Of Kundasang Market and Sabah Tea Garden at Ranau

It is actually lunch time by the time we done with Botanical Garden.
We then left and proceed with food finding for lunch.
We stopped by the Kundasang Market where the locals selling their daily harvest ranging from fruits, vegetables, flowers, raw honey, etc.

Stalls at the roadside.

Eric's mommy 

Eric's daddy buying fresh fruit.


It was just a brief stop at there as we still have few places to visit for the day.
We had our lunch at Pekan Ranau.
So, the next stop after lunch was the Sabah Tea Garden.

Sabah Tea Garden

Eric in the GREEN!

You know I have to force Eric to go inside and stand there to snap this picture of him!?

We entered and saw this on their notice board.
It is the packages for the Tea Factory Tour.

Eric and I laughed when saw this!
It is the Longest Non-Stop Mountain Bike Race in the Malaysia Book of Record.

 Oh! Visitor can dine at their restaurant too.
Eric's family was busy choosing souvenirs and teas to be brought back to KL, and Eric and I enjoyed the breathtaking view from the restaurant.


Just to share with you how's the place look like.
# 01

# 02

Can you Eric's sibling and aunt hiding behind those tea plants?

Eric's sibling

Eric with the nature! 

I love the views at there.
But of course nothing much you can do at there unless you join in the factory tour package.
We did not have much time to spend and next stop will be *ouch*ouch* moments!!

Hint: Place for BIG FISH foot spa!



  1. Used to stop to buy lots of veg and black pulut and everything...but they say lots of pesticides, so don't bother to buy the veg anymore...

  2. Padan muka eric.. dream of china chicken lagi! sudah miss FC! Muahahahahahha..

  3. Btw, I think those were wild durians. Very long and spiky thorns - not so nice...

  4. Eric's siblings without bodies only heads popping out is creepy! Lol!

  5. wifey la bad!! force me go in...LOL

  6. yeap..the view is superb...muahaha but i until now haven't taste the tea yet..LOl

  7. HAHA at first thought dunno what record they have la..mana tau some lame thing only...LOL

  8. hahaha i know next post is what!! =P

  9. eh...the picture of my mom..behind there me hugging u summore... >.<

  10. Woot! I saw the picture of Eric hugging you!! :P So sweet! And I think Eric was hiding behind the greens and lavender right? Correct me if I'm wrong :P

  11. I love the scenery at Kundasang. Nice mountain view.

    Didn't go to the tea Garden though :)

  12. the durian looks quite different from the ones we normally have.. the thorns are longer, i supposed these are those mountain durians??

  13. haha, i am also very amused by the Longest Non-Stop Mountain Bike Race in the Malaysia Book of Record!!! errr, what actually was that huh??

  14. that photo #01 is really very nice!! i like that very much, so green and so refreshing.. :)

  15. oh.. fish foot spa?? hmmm, i've never tried that, and won't be doing that also lor.. actually not very hygienic and contagious leh..

  16. FRESH FOOD YOOO =P I also got no holiday tomolo =P

  17. Haha!! Aiyo! Why force Eric to go in there? After got snake bite him how? LOL!