Birthday Special - Merryn aka Submerryn!

Happy Birthday to our beloved mommy blogger!!
It's finally her big day! Let's celebrate!!
Am a snake! and.. she is a snake too!
So, you can guess her age or not???? 

I never thought can be so close to her through this blogging world.
Getting to know her is "blessed" and FUN! (Only if you know what am trying to say here!!)
What can I say about her?
A loving wife to her darling William, a wonderful mommy for her another darling Ethan and of course a real good friend to everyone!

I remember on my birthday, she didn't wish me anything earlier on, just when I thought it's almost end and perhaps she had forgot about it, I received  text when the clock almost hit 12 o'clock!
She don't want to be anyone to wish me randomly but wanted to be the last one to wish me!
And here, I know I know am not the first one nor the last one, but am the one with this post as a gift for you on your special day!

Dear Merryn,
Today is your day to shine as every day should be. Happy Birthday!
I sincerely wish you success in everything you do, happiness, health, and joyful adventures!
Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.



  1. haha happy birthday to merryn!! a great friend as always!!

  2. i felt bad for becoming FC in a post dedicated for her...LMAO but dun care la..haha

  3. may you lead a happy and blessful life ahead with william and ethan

  4. oh happy birthday Merryn.. i'm just one day ahead of her... come to think of it

    yeh i remember she mentioned it to me on facebook...

    wohoo go go go capricorns

  5. ok Eric and BD are so bad! did not let the bday girl get FC!

  6. awww.. thank YOU Carol!

    To the readers out there.. no need to guess.. I'm 21 just like Carol! Muahahahahahhahaha! :P

  7. @Eric Lee LOL!! terkena merryn's disease dy ah? Chop = ChIop!

  8. @Merryn hehe u're always most welcome! :D hope u like this. :) of course i wish can celebrate it with u! :p

    haha yeah right.. u're 21! :P

  9. @ Merryn haha... happy birthday!!!

    @ Carol... cheers!!! got the FC 2 woohoo

  10. Wow! A very special post for a very special girl. Happy birthday Merryn. ^_^

  11. I've wished her on Facebook but anyhow, happy birthday again, Merryn - and here's wishing you every happiness, all things wonderful in the year ahead.

  12. Happy Birthday Merryn! And Caroline you're such a sweetie to dedicate such a sweet post to her! <3

  13. wooo..happy birthday to hear also~ hehehe`

    u very nice eh..always feature your good friends in your blog.. :D that's sweet. . .

    like you even from far like seems so near..:)

  14. Aww....Caroline, you're so sweet lar to have written a special birthday post dedicated to her. :D Merryn is loving this post all right!

    Good job and effort, darling!^^

  15. Your friend is lucky to have you as a friend ! Happy birthday to her !
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    What is your birthday color?

  16. Happy Birthday to Merryn!! Both of u look the same age..

  17. ooopsss!!! how can you reveal her age in the public?? you should know age is a woman's secret mah..

  18. hehe, then i know how "young" she is already lah.. only 21 years old, and you?? only 9 years old, kekekekekeke~~ :D

  19. happy birthday to Merryn.. let me go to her blog and leave her a message first.. :)

  20. LoL at Carol being only 9 years old!

    must report Eric for dating an underage girl!

  21. this must b the best bday gift Merryn received this year

  22. Happy Birthday to your dear friend Caroline and may she be blessed with many many more.

  23. That's so sweet of u! happy birthday to Merryn! ;)

  24. Happy birthday to Merryn again! : )

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