It's New Year Eve!
I bet most of you starts enjoying holiday today, but not for me, as I have to work today.
Good thing, no traffic jam at all today!

I had some conversations with dear Eric last night regarding our new year resolutions.
(Oops. not to share at here though)
If you ask me, I wouldn't say this year is the BEST year but I would so far MAYBE it is the best year for me.

I wasn't that happy during the early year of 2010.
I've decided to started work first after I finished my Diploma last year due to some stupid reason (when I think back now). 
I didn't know what to expect to face in this working world that time.
But am glad that I actually learnt lots and lots and even met more and more hypocrite and back-stabbers.
Oh! What I meant here some of my colleagues who actually tend to be shoe-polishers and sabotaging others, well well now I know what is office politics.

I never really make friends through blogging world in previous years.
I started blog when I started my college life and didn't realize knowing Foong can be such a fun and blessed.

I've connected to many of you through this blogosphere and made new friends too.
Our friendship developed through here and I even met some of you in person.
Some of you considered very close friend of mine whom I can share almost everything with.
Merryn and Witch! Thanks for entertaining my craps sometimes!

For I never thought of starting a relationship after a long while, for I thought myself unsure if going to start another long distance relationship, and never realized that Eric and I now together for nearly 6 months already.
Many ups and downs in our relationship but am hoping for less arguments next year!
I am definitely looking forward for our first travel next year!

Happy New Year to all of you!
New Year's eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things that the passage of another twelve months may be noted; and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the coming of darkness on other nights.  ~Hamilton Wright Mabie



Meow Diaries
As I've mentioned in my previous post, this post is about our *ouch*ouch* moments that time.
After the Sabah Tea Garden, we proceed to this Kampung Luanti Baru for the fish massage!
Not a normal fish massage as this one is huge, HUGE fishes! (I guess that's the reason they call it Fish Massgae instead of the normal Fish Spa!!)

We arrived there and paid our entrance fees, and guess what?
It is only RM 5 per person. :D
We had to wait for our turn. But I think we're still consider lucky as we need not to wait for so long for our turn.

Waiting moments...

We're quite excited after they announced our queue numbers!
We went down and took off our shoes and sandals everything.

Taking off shoes, sandals before entering the water..

You know... we all like so excited...

Till we put our legs inside the water...
Oh-Mi-God!!! Ouch!! Ouch!! AHHHH!!
Seriously, It's just HURT-HURT-HURT!!!

Can you see me??
I even lifted my leg up! It's PAINFUL!! 
OK, so am not the only one! Eric's mommy and aunt too!!
Three of us like screaming OUCH! AH! PAINFUL!

Eric "screamed" too!
He felt the pain of I whacking him so badly!
Mwahahaha!! The fish bite me once, I whacked him once!
Poor dear Eric!! Free Smiley
And oh! His mom was holding his arm and you know what happened!

Look at them!

It's freaked me out by looking at those big big fishes swim around my leg!

Seems like Eric's sister going to grab all of them! Free Smiley

Eric's daddy enjoying the moment massaged by those fishes!

When fishes haven't "attack" her yet. 
I wish I can "bwek" to those fishes too!!

Eric's bro never show any face expression!
Fishes attacked him also but nothing come out from him. 
Am amazed!

Finally our group picture!Free Smiley
Everyone can smile already after attacked by those fishes.

I was curious why all those fishes will come out I mean at riverside?
Eric's dad answered because they knew their foods is there!!
You know what is their foods?
Dead skin around our feet!
No wonder after biting-eating moments, those fishes start moving away from us.
 P/S: We're the noisiest group!

Peeps, if you know your feet has too many dead skin, be prepare before putting your leg into the water!Free Smiley
Next post will be about Poring and Rafflesia ! 


It is actually lunch time by the time we done with Botanical Garden.
We then left and proceed with food finding for lunch.
We stopped by the Kundasang Market where the locals selling their daily harvest ranging from fruits, vegetables, flowers, raw honey, etc.

Stalls at the roadside.

Eric's mommy 

Eric's daddy buying fresh fruit.


It was just a brief stop at there as we still have few places to visit for the day.
We had our lunch at Pekan Ranau.
So, the next stop after lunch was the Sabah Tea Garden.

Sabah Tea Garden

Eric in the GREEN!

You know I have to force Eric to go inside and stand there to snap this picture of him!?

We entered and saw this on their notice board.
It is the packages for the Tea Factory Tour.

Eric and I laughed when saw this!
It is the Longest Non-Stop Mountain Bike Race in the Malaysia Book of Record.

 Oh! Visitor can dine at their restaurant too.
Eric's family was busy choosing souvenirs and teas to be brought back to KL, and Eric and I enjoyed the breathtaking view from the restaurant.


Just to share with you how's the place look like.
# 01

# 02

Can you Eric's sibling and aunt hiding behind those tea plants?

Eric's sibling

Eric with the nature! 

I love the views at there.
But of course nothing much you can do at there unless you join in the factory tour package.
We did not have much time to spend and next stop will be *ouch*ouch* moments!!

Hint: Place for BIG FISH foot spa!


Happy Birthday to our beloved mommy blogger!!
It's finally her big day! Let's celebrate!!
Am a snake! and.. she is a snake too!
So, you can guess her age or not???? 

I never thought can be so close to her through this blogging world.
Getting to know her is "blessed" and FUN! (Only if you know what am trying to say here!!)
What can I say about her?
A loving wife to her darling William, a wonderful mommy for her another darling Ethan and of course a real good friend to everyone!

I remember on my birthday, she didn't wish me anything earlier on, just when I thought it's almost end and perhaps she had forgot about it, I received  text when the clock almost hit 12 o'clock!
She don't want to be anyone to wish me randomly but wanted to be the last one to wish me!
And here, I know I know am not the first one nor the last one, but am the one with this post as a gift for you on your special day!

Dear Merryn,
Today is your day to shine as every day should be. Happy Birthday!
I sincerely wish you success in everything you do, happiness, health, and joyful adventures!
Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.