Have you voted the ONE that you think he/she deserved to be crowned as the Malaysia's First Youth Ambassador? Those who actually made to the Grand Finale, congratulations to the FIVE of you and we believe that it's not an easy road to go for this. Not easy? Why? You may wondered. 


Did you know that all the contestants had to go through and passed all the tasks given by the Project One & Only as the organizer? Let me just share a few with you guys. I also had to agree that all these tasks had fully equipped themselves towards their dreams. 

project o&o yeah

YEAH? Youth Empowering Another Human. What do you think about it? Well it seemed like a simple task yet not easy to achieve it though. This is where contestants will be doing good deed, giving a helping hand and touching lives. And of course they did it daily without expecting anything in return, contestants also required to update good deed that they had done through Twitter or Facebook. Why is it so? Well, that's the easiest and fastest to create awareness among the societies and communities all over the world! It became one of the successful task as not only the contestants but also others participated in #YEAH project!

REACH. Reaching, Engaging And Changing Hearts. I guess this could be the toughest one for the finalists! Why? At this level, the finalists will select a charity organisation, home or even the public whom they would like to help out with, and make a difference. Easy or tough, you judge it yourself. To me, nothing is easy and we need to show some effort in order to make a difference. Doesn't matter what you had done, there's always a difference, be it small or big, as long as you did your best.

Dream Project. Each of them will have their own dream project and you may check it out from below link:
Believe in them and they shall make a difference! 

P/S: Above pictures from Project O & O

It's Monday and at this moment, outside looked so cloudy and of course am wishing for the rain! It would be brighten my day lots with the rain on Monday! I've had awesome weekend and will blog about it when am free. *LOL* I also not sure but I know it going to be a busy week ahead!
Peppermint Oreo & Mango Passion with pearls

Amber Chia, being a well known international model and actress, no one could deny for she also being one of the most recognizable celebrity. She had gone through a long journey with many obstacles and finally her efforts paid off and all of us can see how successful she is now! 

Have you heard about Amber Chia Academy? Amber Chia Academy is the brainchild of Amber Chia and its aim to share a wealth of experience and knowledge in an upbeat and creative style that will transform the way models model, revolutionize the way makeup artists makeup and re-invent the way photographers photograph. 
Aloha! You know how happy I am when I get to know there is something BIG coming to town?! Ahh.. Yes!! The Magical Musicals! I've missed the Peter Pan musical but NOT this one!


The Magical Musicals is a medley of 30 musical numbers from world favorite musicals, tied together in an endearing story about young performers seeking recognition for their boundless talent. It brings together selected numbers from, Moulin Rouge!, Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and even the latest, televised musical phenomenon, Glee!

Attention ladies out there! Do you know that you need not to fork out a bulk of money to pamper yourself with classic manicure and pedicure now? You only need to pay RM 38 for classic mani and pedi! Sounds great isn't it? 

Kukubar is now offering a classic mani and pedi for only RM 38! Doubting about what services will be included in such low price? Fret not, they will soak your feet in warm anti-bacterial soap water, followed by callus removal, nail and cuticle trimming. Am sure you will not want to miss the chance to pamper yourself with a deep cleanse and remove impurities that make your skin look dull and feel rough with their soothing mint or apricot moisture scrub! 
Back to few months ago, the Eleven Angles had started the Project O&O, aimed to search for the Malaysia's First Youth Ambassador. It's not an easy journey I would say, especially for the contestants had to go through few rounds of preliminaries and the hardest part and one that nobody like, elimination stage. 

Project O&O

Last Friday was really a nightmare to me and like seriously, gone through a hell tensioned day. I couldn't believe myself who stressed out on FRIDAY! That's the worst day so far I've gone through since the first day at here. Hence, I was hoping for a good and chillax dinner for the night. Kelvin told me that we were compensated with RM200 vouchers to dine in at Ecoba for our frustration towards the foods served during the Special Screening of Fairly Legal which we attended not long ago.
Ecoba's Menu

After spent a whole week at KK, and now am back to KL.
I knew there's fun things that I've missed but to me, family is always my priority.
I was supposed to attend my former colleague's wedding ceremony on the Saturday night but I couldn't.
You have no idea how much I missed them and how long I've waited for that moment. Thanks very much for their understanding too.

