My Hair-Do at M9 Saloon and Beauty Center, Kota Damansara

My hair is short now! Short as in not even shoulder length. Boohoo? So, yea gotta thanks two handsome cute guys for their effort in doing my hair do. First of all, Kenix from Fancier Salon, I dare not go for short hair and so far feeling glad that I did it and that also because of trusting him based on his experiences being a professional hairstylist. 

Color Chart
Well at least I can get rid from those freezy end hair. The following day, I decided to use the discount voucher from I Love Discount for hair coloring! I have been waited for quite long to recolor my hair after the uneven blonde color hair when my hair getting longer. I was greeted warmly and hair color stylist show me the color chart for me to choose. I was clueless in choosing what color suit me, and was surprised when he asked me to go for blonde color range. 
I was worried as I do not want to go through bleaching process after the first time. Luckily he said it is doesn't matter even without the bleaching process, just that the color will turn out brownish instead of blonde due to my dark hair.
Get ready for hair coloring process
He knows I was worried if the color will not turn out well and he had been so friendly and sharing his experiences with me. So yea, I get some tips too! And I know that I just got to trust him and crossing my fingers that everything will turn out well.

One thing I don't really like to be in salon is when I have to wait for hours to get my hair do done. I think he took approximately half an hour to apply all the color on my hair before he wrapped my entire head. Funny look of me here! 
Bald head? *LOL*
I had to wait for another hour before he unwrapped my head and the only thing I could do at that time was tweeting! Poor Eric gotta wait for me but I guess it was not bad for he can watch movie from ipod. I looked at my hair from time to time just to check if there is color difference and quite worry when I didn't see any changes with the color even though half an hour had passed. 

Next, Scalp Treatment.
Another waiting moment
After an hour, he unwrapped my head and washed it. I looked into the mirror and saw nothing change, just when I about to ask him, he said "Don't look at it when it is still wet, wait after I dry it for you" . Alright, he then proceed with scrub treatment for scalp and that's means I had to wait for another half an hour to get it done. Something cool about this scalp treatment is it is very very very cooling, cooling as in it freeze me out! *brrr*

Hair blowing time!
Done with the coloring and scalp treatment, he finally helped to blow my hair. I can't wait to see the result and when my hair totally dried, I can see the color difference! Well, I have to say I am satisfied with it. The color, the service, the stylists at there, everything were really good! I managed to get a snap with one of the hair stylist, Coco before I left.

Yours Truly & Coco
Happy Girl!
Oh well, I am very happy to get it done and headed to Padang Astaka for Urbanscape! Oh wait, I haven't mentioned how much it cost me for getting hair coloring + scrub treatment for scalp + wash + blow . With I Love Discounts, it only cost me RM 68 for everything instead of paying full RM 380! 

Address :
M9 Saloon & Beauty Center
46-2, Jalan PJU 5/10, 
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Selangor.
Tel : +6 03 - 6148 3193
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