It has been a tradition for all Malaysian Chinese to do the Prosperity Toss aka "lou sang" session during the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner with friends and family. If you're still thinking where to have your family dinner, now you have a new place for you to enjoy your Chinese New Year's Eve dinner - KIP Hotel. KIP Hotel, the latest business class hotel situated in the pulsating commercial district of Sri Utara, along Jalan Kuching, celebrates its first Chinese New Year festivities since opening its door in October 2015.

With a new mall built around the USJ neighbourhood area also means more amazing stores are opening in the mall too! One of the relatively new beauty store that recently set up their store in Da Men - Hanna & Kent. Some of you might already have heard of this brand and some may not. This brand has been around the market almost 2 years plus but mainly in Penang. 

So... Nala (or better known as Farisha Nadia) did the one of the many infamous Youtube challenges- Whisper Challenge. It was quite crazy because we always thought it's going to be fun and won't be that tough to do the lip reading. 

The girls and I decided to drop by NinjaZ, the newly opened second outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong on the first week of 2016. Their first outlet is located in Kajang and it's just way too far from my place. 

I love Busan for what it has. Busan is a second largest city in South Korea after Seoul being the main largest city. I haven't been to Seoul, people been telling me that it is very similar to Seoul but with more chillax situation. 

Though we only spent 2 days in Busan, I was surprised with how much we covered in a day itinerary without rushing our time. We spent the first day in Busan by visiting places below and then spent our second day visiting Gamcheon Culture Village which I've blogged about it HERE.