love is in the air

High school is often about one self exploring more about own self and others, such as self-potential, making more decision, and even experimenting with something we called love. Apart of growing your own potential in both academic and curriculum, one self too, getting to know opposite gender and familiarising them-self with how human is capable to love other and willing to do for someone you love. And when relationship didn't work out, the broken hearted ones often console themselves with the help of bestie and a number of relatable love songs.

ANTE is always known for its awesomely delicious pork steak and please do yourself a favor by ordering their Tasting Platter, you can enjoy it whilst waiting for your chargrilled pork steak to be served. When Anna told us about the new high tea menu in ANTE, we just had to give it a try, I mean, come on, we all love desserts and teas! Plus, we actually needed a venue to celebrate a surprise advanced birthday celebration for our beloved nanny Daphne too! Or even better reason to dine there, Pokemon. Believe me or not, there's plenty of pokemons with three Poke-stops in ANTE!

When you're working from home and staying so far away from your family, we tend to skip their breakfast and just settle with two meals - brunch and dinner - where you can easily have it outside. As for me, since ever I got my own place, I start watching Youtube videos on how to make simple breakfast at home. And, that's how I learn how to cook at home too!

It was my 5th visit to Bangkok.

I did plan to visit Chocolate Ville last year, but it wasn't open at that time and I certainly learned my lesson to do research on its opening time before my next visit. It's not located in the city itself, but it wasn't really that far from the city either. There's no way for you to reach there via BTS Skytrain or MRT subway. However, you can simply get a cab or uber for approximately 30-minutes journey to Chocolate Ville. We (5 pax) took Uber and it's only cost us RM8/pax for a round trip.

I've been obsessed with Japanese manicure lately. 
This is especially after I had such pleasant experience with Yu Academie Salon and receiving so many sweet compliment from others about my previous gel manicure. I actually went back Yu Academie Salon to get my nail done prior to Mei Sze's wedding. I called them to make my appointment a week before and girls, it's really better for you to book an appointment in order to avoid disappointment when you trying your luck with walk-in appointment. 

i miss the old days

None of my friends really know what kind of music I always listen to, some actually quite shock when they actually see my playlist, just because they think I'm always a Kpop fanatic kind of girl. I gotta admit that as much as I love my Kpop songs, I do enjoy listening to all sort of songs, especially if there's something that somehow relate to me in a few different ways - be it the lyric or how it remind me of someone.

Back in high school time, I listened to Chinese songs (mandopop and cantopop) the most. That probably because I'm in a Chinese school. I still remember how the entire girls in my class gone crazy over Jay Chou, Lee Hom, David Tao, Guang Liang, Twins, Jolin Tsai including our queen of love song none other than Fish Leong!