I love all things pork. 
And if you are pork lovers like me, you'll definitely love the Lunar Porky Specials for Chinese New Year menu at Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro. I must say that all these porkalicious dishes are best complemented with your favorite alcoholic beverages too!

I recently got back from an impromptu and amazing trip to Langkawi. It was quite an emotional one for me as I managed to cross off one of my resolution lists this year - to overcome my fear of height. I personally didn't expect that I could achieve it within the first month of 2017.

When I told my friend, Mynn that I want to do this, let's do this together! 
I knew she going to say yes because both of us have been wanted to try from the first moment we found out about it from our previous trip to Langkawi with Resorts World Langkawi last year.
And I guess it wouldn't happen without a little help from Mr Yap too!
(so, thank you Mr Yap! :D)

For those who are friend with me on Facebook, you would have realised that my cover photo is always the three of us - Me, Noel and GarYee. Long story short, we were all in the same team 5 years back and that's how our friendship started then.

My birthday gift from them last year - a 4D3N trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We got super excited knowing that would be our very first time travelling together. At the same time, we're quite worried because we all know we are really quite different from each other in term of personalities. See, there's also some pros and cons even when you know each other too well too!

Chinese New Year is approaching and I bet most of you have already started with Chinese New Year goodies shopping! 
While some of you prefer to shop for CNY cookies, my mum and some of my friends prefer to bake at home! For those who are on the same page like them, you might want to read on to get more CNY cookies idea to celebrate the joyous celebration of Chinese New Year!

Believe it or not, I always travel with all my full-size skincare products.
I know some of you going to judge me but in my defence - I have a very complicated skin type and can't simply change my skincare products especially when I travel oversea for more than 5 days.
And I find it much a hassle to transfer my skincare to another smaller bottles which I know I will end up fill up more than I should and we know how much been wasted throughout the time.

Well, guess what?!
Laneige recently has launched its Travel-ready Beauty Essentials collection that totally perfects for those who often travel just like me.

It's been a while since my last post about food!
When our foodie friend asked us to come and have dinner together at The Eighth Avenue, part of me was YES! while another part of me was asking what are we gonna eat there?
All I know was we are going to enjoy some really yummy fusion food along with a glass or two cocktails for the night.

Some of us are battling the rain this time of the year, while others are bundling up for the frigid temperatures. In Malaysia, you might be more suited with a poncho and a pair of rain boots, but if you're lucky enough to travel this time of the year, you'll need a leg up on the latest winter styles.

Here are a few trending cold weather looks.