I've been looking for those little cutey thingy called "Macaron". I've seen many fellow bloggers posted it in their posts. They are sooo cute! Many of them told me it tasted very sweet, not many like it. Am not a fan of sweet stuffs but I just wanted to try it badly. Merryn told me about the bakery which is just located at upper floor of her office, they sells macarons too! Yesterday I finally stepped into the bakery.

Cute Signboard of Dreamz Bakery
I myself doesn't like a busy city life like KL.
To me, I can't even bear with the road jammed at KK.
For those who knows me well, I really will starts getting stress when am stuck in the road jam!
I will start feeling very uncomfortable and moody, you better don't ask me question and expect me answer and repeat it TWICE. It's either am gonna ignore or raise my voice to answer you.
I guess it would be worst when am hungry, am so gonna bug you and nonstop telling you AM HUNGRY!

However, there's a great feeling within me when I saw this right beside me while am still stuck in the road jam.
The Petronas Twin Tower which also known as the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

KLCC @ Daytime
I've been craving for some yummylicious cakes for a while, gotta "blame" my former colleagues for stuffed  me with her delicious homemade cheesecakes last time. The Chocolate Cake at "The Baker" at Sunway Giza couldn't satisfy my cravings for cakes. At all of the sudden, Eric said " Tomorrow we go eat crepe cake. " I was sooooo happy to hear that! It's not like he knows about my cravings or perhaps he knew it already?

Just after fetched his mom and sister to Sunway Pyramid, we continued our journey to none than other places but Food Foundry. After the my first visit to Food Foundry, I'd already fell in love for the yummy crepe cake that I had before at there.
Who would have thought a famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant would collaborated with the famous singer, Jay Chou?!
I never expect it. However, it comes out something awesome!
Check this out peeps!

And oh...!
I rarely blog on Sunday but on this special occasion, yours truly would love to wish everyone especially Christian a blessed and holy Easter Sunday!
I used to attend the mass service for Holy Thursday, Good Friday till the Easter Sunday back at Kota Kinabalu. Now, am at KL, my mom is not here to accompany me and there's no such holiday on the Good Friday. It was really something I really missed a lot.

I had the chance to attend this special screening of "Fairly Legal", the latest series on Diva Universal (Ch.702) and of course thanks to Kelvin for inviting me. Something new to me.Upon arrival, we proceed to the registration desk and we were given one goodie bag each. The goodie bag contained a Diva Universal pillow and also a packet of Fairly Legal antibacteria wet tissue.

Goodie Bag
There's a huge LCD screen in front of us. Well, being the early to arrived, we managed to get a good seat.

Don't get confused with this and my previous post about the Silverspoon Trattoria at Kepong kay? It's a totally different dining concept! Well, being in this area (The Strand) so often, it's hard to stop myself to start hunting over place for foods around here. Just so you know that there is lotsa restaurants, cafes and bars at this area too. So, when I found this Silverspoon Cafe, and seriously didn't realized it is sooooooooooo near to me! I just text Merryn if we can try this new place.
Silver Spoons just next to Reliance at The Strand
Upon entering this cafe, it was cozy and quite comfortable I would say. There's also kids area too! We choose the table that nearest to the kid's area so that Ethan can play with the toys and plushies at there. Me likey!!
Who don't love Italian foods? I bet everyone gotta agree that Italian food dishes are really something you wouldn't want to miss. Being a food lover me, always trying to "hunt" for something good, and was glad to have a chance to dine with people who really has passion towards foods!

Silverspoon Trattoria
Last week, we went to this new-to-me restaurant, Silverspoon Trattoria at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong. Just when we arrived and entered this place, it has really nice and cozy ambiance.
I was craving for durian so badly this few days and called to ask Foong and Adrian for delicious durian in town!
Oh well, I guess most of you are familiar with the one at SS2 right?
The thing is we do not want something just tasted so-so ?
We rethink few times and finally we decided to go the one at USJ 14!

You can really found great durian at here!
The place is quite foreign to me, finding place for good food with affordable price for lunch is a headache to me.
After the first time stepped into this Noodle House, I always going back for my lunches.
I always felt warm greeted by the friendly staffs.

