Life has been pretty hectic lately for me and I'm glad that I'm only a few days away from my island holiday! I don't have any planned itinerary in mind for this trip but one thing for sure, we'll be getting plenty of vitamin sea! All we want from this super impromptu trip is just a getaway from busy working schedule and enjoy ourselves with the sun, sand, and sea!

Though we are less than a week from our trip and it didn't stop us from last minute shopping with PinkNProper to get our beach-ready swimwear and floaties! Whether you are looking for the basic or fancy swimwear, PinkNProper has it all and I am already fell in love with some of the pieces from their new swimwear collection! 

Langkawi is a place that my friends and I would go every year, for the beach and mainly alcohol for fellow #AlcoholicsUnited members (yes, we have such group). Plus, the flight ticket to Langkawi is cheap too! My last year trip to Langkawi with bunch of them was really fun, I bet you still can find our silly posts on Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #beachbeerbabesdudes that was created by the president of #AlcoholicsUnited - Anna! :p

If you haven't read my haul with Kiehl's online, you should read it now to find out all the surprising perks of online shopping with Kiehl's! I got super excited and immediately try out the products from the night itself. I must say that I am super happy with my haul and I shall share with you guys my favorite skincare products from Kiehl's!

I've been hearing tons of great reviews and other bloggers sharing how amazing is the NEW Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water around the beauty community. Being someone with sensitive and acne-prone skin, I feel kinda skeptical towards all-in-1 cleanser without rinsing. With that being said, I couldn't say no when Hermo actually approached me to offer me a bottle of this product to try it out myself. 

I love Kiehls, I love doing online shopping too.
Now with the new Kiehl's newly launched online shopping site, you can have the best of both worlds!
You must be wondering why would I do online shopping when I actually can drop by any of Kiehl's outlet to get my skin consultation and try out the samples in the actual store? The answer is simple - it's fast and convenient. The advantage that I got for myself is I fully understand my skin and what are the type of products that suitable for my skin. Lastly, I've been super busy with work lately and didn't even have the time to leave my home.

It's always fun trying out something new especially for your hair, be it colour, straightening or perming. However, all these also means chemicals and heat in touch directly with your hair, which leads to dry, frizzy and damaged hair. My friends always know how often my hair colour changes month after month, I love it and they love it too, and heck I often got compliments from strangers too! Each time they see me, there's always that ONE concern from them about my hair - your hair must be super damaged by now! To their surprise, my hair actually still in such healthy state that lead to another question from them - how do you even take care of your hair?!

It's time for party of the year and it's none other than the H-Artistry!
Just like every past years, Nicole and I always excited for the H-Artistry, especially the finale for its amazing line-up of international music superstars and artists! I guess this year we're in for a much greater treats as we'll be seeing our favorite Kpop idol, Hyuna performing live on stage!

Being a blogger and an online influencer myself, I always excited to see something new in the industry, be it a new app or platform that can connect people at anytime, anywhere they are. While other still having the fun trying out the Instagram Stories, I got to know about this new online social entertainment platform called HiBaby.TV was just recently launched in Malaysia!