To have such hectic life is definitely not everyone wish for, so am I. Last week, I met up and hanged out with my girls who always adore the cosmetics and taking deep concern on skincare. I always love to have a date with them for they are just full with the beauty knowledge and I would always love to get a tip or more from them, and they are for sure always love to share it with me. 
Clinique Counter @ Midvalley
Have you guys actually heard of the Who's That Girl Search which organized by Clinique? That's my first time heard of it too! I've joined the girls dropped by and had our makeover for the night. How many of you actually have seen me without the makeup on? I seldom put on makeup for am lazy and am just not good at it. Sorry that I have to put up my horror ugly picture at here! 
During my recent company trip, I admit that I do not think there is something that I should looking forward to. It turned me down when the both of them could not make it and seriously makes me feel so bad. Yet, am still go for it. The moment we get to know PC & QA will be combined as a team, having the both crazy cheerful people in the group definitely turned my mood on! We only have one night time to do the rehearse for the talent show and we even sacrificed our sleeping time and luckily managed to get couples hours to sleep nap before start our journey to A Famosa Resort, Melaka.
A Famosa Resort
A Famosa*2
The Magical Musical had been really amazing for me and it marked the first ever musical I have ever been to. Being a musical freak myself, I have told you I am so not going to miss the coming Aladdin The Musical which will be held at the Ampitheatre, Sunway Lagoon on this coming 25th November (Friday). I jumped happily when I was given the opportunity to meet the casts of this Aladdin The Musical as I have never even expect I am going to meet them in person! It just like a dream come true for me. 

The Studio
Producer and Choreographer
I have joined some other bloggers for the meet the cast session and I had to say it was so happy to see some familiar faces of the casts and dancers! We were all warmly welcomed by the producer, choreographer, mains casts and dancers upon entering the studio. We were briefed about the Aladdin The Musical and the producer introduced the main casts and dancers of the musical. What's more? We get to witness three part of the musical too! Here, let me intro you the main casts of the Aladdin The Musical!
In 2007, I started a blog to write about something personal, treating it as my online diary. At that time, I do not really know that how and what actually it can brings and lead me to. Till I started another new blog on the Dec at year of 2009 and getting to know Panda Foong! I get to know many of you through him and on, nothing but surprise me with all the happening event posts that I have read from many of your blogs. Something that I envied about seeing all the event being held for bloggers in KL. Staying at KK, my life is pretty dull you may say? Perhaps it is due it was related more on families, works, friends, nothing much.
After made the decision of seeking some challenge in life and trying to learn how to be independent by moving to KL, life hasn't been the same. What I am glad is, those friends that I have known through blogosphere, they were just as great as they are, bringing me to various events and getting to know more and more people, definitely warmed my heart. Who even would know that bloggers can be so close although haven't met before? Getting those invites doesn't means anything to me, but the experiences that I have gone through that matter most to me.
I believe that looking for a property is not really an easy task to do for everyone of us! But hey, here's where you should head to - PropWall . PropWall is Malaysia's largest FREE property resources website with over 2,000 property analysis articles and 200,000 high quality property photos. 

It comes with a very simple and user friendly interface where you could actually easily browse everything on the website itself. If you're looking for property, be it buying it or just want to rent it, you could just simply click the "Classidieds" tab and choose either Properties for Sale or Properties for Rent as stated in the column 1 at below picture. There's also a space where you could type in your search and the price range for the property you're looking for at the column 2 stated in the picture below. The right side will be showing all the list of properties.

To enhance the search result, users also could directly choose the areas where the property that they are looking for. You could easily find it at the left sidebar of the page under Classifieds. Hence, the search result will do the filter and only available properties at the chosen area will be shown. Users could concentrate in finding their desired properties in that particular area too.

