The Petronas Twin Tower

I myself doesn't like a busy city life like KL.
To me, I can't even bear with the road jammed at KK.
For those who knows me well, I really will starts getting stress when am stuck in the road jam!
I will start feeling very uncomfortable and moody, you better don't ask me question and expect me answer and repeat it TWICE. It's either am gonna ignore or raise my voice to answer you.
I guess it would be worst when am hungry, am so gonna bug you and nonstop telling you AM HUNGRY!

However, there's a great feeling within me when I saw this right beside me while am still stuck in the road jam.
The Petronas Twin Tower which also known as the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

KLCC @ Daytime

KLCC @ Night time
All this while, I have never really realized how impressive and amazing it is.
I hardly blink my eyes when looking at it during the night time. A short walk at Suria KLCC with the love one made me forget all the tiredness for the day.

Anyway, between PJ & KL, PJ of course!
I don't mind spend longer time on the road BUT not stuck in the jam that kind.
If am stuck in the road jammed and trying my best to not ruin my mood for the day, I will just SLEEP!
Now, am wondering who still willing to be in the car except for Eric and bestie?