Project One & Only ( PONO )

Have you voted the ONE that you think he/she deserved to be crowned as the Malaysia's First Youth Ambassador? Those who actually made to the Grand Finale, congratulations to the FIVE of you and we believe that it's not an easy road to go for this. Not easy? Why? You may wondered. 


Did you know that all the contestants had to go through and passed all the tasks given by the Project One & Only as the organizer? Let me just share a few with you guys. I also had to agree that all these tasks had fully equipped themselves towards their dreams. 

project o&o yeah

YEAH? Youth Empowering Another Human. What do you think about it? Well it seemed like a simple task yet not easy to achieve it though. This is where contestants will be doing good deed, giving a helping hand and touching lives. And of course they did it daily without expecting anything in return, contestants also required to update good deed that they had done through Twitter or Facebook. Why is it so? Well, that's the easiest and fastest to create awareness among the societies and communities all over the world! It became one of the successful task as not only the contestants but also others participated in #YEAH project!

REACH. Reaching, Engaging And Changing Hearts. I guess this could be the toughest one for the finalists! Why? At this level, the finalists will select a charity organisation, home or even the public whom they would like to help out with, and make a difference. Easy or tough, you judge it yourself. To me, nothing is easy and we need to show some effort in order to make a difference. Doesn't matter what you had done, there's always a difference, be it small or big, as long as you did your best.

Dream Project. Each of them will have their own dream project and you may check it out from below link:
Believe in them and they shall make a difference! 

P/S: Above pictures from Project O & O