Get a table and menu will be given to you

I do love how the foods pictures shown in the menu as it ease me to make order.
With all the colorful foods gave me kinda hard time to choose too!
For being there almost everyday, I've tried ALMOST all types of noodles in the menu!
Vedablu, sounds familiar eh?
Remember my rush hour visit there??
Stephanie decided to go for a last dinner with me before I left the to KL.
It was finally my officially last day to work at there and the place that we headed for the farewell dinner was Vedablu.

Upon entering, there is a side with simple yet welcoming setting for customers to chillaxing.
It's mid-week already!
Don't you excited and looking forward for the weekend?!
 I went to Snowflake at Kota Damansara with PeiPei yesterday and as usual I love to snap pictures!
Sea Amber Jelly

After had brunch with Eric and the family on the Sunday, we then headed to Parkson at Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Rebecca to collect vouchers that we won through her blog!
We joined Rebecca for her lunch at Cappriciosa and finally tried the Affogato that Eric had been telling me all this while!

Alright, Eric loves this very much, but not to me, I just love the ice cream on the top!!
The espresso way toooooo bitter and I don't like it!
I've tried the pumpkin pie that Rebecca ordered for herself, I found it very delicious!!!
Pumpkin lover surely love it very much!
I've been here for a week and so far I've no complaints except for the road jammed condition!
I never thought the road jammed at KL here can be this worst especially on Friday!
Somehow, couldn't believe that Kelvin and I took merely 2 hours to reached One Utama from Kota Damansara!
That's the worst so far...

Anyway, it's Monday!
May all of you had a great weekend and greet the Monday happily!
For this time, am featuring Sam Tsui for my Music Monday post.
I love most of the song that he sang, I mean his version - Just A Dream by Nelly, Born This Way by Lady Gaga, etc.

Do enjoy this one yea!

After parted away with Mariuca and B, Eric and I headed to Coffee Chemistry Cafe for our dinner.
Tell you that my normal dinner usually at 6-7pm, and not after 8.30pm.
I even missed out the chance to watch the movie premiere for Justin Bieber's Never Say Never.
Anyway, I was excited to meet up with my bestie!

 A small pot of lavender on our table
It was just a nice sunny day the time when my family sent me to the airport for my flight to KL here.
I went to my former office to pass something and met dear former colleagues and boss too.
That's the first time for me to feel heavy hearted to leave KK as usually it's only happened when I left KL!

Sister's tummy was upset yet she insisted to follow to the airport, and that's made me felt great!
Poor her going to be more lonely at home without me! But, I know lil Haylie sure gonna cheer her up!

It's kinda hard for me to face this changes too... Am glad for peoples that tried to make me feels like home at here. Needless to say that there's no doubt that am going to miss home a lot and of course my sisters! And I know I can always back to visit everyone I miss in Kota Kinabalu!

A change that consider a big change in my life, being far apart from family and friends... Not an easy one yet I try to view it at another point of view and I know there's something to venture..

Dear former colleagues,

It's Monday and it felt so strange that I'm not seeing you all as usual, I miss you all, and am wondering if you guys realized my absence there, as I felt it, my life now less a lot laughters from you all.
There's lots thing to miss for sure...

* I miss while waiting for the main door to open and we all gathered and start chit chat and complaining about the smell comes from the full-with-dog's-poo dog's cage.
* I miss we actually start the day with laughter and it cheered me up when I was not in the mood for work..
* I miss how we shared yummylicious snacks and start praising how nice how yummy is that!
* I miss how Ms Chang stuffed us with delicious homemade cheesecakes!
* I miss our food hunting journeys during those lunch times.
* I miss how we can rants and comforting each other to make others feel much better.
* I miss how we helped each other in dealing some difficulties in work.
* I miss how everyone pampered me and calling me "budak" and even "bullied" me!
And...yes... there's lots more..

It's April Fool day and beware peeps!
Do enjoy your Friday fooling people kay!! Smiley
Today is the day am officially no longer attach with the company am working for, feel so different though.
Well, lets move on, shall we?

To me, CityMall is actually a mini version of Warisan Square for it has many food outlets!
For my recent visit to Citymall, colleagues and I had our lunch at there.
We tried at this Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is famous for it's Chicken Rice and BBQ Pork!

The fragrant steamed rice