Big Bang Galaxy ALIVE Tour Concert @ Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

So...YUP! I went for BigBang Galaxy ALIVE Tour Concert which was held at Stadium Merdeka on the last  27th October 2012! Being one of the huge fans of Big Bang, I was really grateful for given the opportunity to attend their concert and see them personally and closely right in front of my eyes. The feeling just simply amazing!
The stage
Yours truly in blue!

The main theme for the concert was blue and that's explain why I dressed in blue for the day! :D I still remember how worse the road jam towards Stadium Merdeka and what made it worst was the rainy day. It worried most of us and all of us prayed hard for the rain to stop so that everyone can enjoy the whole concert. Just so you know that that was the first time for Big Bang to do outdoor concert and it seemed like one of the challenges for them too! The rain stopped before we reached Stadium Merdeka and that's not really a relief part. 

Yellow VIP Crown for Big Bang
Thanks to Samsung for this!
LED lights 
Lyric cards!
The moment I reached there, I actually think that it was brilliant choice for Eric send me off early not just for the road jam but also the freaking long queue to enter the stadium! Phew~ Thanks to Samsung and Nuffnang for given me the VIP ticket and the queue not that long and the best thing was my seat just 5 rows from the stage! *Happy girl*

Feeling so excited!
Caroline & Ash
Unlike other concert, I attended this just by myself! However, I was lucky enough to get to know one of the well known bloggers Ashley at there! She's really friendly and sweet girl! 

Emcees for the night

Just when we getting hyper and super excited waiting for the concert to start, the rain started to pour and it getting heavy and heavier. Being a hard core fans of Big Bang, all of us just put on the raincoat and start praying for the rain to stop so Big Bang members would come out to the front stage just so we can see them closely ever. Thank God that the rain stopped in time the moment they made their entrance! =D 

Big Bang members came out from the huge cylinder tube and everyone screaming like nobody's business! OMGosh! And yes, that's including myself. >.<
Just when I was wondering why I could not zoom in the camera lens only to realized that I forgot to change the lens to zoom lens! T__T God knows how regret I was at that time, snapping pictures with the pancake lens totally not cool and fun for sure! 

Ohmy! Seeing Seungri closely in person totally different from just watching through the television or computer! He is so adorable! <3

That's Tae Yang, Top and Dae Sung!

I remember this part! Seungri, Tae Yang and Dae Sung were entertaining the crowds and it seems that Seungri know pretty much about Malaysia! I mean a lil bit more on Bahasa language. The three of them were so interactive with the audience and it was so cuteeee of them when they actually pronounce words in Bahasa language. It's funny but knowing they have tried their best, it was so touched! <3

Both G-Dragon and TOP performed their hit song (Knocked Out & High High) together!

Seungri did solo for his song Strong Baby and What Can I Do! It was truly awesome!!

G-Dragon went to front stage and GOSH! He looked so cool and when he smile, simply adorable! Oh wait, he sang one of his brand new song - Crayon - on that night too!

I bet the fashion sense of G-D and TOP always the somewhat extreme one! 

Tae Yang almost slipped off on that night but he still can show his adorable smile that melted our hearts! <3 WATCH IT HERE!

Apart of all their performances, Dae Sung also did his solo song titled Wings! I was totally enjoyed his energetic performance and his vocal just da-bomb! :D After that night, I was so into him, his smiles, his looks, his eyes, his everything! >.<

The stage was in blue and that's the moment they performed the song Blue! Always love this song and the greatest moment when all of the fans sang it together with them! Auww~

TOP, my favorite! He was quite shy on that night and I totally love the part when all of us sang the birthday song for him for his birthday! G-Dragon can heard it clearly and when he said it out loud, TOP's expression was priceless! He was speechless and love it when he performed dance moves for us the audience! <3

None of us wants it to be end and Big Bang just surprised all of us with few comebacks on that night till we actually have to bid goodbye for real. =( It seems that 2 hours plus just not enough to enjoy the concert on that night, we just want MORE! I'm looking forward for their return to Malaysia again for sure! =D I managed to record few videos on that night, enjoy! 

1. Alive (Intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar
7. Ppeokigayo(Knock out) - GDTOP
8. High High - GDTOP
9. Strong Baby - SEUNGRI
10. What Can I Do - SEUNGRI
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. CafeCrayon (Short part) - GDOne of a Kind (Short part) - GD
14. Bad Boy
15. Blue
16. Love Song
17. Monster
18. Feeling
19. Look Only At Me - TAEYANG
20. Wedding Dress - TAEYANG
21. Wings - DAESUNG
22. Haru Haru23. Lies
24. Last Farewell

25. Heaven2
6. Bad Boy
27. Fantastic Baby
28. hands up