not for ME body lah.. :( hahaha..

  23. Can ask Irenelim take you as their model liao. Nice dress.

  24. @Superman: lol! not qualify yet la me. posing oso dunno. haha thnx. :)

  25. oh what i mean about the girly is that... oh i forgot the term... never mind... but you look so great here swear

  26. @bluedreamer27: rofl! relax am just kidding. :) thnx anyway. :)