I was on my way home from grocery shopping earlier, and the sun was particularly glaring to my eyes while I was sitting inside the car. Here's the moment I realize that I've never come home from work before it turned dark and if I ever catch a glimpse of the golden hour - it probably when we're on the way rushing to the gym on every Wednesday. *lol

ps. yes, I literally went to the rooftop to catch the golden hour.

It's Saturday and it's super gloomy outside. So I thought it would be nice to take out my laptop and start writing some updates here. The past few months have been crazy for all of us, you and I have gone through the MCO transition to CMCO and we are now at RMCO stage. Apart from being super duper busy with work since day 1 MCO, I'm actually doing just fine staying at home. Well, I'll write more about that in the next post. Let's talk about the first food delivery service that I used after the MCO period for now.

What's your daily wellness routine? I'm sure there is at least one routine that caters to your own wellness, as for me, I'm just taking one step at a time. To turn something into a habit and routine can be overwhelming and you don't want to do everything at one go. It's nothing related to my morning/skincare routine or a day in my life kinda thing, it's just three simple things I'm practising daily and hopefully can continue doing it.

I don't have perfect nor the best skin in the world. In fact, it's been quite a journey to achieve the skin that I'm having now. I've talked about my skin pretty often back then in this blog and most of you still ask me from time to time how I managed to cure the crazy acne-prone skin I've had back then. I mean, who would've thought you can actually get crazy flared up acne all over your face at the age of 22 years old when you actually had ZERO pimples throughout your teenage life?! Well, it happened.

If there's a surprise bouquet of flower, it's most probably from the brand - Mamonde. Mamonde is well known for its floral theme and they just sent a lovely bouquet together with the new Mamonde All Stay Foundation!

My first visit to Ishin was years ago when Eric brought me there to celebrate my birthday during our early dating year. It was my second year in KL and I was truly enjoyed my dinner there. It was wonderful and everything was delicious! ❤

Other than great beauty deals, I can never resist any travel deals! It can be flight tickets, accommodation, luggage bags, etc.  Speaking of which, I do have a few trips coming towards the end of the year and just like our handbags, you can never have too much luggage bags! :p