MM : Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money ft Skylar Grey

Ooooh its Monday again.
Not working on Saturday is really something to me as I work 6 days a week!
I guess everyone had a blast on last week for the Winter Solstice Festival and also Christmas!
For myself, my dad is a Buddhist so Winter Solstice festival meant a lot to my family; while on the other hand, my mom and I both Christian in the house, hence Christmas is really a celebration to us!Party smiley face

I gathered with dad's family members for the Winter Solstice festival and was fun to see all my cousins.
Most importantly, I love those Chinese cuisines especially traditional one!

This young cousin of mine, Selina made up something for me.
She finished draw and asked me to guess.

Seline with her drawing.
So, this is what she did for me.
I just wondering if am look alike this!
She even wrote " ah mei jie jie " on it.
Well done for a 5 years old kid!

My lil sis Haylie also enjoyed her times at there!
She danced, screamed and even bullied people at there!!
I love this shot of her.
Love her smile at here.

As for the Christmas, mom and I attended Christmas mass on the 25th morning.
I felt blessed and was really happy to share the joy with everyone at there!

The display.

Everyone went to have a look and some teared.
Guess everyone just can felt it to be born in such place.

Yesterday was my brother Ed's 19th birthday. Party smiley face
Mom's birthday supposed to be today but we celebrated it early together with Ed's.

Party smiley face
Happy 44th Birthday to dear Mommy.
I loved you yesterday, I love you tomorrow, I love you everyday.
May you have a blessed one! 

And here just wanted to share a brand new song from Diddy..Party smiley face

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  1. Oh happy birthday all around!!

    Happy MM dearie and thanks for playing Carol!

  2. Happy Birthday to ur mom too! Oh her birthday same month as yours! :)

  3. Selina so cute! So clever to draw! :)

  4. Happy MM sweetie! Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

  5. hahaha cute wut the wing summore...LOL

  6. LOLm the solo shot of haylie...dun look like baby wan..=P

  7. Happoy birthday to ur bro again and to your mom of coz...

  8. Happy Birthday to your mum! Wow! So young! And also to your brother. God bless them both.

  9. Happy MM and a your choice is excellent...

  10. Happy Birthday to ur dearest mommy :D

  11. Many Happy Returns of the Day to your bro & your mom wow 44 years younger. So you have two big bowls of tangyuan as per your pix? haha.

  12. Nice drawings.
    Real busy last week with all my relatives in town...but good because haven't ssen some of them for almost 15 years liao!

  13. oh, i thought you're a muslim caroline. belated merry christmas to you! have a great new year too!

  14. belated Merry Christmas Caroline and thank you for greeting me on my birthday
    i really appreciated it
    thanks a lot

  15. wow your sis Haylie has a very cute smile

  16. oh belated happy birthday to your mom... so we are both capricorns huh

  17. Happy MM! Happy Holidays and A Very Happy New Year Carol!