Fun Friday - 02


I am feeling so bad for not include this fellow blogger friends in my tribute post.
So sorry and I just don't mean it.
Too many and I thought I've included all of you. :(

*argh* I wonder I missed who else? :(
I'm sorry if I didn't mention your name here.
I heart all of you for visiting here. :)


Before the Hari Raya celebration, a twitter friend of mine sent her homemade kuih raya via courier to me. :)
All very yummy! :p

I saw this one together with the kuih raya.
It's just sooo unique and creative of her!
Thanks! You're so sweet lady, Ms Zakiah


I had a great fun holiday during the Hari Raya holidays!
How about you all?
Although I can't really enjoy much the foods due to my cough and sore throat, but still, enjoyed it a lot!

How do I look in Baju Kurung??


I just simply love lil sis Haylie's random look!

Anyway, she look like a boy at here!


Yesterday was Malaysia Day and I went to Karambunai Beach with  and had lotsa fun at there! :)

I looked enjoy a lot there.
But.... I am suffering from the sunburnt now.
My skin just like the barbecued prawn! :"(

Long sleeve shirt for the whole month may work perhaps. :S




  1. LOL why Haylie did that? I wonder what she will feel when she grew up and look at that pic...LOL

  2. good to know u had much fun during your Hari Raya Caroline..that day, we had no class..I went to Manila to visit M..heheh!!!

  3. and the baby???so cutie!can i pinch?? :D :D :D

  4. @GAGAY HAHAHA! yea had much fun! eh i knew u went M to meet M.. :P nice!!

    lol! she is my sis! go pinch! :p mwahaha TGIF GG! :D

  5. @Eric Lee HAHAHAH! because i asked her t pose dat way? :pp wonder if she gonna kill me! LOL!!

  6. karambunai is nice, but need entrance fee. :P
    little girl who looks like male, usually will become a pretty lady when grown up.

  7. wow....saw a pretty lass here! Have a good weekend, Caroline!

  8. Wow, you too had some water fun, ya? High5! ^^ Hehehe....I went to Sepang Gold Coast on Thursday~ It's a beautiful place to be~ xD

  9. i think it's absolutely common to have miss out somebody, cos the list is long..

  10. hmmm, didn't do anything special over the Raya holidays, just stay at home relaxing myself..

  11. hmmm, actually how do Sabahans think of 31st August?? guess 16th Sept is more meaningful to you all right??

  12. @Ghosty Nana haha yea still ok ler. but of course i will much prefer manukan compare to karambunai! karambunai would be d perfect place for picnic! :D

    HAHAHAH!! sure or not? dnt later bcom tomboy can dy! LOL!

  13. @[SK]yea but just dat i feel bad bout it. :) my raya holidays very busy n tiring i guess, lol! 16th Sept more meaningful indeed! :)

  14. wow so nice la.. u went to Karambunai! i've never been there but my mom said it's a very nice place :)

  15. haha ur lil sister looks adorable! :D

  16. Ya lor how could you slipped..*sobs* no fren you haha..Nice baju kurung..sis Haylie better watch out, this will bring you more wrinkles haha..

  17. Hi Caroline!!! Wah so cun la in baju kuring, I like!! See ya soon sweetie!

  18. Hi Caroline!!! Wah so cun la in baju kuring, I like!! See ya soon sweetie!

  19. @Monica hehehe! yea very nice indeed. :D water activities also available at there! :D

  20. @Bananazஇ am so sorry. :"( never forget u one! :D but the baju kurung slightly big to me. :/ gudnes! yea sure gonna bring em more wrinkles!! tsk tsk!!

  21. oh yeah oh yeah!!

    can see here GMD badge!!thankie thankie caroline!!!! :D :D :D

  22. looks like pretty caroline really had a lot of fun. hehehe

  23. oh, you didn't put sun block on your skin? ouch, sunburn really hurts!

  24. @_el@i_ Hehe had lotsa fun indeed! :p i did put sunblock but only before i left home. :( its HURT!! :((

  25. @khengsiong oh god! baju kuring? hahaha thnx anyway!