I bet most of you have already know how much I love being in hospitality line. I've been wishing to continue my study in the same line and guess what I have found at here? Let me share something interesting with all of you! Trust me, being in hotel and tourism industry really awesomely great! <3 

Just so you know that KDU University College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (SHTCA) was founded in 1987, and with over 24 years of history, the school is the only Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts School in Malaysia that offers a complete Swiss experience through its collaboration with IMI University Centre from Lucerne, Switzerland. Its partnership with the IMI University Centre (IMI) enables the school to offer IMI programmes in Malaysia, without students having to go abroad. One of the unique features of the KDU–IMI programmes is the exposure to industry placement in reputable local or international hotels and restaurants where practical skills are enhanced in real-life situations.
Chinese New Year celebration is just around the corner and I bet everyone just can't wait for the days! How do you normally celebrate the Chinese New Year? Reunion dinner is a must have? :p In line with the long heritage and tradition by the Chinese culture, Lunar New Year is always welcomed by preparing the "annual ritual" of the reunion dinner where family or relatives from near and far come to dine together as one in the spirit of togetherness. 

During this time, must-have individual dishes that symbolize auspicious meanings will be served, such as Fish (surplus), Sea Cucumber (happiness), Lotus Root (togetherness), Black Moss or Fatt Choy (wealth) and Whole Chicken (completeness) to complete this glorious feast. Guess what? Armada Petaling Jaya welcomes The Year of the Snake by preparing an array of traditional dishes, all tailor-made to symbolize and to bring an abundance of prosperity and opulence to all diners! 

Unlike the typical ones, Armada Petaling Jaya offering buffet line and it will be featuring a wide variety of "good luck" dishes for your Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner. I shall share with you what are the "good luck" dishes will be prepared for you apart from the buffet line. :D
Psst! Anyone of you know about this yet? Celcom is launching 3 of the latest Android smartphones as stated belows and they also giving buyers the best smartphone choices paired with the best plans!

HTC Butterfly
You could get the world's first full HD smartphone display with 5" wide from as low as RM1,468 (RRP: RM2,299) with  any Celcom First Plan of your choice  With HTC Butterfly, you can get to experience the super speed and performance on the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and 1.6 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. For camwhorers, you would be happy to have this amazing 8MP camera in HTC Butterfly! Music lovers going to love this HTC Butterfly for it is equipped with Beats Audio™ that going to bring music to life! 

You do not need to read this as I don't wish to write on this but so sorry I just could not bear with all these shits anymore.

Apparently, I have fellow bitches aunts and they have been BULLYING my mother all this time. So, let me share with you why they are being bitchy all these time. 

First, PROPERTY. They have been eyeing on grandma's land for quite long time and when the land was empty and the house built previously was shitty, they also NEVER give a shit on it. After my dad actually renovated the place and built up a mini pond and badminton/basketball court on it, they then started their fucking plan. 
I bet everyone are all aware of the 27th Golden Disk Awards 2013 that has been held in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia!! It also marked the first ever biggest Kpop event in our history where all the artiste are placed in one place! Being a fangirl Kpop fan myself, I'm truly grateful and thankful with all the opportunities given that I could witness the rehearsal and even met the artist in such close distance, I can just forget all the exhaustion that am having at that time. I know some of you do not have the chance to attend this and now let me share the photos taken during both the Red Carpet and Press Conference event! =D

DAY 1:

Anyone of you always listen to MyFM? Well, I hardly listen to the radio nowadays unless am inside the car. I believe those who are always listen to MyFm surely know the fellow DJs - Jack Lim, Gan Mei Yan, Royce, Vivian, etc. Well, they have come up with a brand new Chinese New Year movie titled "Once Upon A Time" and the autograph session was held at Hyundai Showroom, Shah Alam on the last Saturday.

Sutera Gemilang - Hyundai Showroom
Spacious and Clean

So, I bet some have you have watched the first episode for the video titled "Don't Lose It All. Time To Get Data" previously and it's all about long distance relationship. How would you feel when your significant other is not replying you especially when both you are so far apart from each other? From the video previously, you can see that Amy has been facing her frustrations badly because Nick hasn't been replying. These are obviously the consequences of being in a long distance relationship which they are both aware of that. However, in this day of age, we have a thing called DATA, so where did they go wrong?

Now that Nick has been away for sometime, is Amy moving on? But whose ring is that? Watch http://bit.ly/dontLoseItAll and stay tuned till the story unfolds on coming 18th January 2013! =D

There's no reason to not getting a data plan as there's plenty offers at this modern era that allow you get connected with everyone especially to your loved ones. It's the same how important to have it while I'm away from my family members at KK or when I go back KK and away from the boyfie at KL here. :") What's the best with data? I can even show my family the thing that I wanted to buy for them through skype video call on the go or send the picture through our usual group chat on whatsapp! <3

I'm not a vegetable person and my friends somehow described me as carnivorous person. *LOL* But, for health concern, I also forced myself to take some vegetables. I bet most of you have heard of Chef Lim Organic Kitchen that located inside The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road. 

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road
Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, with white setting and air conditioned allows you to dine in such cozy ambiance. Just so you know that the food served at Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is less in salt, sugar, oil and is high in fibre and nutrition. That's how healthy the foods can be. 
Hey peeps! It's SHOPPING time! Who say being a shopaholic is just wasting your moolah? :p Well, this is going to be a GOOD REWARD for shopaholic! All you need to do is shop and snap your shopping experience at HK Station, Sg Wang. You would not know you could continue enjoy shopping at Hong Kong after that!

OMGee!! I just gone crazy the moment I know the girls from Girls' Generation or known as SNSD finally released their 4th album - I Got A Boy - today! <3 So much love for these girls! You're going to see somewhat different in this 4th album! Major change? >.< 

Not the usual them in high heels but a different that showing how energize the girls can be this time! Perhaps, you really have to check out the full MV for the song "I Got A Boy" here! <3