Charms Bracelet | Akiyo

I am obsessed with anything-about charm bracelet! For such a sentimental person like me, I could not resist the fact that I can create my very own story not only through my blog but also through a charm bracelet. A charm bracelet that’s meant something personal and precious to me, only I know the value of each story. 

I was so happy to receive a charm bracelet from Akiyo on the last Christmas! I get to choose a charm to attach to my plain empty bracelet - snowflake charm. It was Christmas and it always meant something magical to me, snowflake portrays the magical Christmas well. Not only that, it's also because I enjoyed and love the movie “Frozen” and snowflake too represent my favorite movie itself.

It was certainly a very sweet and Christmassy gift of all and my stories didn’t end at three. I can now able to continue the story chain on my own. I can’t wait till the next moment and I can head to Akiyo to pick the most suitable charm as a remembrance of that particular moment. Oh! You also can now create your very own personal stories with Akiyo charm bracelet. 

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