By clicking into the property, you could actually view the picture of the property comes with the description of it. Also, the form where you could contact the owner of the property. There will be plenty of high quality photos therefore, you need not to worry how actually it looks like. Looking for property could be as simple as that by checking out the largest FREE resources of Malaysia Property - PropWall. 
I have sweet tooth! Not that something to be shamed of, but am proudly to be! I love dessert very much! Be it cold or hot, I just love them much! Of course, been eating lotsa types of dessert caused me being so particular in everything. I always set high expectation on every desserts I am going to have for you know, we just wants the best to reach our satisfaction. 
Justberrys Dessert House
The bunch of us gathered and chilling out at JustBerrys to try some of their desserts on the last Saturday. Yes we need something cooling especially during the hot sunny days. JustBerrys might not located in such strategic location where everybody get to spot it easily for it located at deep inside at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. Well, no worries just spot Ah Cheng Laksa and it is just next to it. 
Who would have thought there's such reasonable price where you can get ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT steamboat buffet outside there? Talking about all-you-can-eat, you know you could expect for extensive buffet spread lies on for you to try each of them, and it's just the matter of how much you can take them!

Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant
I wondered why the restaurant was named Umami, later then I know that the word "Umami" is popularly referred to as savoriness, which is one of the basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It is also a loanword from the Japanese Umami with the meaning of pleasant savoury taste. Hence, I guess that explained the name of the restaurant. 

Tuaran Mee, I guess there's no way I can get it at KL. But Asam Laksa? Yes, I can get it everywhere, just the matter of authentic or not? It was such a good day where the bunch of us get together and trying out something authentic and original. 

By the name of Heritage Village, it is already shown something to be expected. Am not sure but whatever that named ended with the word "Village", am sure there's something authentic! Just like Paragon Thai Village at Cheras, the Thai foods are really authentic! Right, let's back to the topic. Aman Suria, not really a place that Eric and I would go for foods but after the visit to Heritage Village, we might just change our mind. Reason simply for the delicious foods at there!

What actually Shabu Shabu means? I do know it's meant something like steamboat style where we going to cook all the dish in our pot. Little did I know that the name of Shabu Shabu is derived from the "swish swish" sound of cooking the meat in the pot. How interesting is that! I do believe we just gonna love shabu shabu especially during this cold rainy days!

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant
The buffet counter at Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Just the other day, I took upon myself to decorate my house. I was having a hard time deciding what I should throw to my walls to achieve a superb look. I wanted my home decor to have the look and feel of my personality. I love flowers. For this reason, I had to get flowers for my decor although I was not sure whether I could keep up with all that is needed to keep a flower alive. Then, as if by accident or fate, I came across the concept of fake flowers. And I fell in love with them at first sight. 

Unless you touch them, it is extremely difficult to tell fake flowers from real fresh flowers. This is more so the case especially with artificial flowers made from silk. They are so life-like you will not have a hard time fooling your guests. 

Fake flowers come in a wide range of varieties. They are made from different materials ranging from the aforementioned silk, to paper and even feathers. They also come in different floral arrangements that look not only beautiful but also natural. With the different floral arrangements, it becomes easier to put together beautiful bouquets that you can place on various surfaces in your home. 

Whereas artificial flowers hold so little over real flowers, they definitely have their place. It is important to shop carefully to ensure you get the best value for your money; there is nothing as off putting as artificial flowers that are faded or charred.
It has been almost a month, from I secretly to openly having affair with Fischer Fritz, I enjoyed every bits of it. It isn't about perfection but the beauty of it. I have never will know the fun of lomography till I met Fischer Fritz.   Last Saturday, Fischer Fritz and I joined the lomography outing with the bunch. You and I both know how happy Fischer Fritz and Fritz The Blitz when Eric agreed to bring us for that outing.

Bidding goodbye to Fischer Fritz is the last thing I wish for now. You have taught me lots on the art of lomography. I will never forget every pieces of it. It feels so hard to let go of something you have started to fall-in-love-with. 

The Loblography Malaysia challenge is coming to an end and thanks a lot to Lomography Malaysia for sending Fischer Fritz to my life, appreciate it very much even it is just in a short period time. It truly open my eyes wider and get to explore the beauty of Lomography even it is just from the La Sardina can.