Dear former colleagues

I love taking pictures.. not just myself but also people, things, places, or you might just say it almost everything.
I snap pictures for the memories of each memorable moments, beautiful and remarkable places, delicious food and beverages, just to write and share it. I love doing it and perhaps I just wanted to compile everything and one day when I look back to all of it, it surely going to give me some bittersweet memories. That's how I feel each time I read back all my previous posts, I did smile. How about you? Have you ever spend some time read back and reminiscing the past through you posts?

Recently, I was in love with the Pentax camera. Frankly, I do not really know much about Pentax camera but after check through their website, I love them so much for their colorful cameras. Not just the compact but DSLRs too!

20 body colors, 5 grip colors
Standard colors
Pictures above credited to [ http://pentax.jp ]
To a girl like me, I would love to have some fancy color DSLR compare to the plain ordinary black one. This PENTAX K-x offers 100 different colors for body-and-grip color combination and each of it will fitted with a matching lens, and that's what we called produced high quality photography in your favorite color! 
My mom called me on the Monday's evening and I rejected the call for am still busy with my stuffs and when Eric came to me and told me that my mom called him and informed him about my grandma passed away, do you actually know how I felt at that time?

Tears falling down, speechless at a time, do not know what to do, that's how I was at that time. 

Eric the one who busy helped me to contact AirAsia to change my ticket's date to the next morning. I called my mom and she was crying, that's made me felt more bad for not being there for them. 

Being back to home, am glad. I saw grandma was all dressed up, she looks so pretty in the white gown. Looking at her, she looked like just sleeping, I hardly believe that she's no longer with us at here. I can't imagine how grandpa and mom take this as they are the ones who close to grandma. They almost fainted during the funeral day.

I've been crying too much for the last two days, I guess?
I hated it very much. Don't worry as am over it now, I guess.
For those who asked especially Mariuca and Foong, thanks very much for the cares!
( But sorry haven't email and cc yet!! hahahaha!! )

My days on last week were all totally screwed up, ranted quite lots in twitter till I don't have the time for twitter, facebook and even blogging?? 
Anyway, am always appreciating those who actually helped me face it and go through it. You know who you are. Thanks!

Can you actually see how terrible my eyes looks like after cried one night? Anyway, rewarded with cotton candy! *yay*
I've been hearing numerous people telling me that if you visit Malacca, must try their Cendol! Right, after the Malacca Rover Cruise, am getting exhausted and thanks so much for the hot sun too, we stopped by at this place named San Shu Gong for our lunch. Am tempted to try their Durian Cendol too!

San Shu Gong
Closer view of San Shu Gong
Upon entering the restaurant, I saw many cute stuffs were displayed inside too. I was glad to enter there for the cooling air conditioner. I didn't see anything that I wanted to eat at there and what I want was their durian cendol.
Still remember my short day trip at Malacca?? Well after the visit at Casa del Rio hotel, we then proceed to our next activity which is the Melaka River Cruise. It was a very very hot day and knowing that there's no way for you to drive the car for there's limited parking space at there, we walked. Thank God for the short walking distance to there. 

Melaka River Cruise
The jetty of the river cruise located at the opposite of the Casa del Rio hotel. We walked and just did a U-turn to get there. I saw lotsa beautifully decorated trishaws all the way to get there though we never ride on it.

Had a very busy week last week and it just going to be another busier week ahead.
Yesterday was Mothers' Day and it was also the first time for me to be apart from my mom.
The only thing I could do was called and talked to her. It's nothing special to me of course as we talked over the phone quite often too since am away from home.
We don't just show our appreciation towards our mom on Mother's Day but it should be done in our daily life.
Here I am wishing every mommies in the universe Happy Mother's Day!
Am dedicating this week's Music Monday for every mothers out there!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Bill  /  Kenwooi  /  B2
Does anyone actually know what's Casa del Rio stands for? Casa for House/Home ; del for of the/by the ; Rio for River. Casa del Rio stands for Home by the River in Spanish. Upon entering this, I first thought Casa del Rio is something like a castle as the entrance arch just look like those olden castle one. I was amazed by it.
Entrance Arch of Casa del rio
Just so you know that Casa del Rio, comprises of 66 luxury and spacious rooms, rated 5 star hotel in town is a newly opened boutique hotel in Malacca. It  is located strategically stone throw away with most of the main attractions in Malacca like Jonker Walk, Malacca River Cruise, etc.

How often people can enjoy a holiday during the Mondays?
Perhaps some are still enjoying short vacation out there.
I had mine too!
Although it was only a day trip, but it loaded with FUN!

A new "friend"