Thanks to Hanie and Chic Yamada for the tickets! Yes am excited for it as there's no such thing called Urbanscape back in KK. After done with my hair-do, Eric and I headed to the Padang Astaka for this and it seriously made me speechless seeing the road jammed around there. It's too packed! I almost give up to not going there. Eric been trying hard to get the nearest parking so that we need not to walk far, or else am just gonna say ok let's go home. *LOL*
Dear Eric
Thank God that I listened to Eric for just wearing my slipper instead of my sandal. It's not because of we had to walk quite far but well later will tell you about it. There's so many people already the time we arrived. For myself, I just can't wait to explore what Urbanscape all about! 

Ticket holder / Ticket sales
There's always those times when I feel like going to the bar and chillin' out with friends and enjoy sipping the cocktails. I hardly visit bars and when you ask me, I would say Rootz Bar or Sky Bar, reason simply I only visited these bars before. Being invited to join the cocktail tasting at the View Rooftop Bar just at the right time! It was something new in town too!

G Tower
Registration upon arrival

My hair is short now! Short as in not even shoulder length. Boohoo? So, yea gotta thanks two handsome cute guys for their effort in doing my hair do. First of all, Kenix from Fancier Salon, I dare not go for short hair and so far feeling glad that I did it and that also because of trusting him based on his experiences being a professional hairstylist. 

Color Chart
Well at least I can get rid from those freezy end hair. The following day, I decided to use the discount voucher from I Love Discount for hair coloring! I have been waited for quite long to recolor my hair after the uneven blonde color hair when my hair getting longer. I was greeted warmly and hair color stylist show me the color chart for me to choose. I was clueless in choosing what color suit me, and was surprised when he asked me to go for blonde color range. 
Everyone love to be pampered, doesn't matter in any ways, so do I! While everyone always having hard time thinking of how much do they need to fork out for pampering session, I just click on my favorite discount website which is I Love Discount! Why would I spend big bucks when I can big discount from I Love Discount? I immediately grabbed the deal for mani-pedi on the site from the moment I saw it. Let's check it out if this is worth for a discounted pampering session. I've redeemed it from Nail Paradize at Kota Damansara.

Enjoying the session :)

It has been a while since I blog about my very personal life. Doesn't matter if you like or not when I blog about my personal life as after all this blog is about My Stories. Time flies fast, and both Eric and I has reached our one year anniversary! Our relationship started with long distance till I decided to move to here. KK is still my place as all my beloved family are there.
Pre celebration for my 21st birthday 2010
We didn't really mind about how long we have been together but the moment that we gone through together. Our special day is not only today, it is actually everyday. Eric has been really a caring and loving one to me despite of his short temper sometimes. This time we opted for Thai cuisine lunch to celebrate our big day at Funky Villa, e@curve. Since our anniversary falls on today, we just had to celebrate it in advance.
I was invited to the P1 4G One Plan media launch and get to join the fun with other Nuffnangers too. The media launch is about Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd ( "P1" ) launching their new broadband plan called the ONE PLAN that offers an all-round improved broadband experience to its users. 

Kala, the host for the night
When we heard of broadband plan, we tend to try to do comparison with any broadband plan that we are using now, so do I. It was quite interesting broadband plan I would say and this is definitely the very first one introduced in Malaysia.
Ladies, you heard it right! The Honeypot Wax Boutique officially opened the second outlet at One Utama shopping mall on the 1st July after their first outlet at Bangsar shopping centre! I have never tried any waxing treatment and when I received the invitation for the launching day, am pretty excited and kinda nervous too. 

Honeypot Wax Boutique
I believe many of you heard of Coway, the leading home-wellness appliances manufacturer before this. Last Saturday, 09th July was the launching day for Coway Spa Water Softener which was held at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. There are some 500 people invited to join the launching party alongside media and celebrities including Ning Baizura, 988's DJ Sam, Vanidah Imran and May June. Being one of the lucky, I get to join other blogger friends and get introduced with the Coway Spa Water Softener.

Grand Launch

Coway Family Day
Upon entering, I was approached by the friendly Ms Selvarani and she really did a great job in introducing what is that water softener all about to me. By looking at the three unit of Coway water softener that been set up at there, I thought they were the water heater and obviously, I was wrong. I was wondering why do I need a water softener in my house till she told me how it is work. The Coway Spa Water Softener is able to transform the tap water in our homes to soft water making it a healthier option for our bodies while giving us smoother and softer skin. It is designed for a better shower experience and improves skin moisture levels within two weeks. 
I remember the last beauty workshop I've attended was with Body Shop during my diploma time. To be frank, I don't really bother nor worry of my face skin at that time since I don't have any pimples on my face at that time. I hardly apply make-up on my face too unless during presentation time. Recently, I attended a beauty workshop that conducted by SKINZ and thanks to Jess for the invite of course.

Blogger Registration
Goodie Bags

I have few pending posts yet am kinda not in the mood right now... Eric and I went to Sunway Pyramid to change our Digi account and can't believe I actually ended up with pissed off mood. For inspiration, sometimes I consider using free services and content for websites from Article Writing Services. They draw from up-to-the-minute conversations and insights from all over the web, and even from from top quality online universities, for accuracy.

Upon entering the parking area in Pyramid, we had to wait for quite long and several cars honking nonstop and oh! Eric joined the fun honking too! The jammed inside the parking area caused by this man in BMW who actually went wrong direction yet took so long to reverse the car! It's not that I get mad with the jam but the honking sound totally irritated me! Anyway, that's still fine to me. Not until we arrived Digi centre, took our ticket number and waited for our number to be appeared on the screen and what we saw the next appeared on the screen was TWO number after our number?! Hello! You think we blind or what? The person dare to said we might missed our turn and there's another person came up and started complain his number skipped too! Alright, now whose fault then? Okay, that still fine and we were asked to wait at another queue and guess what? We approached the staff and he actually asked us to go for another queue again! I am very pissed off and straight scold them, what kind of service is that?! Skipped our number and asked us to re-queue and RE-QUEUE?! No way! Luckily they serve us after that and settled up our stuff. *phew*

How's everyone weekend? Hopefully yours are better than mine as my tummy aching since morning due to the instant noodles I had last night for supper. Serve me right I know. I didn't do much today but resting while waiting for my durian eating session with bunch of good friends later on. I was just blog hopping and browsing through I Love Discounts website and looking for a good deal for myself and I found few that I really need the most!

To be frank, I am clueless with this Urbanscape thingy. The first time people asked me " hey! Are you going to Urbanscape?? " and my reply was " What's that? " That's lame. I know but what to do? This is my first time to heard about it for previously am staying at KK not KL. Later on, I get to know what is it all about. I just would love to go for this exciting event to experience how happening it can be! 

Basically, Urbanscape is a one day event organised by KLue and is the first and only all-day "user-generated" creative arts festival. Urbanscape aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, lifestyle, film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene.