Yours truly is never a fan of coffee, not even mocha. I can never understand how people can't live without their daily fix of cuppa coffee. I still remember how I actually tried coffee just to get me awake for the entire night to study for the final exam, it does helped me but that's it. Perhaps, it just me do not know how to appreciate the beautiful of bitterness of it. 

LonBay, The Farm's Best Coffee
LonBay, The Farm's Best Coffee @ Paradigm Mall
Where is it at Paradigm Mall? You just need to go all the way down to Tesco and it's just opposite of it. :D Not spacious but enough to cater up to 25-30 pax of crowds. 
After attended my very first HA Party at SQCC and second installment at KWC, the finale of HA Party at MIECC would be something I'm quite looking forward to after the line of artists have been revealed. I've never thought that I actually enjoyed the most during this finale party compared to the previous two. 
Yours truly
Someone asked me why I'm wearing like "rhapsody" during the previous HA party at KWC, so this time I actually dolled up myself and dressed up in blue bustier top matched with black lace skirt. 
Guess who's coming to heat things up in KL on this coming 2nd December?? Fiery Latina Jennifer Lopez is coming and going to make all of her Malaysian fans dance again! You better get ready to get on the floor with the smoking hot Jennifer Lopez at Stadium Merdeka at 8pm!! 

It's Sunday and I've been busy with tons of stuff. No, am not complaining but enjoyed the busy-ness that I'm having now. :D But, I know that there's some thing that I am not supposed to miss out or else I will be regret after this. 

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I still remember the first time I heard about Kinerase product was through Tammy's blog and also lucky enough to won the travel kit of Kinerase product from her blog too! Most of you should have know that I have quite sensitive skin and I was really afraid to try on facial skincare products that some irritates my skin much. :'( Great enough, I actually tried on Kinerase® products (Gentle Daily Cleanser, Cream and Eye Cream) that I have won from Tammy's blog and was pretty much surprised with the result on how it didn't irritate my skin but cleansed and moisturized my skin! The eye cream does make wonder on my eye bag too! It was too bad that it was just a travel kit sized and I get to know from Tammy that I only can get it through dermatological clinic. :( 

K.I.S.S.ed by Kinerase®
Tammy & Caroline

I have been comparing my not-so-new working place at PJ8 building area with my previous working place for I am not able to do any window shopping or grab my daily fix of my favorite Gongcha bubble tea or even go for happy hour during one of those nights without having to actually drive out from Midvalley area. Well, not anymore, I mean at least for now. :p 

Senses Club
Last week, when the former colleagues actually called up for a hangout session at Senses Club which happened to be very near to my working place, I was really quite surprised to find that there's a place for us to enjoy the happy hour especially on the Friday night! Well, I tagged along with few close colleagues of mine to check out Senses Club, who knows it can be our favorite hangout happy hour place. We had our dinner at one of the restaurants nearby for the awesome braised duck rice and headed to Senses Club to chill out while waiting for the rest to come and heat up the club.
How it would be when the East meets West? I was wondering the same question until I myself tried it out myself at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. Little did I know that it was the double combination of Steamboat and BBQ! 

Swez Brasserie @ Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
To me, the ambiance of the dining place always one of the main factors for me to love the place, cozy and warm environment it is. It crucial for me to enjoy my foods comfortably. :p Anyway, let's see what they have offered for the East Meets West Buffet Dinner and what I had walloped on that night too!
So...YUP! I went for BigBang Galaxy ALIVE Tour Concert which was held at Stadium Merdeka on the last  27th October 2012! Being one of the huge fans of Big Bang, I was really grateful for given the opportunity to attend their concert and see them personally and closely right in front of my eyes. The feeling just simply amazing!
The stage
Yours truly in blue!

Don't you always love to dine by the lake and enjoy the evening breeze while waiting for the delicious foods to be served for you and the loved ones? I always love it that way, especially with the great company. People said the company is what matter the most, why not make it a double combo of good company with good food? Don't believe me, give it a try at Sanook at Plaza Kelana Jaya if have not visited here before!

Margarita (RM11)
It was a usual working day and both boyfie and I were so happy to be invited to try on their new menu, again, after sampled their Christmas menu last year. It's hard to say no when the food you have tried before were amazingly delicious. We started off with a glass of refreshing Margarita to quench our thirst before gobble up all the yummy foods!