Rejoice girls and ladies! If you have been waiting the Hakubi White C Series for long, the waiting is over as it is now available in Malaysia! You can visit Sasa and grab yours today!

Launching of Hakubi White C Series
at Chinoz
Some says that authentic is kinda boring, why not fusion then? I bet some of you have already heard of Yama & J at Jaya One by now. Just so you know that Yama-san left Kuala Lumpur and headed to New York City at the age of 18 and slowly gained his experience and learned how to make delicious sushis. Now, he is back and set up Yama & J which offers fusion American-Japanese foods to the guest. 

Upon entering the restaurant, please don't be surprised or mistaken if you entered a pub for its unique decorated ambiance. It's interesting interior design and perfect for chilling too. You could spot the buffet counter at the side where buffet spread lay nicely on it. 
Two years ago, it was my first time introduced to SKINZ products and I was happy to join other beauty bloggers for the beauty workshop too! This time, I was invited to join the SKINZ Girls Day Out with the ambassador of SKINZ, Nurul Wahab and celebrity Hannah Lo! 

It was held at the same place, Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe at Sunway Pyramid and I love how the entire venue was decorated in such fairy-tale white theme for the day. We were treated with some pampering session such as hand massage and skin analysis. I did the skin analysis and I was really happy to know that my skin condition has improved! It was healthier than before but I was told to make sure apply sufficient sunscreen before going out under the sun. :( Anyway, since I have quit my previous job, there will be no more walking under the hot sun for lunch.

It was a month then 6th month then a year and it goes...

Caroline x Eric
During my trip to Krabi, I get to choose the level of spiciness of the tom yam soup that both boyfie and I have ordered and was told by the waitress that they know some of the foreigners could not handle the spiciness of the authentic tom yam soup that they offers. Here, the owners of the Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine have also taking it into their consideration to somehow turned it into Fusion Thai foods in order for us, local people to enjoy one of the best Thai Cuisines in town.

Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Cuisine
Spring, pleasant weather where all the flowers blooming everywhere. Summer, rather warm temperature and where everyone dress up loosely and enjoy the summer holiday. Here, am going to enjoy the summer with the trove that I received exclusively from VanityTrove, none other than "The Shower Of Summer"! It's the third box and I bet I am going to enjoy as much as I enjoyed the first and second box!

Yours truly immediately in love with what's inside the trove the moment unboxed it. Shall we look into what it offers for this summer?

I've been wondering how two people from different of countries to get together and get married, knowing that both people going to have the communication barriers in getting to know each other. If you know me, I am one of those Kpop fans out there that love to watch every single episodes of "We Got Married" where two person were set to be together and get married virtually.

Here's come the Global Edition of We Got Married where both from different countries! First couple - 2PM's Taecyeon from Korea to marry Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui) from Taiwan; the second couple - FT Island's Lee Hongki from Korea to marry with Fujii Mina from Japan. Interesting heh?

I know you know that me and other girls are currently joining "My Favorite Look" contest by HK Station! Do you mind to VOTE for us, I mean ME at here -> 

Here's 2 of My Favorite Looks that you can see on the gallery! Would you spare 2 minutes of your time to vote for me? 
Yours truly recently has attended the WeChat Party 2013 at Club Neverland and it was fun! I bet most of you have already know about WeChat apps on your mobile. WeChat is a new and powerful mobile communication tool. It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages. Not only that, you can also do group chats, or you can find new friends nearby to talk to. The best thing would be WeChat works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry devices which also means everyone can have it in a click!

WeChat Ambassador : Shaheizy Sam & Lisa Surihani
Have you been to Bondi Junction yet? Well, if you have not, please do visit them. The reason simply for the foods, something that is worth for every penny. 

Just so you know that Bondi is Sydney's "city beach" and also one of the best-known places in Australia. Not only it is the city's nearest beach, it also happens to be its best beach. In summer, it does its duty as a surfing and sun-bathing Mecca, drawing thousands on weekdays and tens of thousands at weekends (weather permitting) to its broad curve of white sand and its curling blue-green waves. When the cooler weather comes, it still has its sun-worshipers and surfers, but then Bondi's other attractions become the main drawing-card... it cafes and restaurants, the city's doorstep on which it laps so faithfully. Without further ado, let's check out what are their signature dishes!