Clinique Who's That Girl Search

To have such hectic life is definitely not everyone wish for, so am I. Last week, I met up and hanged out with my girls who always adore the cosmetics and taking deep concern on skincare. I always love to have a date with them for they are just full with the beauty knowledge and I would always love to get a tip or more from them, and they are for sure always love to share it with me. 
Clinique Counter @ Midvalley
Have you guys actually heard of the Who's That Girl Search which organized by Clinique? That's my first time heard of it too! I've joined the girls dropped by and had our makeover for the night. How many of you actually have seen me without the makeup on? I seldom put on makeup for am lazy and am just not good at it. Sorry that I have to put up my horror ugly picture at here! 
Can you see how tired I looked like? The beauty consultant too realize my exhausted face and refreshed my face's skin with the scrub and cleanser, love part was when she massage my eyes part with the soothing eye gel. After done with the face cleanse, I was given four choices of looks to choose for the makeover. There are Fashionably Flirty, Laid Back Deluxe, Classic Chic and Downtown Cool, so which one do you think I am?
I chose the Classic Chic look! Anyone surprise with it? What I did next was just stay sit and let the makeup artist do her magic on my bare face. The nicest part of all is my eyes! She seem enjoyed curling my eyelashes for it's long? I knew my eyelashes are quite long but I never knew it can be curled till that way! I am so in love with my eyelashes later then. *Silly me!*

I used to not quite like my eyes for people used to describe it as cat's eyes! Or perhaps that eyes makes me doesn't look like Chinese? Am not pure Chinese anyway! After this makeover, do you know how much I adore my eyes? :p

Now, do you think I have the Classic Chic look? I bet if am not just back to work and get my hair styled up, I will be looking nicer aight? I am loving the makeover max for it just look natural on me as I am not that adventurous in having some flirty looks! I also given some goodies for me to bring home, none than other of Clinique's skincare and cosmetics products. 

Yours Truly, JuLi & Jess
The three of us took the opportunity to join the Who's That Girl Search, how about you ladies and girls out there? Hurry go to the nearest Clinique counters and join Clinique Who's That Girl Search and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM 8,000. This is the free make over and no purchase require, what else? You will be given 2 free treats for you too! You can choose between Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in Fireberry or Bonfire and 7-day Scrub Cream upon consultation. 

After the makeover, we just went off and hit the club and party! The makeover was just at the right time, don't you think so? Thanks Clinique for the makeover! For those who aged 16-28 years old and would love to join this, check out the 3 simple steps below!
Step 1 : Dress your style and drop by any Clinique counters nationwide for your makeover session.
Step 2 : After the makeover, snap two pictures of yourself in color close-up and full length.
Step 3 :Upload both pictures and complete the registration for in "Who's That Girl?" online website in Clove Two.