Urbanscape 2011 @ Padang Astaka

Thanks to Hanie and Chic Yamada for the tickets! Yes am excited for it as there's no such thing called Urbanscape back in KK. After done with my hair-do, Eric and I headed to the Padang Astaka for this and it seriously made me speechless seeing the road jammed around there. It's too packed! I almost give up to not going there. Eric been trying hard to get the nearest parking so that we need not to walk far, or else am just gonna say ok let's go home. *LOL*
Dear Eric
Thank God that I listened to Eric for just wearing my slipper instead of my sandal. It's not because of we had to walk quite far but well later will tell you about it. There's so many people already the time we arrived. For myself, I just can't wait to explore what Urbanscape all about! 

Ticket holder / Ticket sales
Entrance of the Urbanscape
It's like a carnival to me, not the normal one but happening one! I am impressed with the people, the way they wearing, one of a kind I would say, fashionista ! Something simple and casual yet attractive! 

The Stage
Vintage Rings <3
I heart badges
Looking for bracelets
Bag anyone?
How I wish I could just take all of them back! Everything were selling at quite cheap price! I hearts all of them accessories and handbags especially! Not just one but many many different types of it. I guess everyone had a hard time getting their loves on that day. *LOL*

Not sure what is this but it's kinda fun!
Make some beats!
There were so many other activities at there but too bad I can't stick to any. It seemed like gonna rain soon and what I want was explore the whole place and leave before the rain. If not because of the weather, I think we would stay longer at there. 

Grumpy me!
I was a lil bit grumpy on that day but I forgot the reason for it. LOL! To be honest, mood kinda spoiled due to the weather like gonna rain and actually it rained. We met one of the comedian at there too! Eric loves stand up comedy and I have never attend any of it yet. 

Yours Truly with Phoon Chi Ho
Anyone going for their show?? I would love to! Not sure if Eric bought our ticket already or not. Gotta remind him for sure. 

A huge map for the festival! 
Art works
Urbandscape artwork*1
Urbanscape artwork*2
Tongue in Chic ! 
There were quite a number of foods stalls there too! We bought the chicken kebab from one of the stalls. I love the sausage that we bought at there, extremely delicious ! I remember the stall selling cendol out of cendol!! 

Why I said luckily I didn't wear my sandal? It's because of the wet ground! It's kinda hard to walk at certain places due to the mud dirt. Anyway anyway, it was still a happening one! I met Henry and Jia Yeen at there too. :D We didn't stay long at there as we had to go home for some rest before heading to G Tower later for cocktail session!
Caroline , Henry and Jia Yeen
Eric and I <3