As I mentioned in my previous post, me and some of my friends didn't went back home after the picnic at Karambunai Beach.
On the way to send me home, all of us in the car was thinking of why not we go visit that place after like been talking about it for kinda long?
And it is also one way to my place?

So I made a call to the owner, Mr Vincent to inform him our last minute visit to the farmstay. :)
Luckily he was there. *phew*
He gave us a warm welcome upon our arrival.
Seriously, there's many cars at there and just lucky that we managed to get a parking.

So, here we go exploring his place. :)
Am sure all of you can get the picture of the theme from the name "Farmstay" right?
It's all about NATURE ! :D

Everything is sooo GREEN!
I likey! 

You can see two large ponds with all the water lilies on the surface of the water.
And it full with Tilapia fishes!
Good idea for fishing right?? ;p

He show us the mini waterfall and we all just feel like jumping into it and soak in the cool water!!
Too bad that we didn't go to the main waterfall.
You only can reach there when you go for jungle trekking, and impossible for us to do so since it was 4pm already. 
And yea, you can see all the fruits trees everywhere!
Come during fruit season to enjoy all the local fruits for FREE!

We all was so happy when the owner offer to bring us around and go visit all types of accommodation offered there.
( Actually that's what we all waiting for after saw those tree houses in the facebook page only.. ;p

Alright, I have to say that all of us get exhausted after climb up to the hill to reach the tree house!
Do make sure you are not wearing any heels shoe!!

Finally we reached to the top! :D

Me and the owner.
Debrah is climbing up to the tree house already. LOL!

I am fear of height and almost giving up to climb till the top. 

Us, lying and resting inside the tree house. :p

So after the first tree house, we went down and visit other type of accommodation.

There is a bench for you to rest too. :D

So, yea this is another type of the place for you to sleep at night. :D

After visited the accommodation, we went down and he show us his two babies.
This two owl is belong to him.

Its cute!

Mia with the black owl! :D

And I saw this swing swing! 

We all get a chance to play with it. :p

The rope is actually hanged on one of the tree branches!
It's very safe! :p
I actually want to witness the beautiful moment when all the water lilies start to bloom after he told us that there's different colors of them. 
Too bad that they only start blooming at 8.30pm.

After the visit, we all planned to stay there for 2D1N trip and will be going for jungle trekking!
Sadly to say that we only can go there for the stay on November as one of the gang having STPM school examination for a month.

Can't wait for it actually! :D
Just wanted to experience the living in nature!
We know it is going to be a great experience. ;)



 As I mentioned in my previous post that I am going to blog about my picnic with a bunch of peeps last Thursday. 
The Thursday was the Malaysia Day. :D

The journey quite long from our place and everyone haven't had their brekkie yet.
We stopped by to take our brekkie while waiting for Simon to come.

Are you seeing the same faces before?
Yes we are the gang who went to Manukan Island together last time. 

We arrived there and gotta pay for the entrance fee.
RM10 each. Expensive aye??

It was a very pleasant sunny day!
We're quite late and all the nice spot for picnic all taken by other groups of family. :S
Everyone blamed Simon for being late!!! 

Oh well, thank God that we managed to get one nice place with the barbecue tools. :)
Anyway, Simon and cousin punished to prepare food for us then.

The overview of the park. :D
Nice weather right? 

The dudes in the group enjoy looking at the bikini girls just next to our place.
Okie, another one of the gang regret for not coming after we uploaded those pictures!

Foods for the day.
Look just nice right? :p
The chicken wings and sausages marinated for the whole night!

While waiting for the dudes preparing the foods, Mel and I went look around and snapped some pictures together. :)
We saw many tourist on the banana boat and some of them were kayaking at there.

Too many pictures and I guess most of you can see it from my facebook there. ;)

Oh! There's a huge chessboard for the guests to play.

