I have been wanting to get myself a personalized name necklace for myself, especially after I actually ordered one for my bestie as her birthday gift. I stumbled upon this site - La'zenda - and found out how easy one can design, order and receive it in two weeks time. 

I am obsessed with anything-about charm bracelet! For such a sentimental person like me, I could not resist the fact that I can create my very own story not only through my blog but also through a charm bracelet. A charm bracelet that’s meant something personal and precious to me, only I know the value of each story. 

I have a complete set of manicure tools and I can do it myself with all the cleansing, removing cuticles and dead skins, buff my nails, etc. :D I applied a layer of strengthening polish prior before I applied another layer of base coat, then only apply my favorite pale pink nail polish from OPI. This is the only shade that I can repurchase over and over again! 
Been craving for some good pizzas and dream came true when we finally visited the Pizza Gallery earlier this week. I won't be surprised if you're telling me you visited this place often, especially if you're working in that building or that area as they serves delicious pizzas and some other yummy foods too!

Caesar Salad - RM8.90
Starting your meal with fresh Caesar Salad can never go wrong! I love the simple mixture of fresh lettuce, olive, chunky tomatoes and breads, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. 

I was back in KK for a good 2-week long last December, that was probably the longest "stay-back" for me since ever I came KL for work. Of course, I am being thankful and grateful that I can do my work from home daily that I need not to apply any leaves. My sister-in-law and I had planned for our mini family New Year countdown getaway at Ranau. I love Ranau for its cool and chilly weather, but definitely not fancy the super cold weather. *brr* We wanted to book the whole bungalow, but it was fully booked and ended up booked the chalet at Strawberry Garden instead. The next morning on the New Year, we went down to this Desa Cattle Dairy Farm at Kundasang. ~(˘▾˘)~

No review, no sponsored post, it's just me having my "me" time with my blog...

  • The stories on this blog may not have been consistent and it kind of gets worse when I get really busy with work stuff or when I just don't have the mojo to do so. This blog started as my personal blog and a place for me to rant on random stuffs but when it started to gain more readers, I realized that not all and everything is appropriate to be posted here. It's not that I really care about what others think of how I treating my blog nor I am going to please anyone of you here. It's just that some are might too silly or too personal that led to "too much information" stage.
Caroline & Eric
11th Jan, the day when le boyfie get to be a KING for a day. Yesterday, it was his birthday and here's the difference of my birthday and his birthday. He gets to surprised me with dinner place that he is going to bring me, but I can never have the chance to surprise him! WHY? Because he still needs to be the one who drives and I need to tell him the exact place in order for us to enjoy his birthday dinner. 

Eric & Ah Bok @ Legoland, Johor.
Not sure what the boys were doing at that time, but we had a great fun time for our double date in Johor last weekend. It was kind of half-impromptu trip as Ah Bok has complimentary tickets for Legoland that we decided to go for a 2D1N trip during the weekend. I shall share my experience at Legoland with you in a separate post as am now going to share about our crib for the night in Johor. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Happy New Year! Benefit Cosmetic welcome the brand new year with the launching of yet another amazing product - The POREfessional: agent zero shine - the NEW shine-vanishing PRO powder! The media launching took place at the Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon which also featured some actions from fellow "agents"!