Kong and I didn't play it.
Just so you know that the sun is damn hot and of course not going to play under the hot sun!
We took some pictures there too! *heee*

Simon the cook and Debrah the eater. :p

Simon found this two creatures at there.
I don't know what is this actually and he gave it to me. :S

Alive one! :D

We didn't play much water on that day.
Everyone just relax and unwind themselves at there. :)




Last but not least, ME!!! :P

We walked around there and guess what?
I met my brother and his friend at there. *lol*

So... we managed to take some pictures together! *hehe*

I think I didn't mention that Kong can play nice guitar in my previous post right?
Well he did. 
He played the song Tears in Heaven very nicely. :)
Psst!! Girls can easily fall in love with it. ;p

My turn to play!!
Okie I don't know how to play it.
I am not Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift.

I love all the pictures taken.
Just showing some of it... :)

Actually the dudes played football at there too.
Too bad that us, girls busy camwhoring and didn't take any picture of them playing football!

After we cleaned our place, we went around and took few group pictures of us. ;)

I <3 this pictures a lot!

And of course this is the BEST one! :D

We all had lotsa fun and relaxed ourselves there too.
Enjoy the foods in a pleasant weather, err maybe quite hot day too.

See how happy I am?

After that, some of us didn't back home straight away.
We went to Larry and Vince Farmstay for a visit.
I'm going to blog about it in the next post. ;)


Embedded Thoughts
Okie I supposed to blog about my picnic at Karambunai beach but...
Allow me to blog about this! :p

I opened my mail and saw this one!
Do you know how happy I am? :D

I enlarged the picture. :)

Don't you think it's just tooooo cute?!

According to her, this is actually for Christmas pressie and she is going to give it to me when we meet up.
So, I am really looking forward for our meet up on Nov!! :D
And of course the rest of the gang too. *mwahaha*

We've been knowing each other for half a year and don't have any idea how we can be a good friend, or maybe close friend I can say?
We can always chat happily and laughing together everytime we chat. :D
We talk about almost everything. :)
Of course, not to forget about Witch.
Sometime, three of us having very good group chat sessions!
You won't have any idea what we're talking and laughing about each time! :p

Thanks so much Merryn!!
I love this very much.

[ P/S: You can always see I blog about them its because they are really a good friend of mine. <3 ]


Lucky Tuesday is over!
Felt sleepy the whole day of Tuesday!


Happy Mooncake Festival to all of you and family !
Eat mooncake and play lantern tonight! :D


Everyone know this sweet young lady already right??
Let us together support her and go "LIKE" her page in facebook!!


I found this funny video shared by my former lecturer in facebook.

Lets take a look how our Panda Foong look like when he is mad! :p


I just can't wait till next month where me and the great bunch going to stay in a Farmstay and for the very first time to sleep on a tree house!
We've visited that place after our picnic at Karambunai Beach!

That's my very first time to look at the owl in close distance!
It is cute instead of scary! 

I will blog about it later on. :)


I just realized that I never eat rice for two days and today must eat some rice!

I'm so skinny already so there is no way for me to DIET!

Happy Wednesday peeps! :D


The next stop after Sukma's house was Lisa's house! 

Well well, I think we enjoyed the Kuih Raya in her house after our tummy full at Sukma's house. :p
I've tried something new at there, too bad didn't take the picture of it.

Lisa staying alone that time and surprised me that she is actually an Indonesian!
She's very cute and goodness! The way she talk very very very soft!

That's my first time meeting her and nice to meet her!
A very sweet and friendly girl I can say. ;)

After that, we move on to our final stop of the day.
The final stop offered us quite a different meal I can say.
I love the macaroni! *mwahaha*
And of course the kuih raya as well. ;)

Just a lil bit camwhoring. :p
I looked not bad in that Baju Kurung! *mwahahaha*

After finished visiting them, we not going home yet.
We proceed to the Suria Sabah shopping mall for movie! :p

We watched the "Piranha"!!
That's my very first time didn't finished my foods and drink before the movie finish.
Oh well, for dudes out there, I know you guys definitely gonna enjoy the early part of the movie, lotsa bikini girls! *wink wink*
However, I just couldn't stand the part when the piranha fishes start attacking the peoples.
It's GORY!!

Gosh! Thank God that the duration for this movie is only approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 

After shopped for a while, we back home!
The next day will be another visit for Raya again!