Fluffy Friday : Of Gaya Street and Meows!

It's Friday!
It's not me neglected my blog, but my time just don't allow me to blog!
I need some time to breathe some air, less time to online but luckily I still manage to do some blog hopping!
I wish to blog about the awesome trip with Eric and family yet pardon me as I need more time for that.

On the Sunday morning, it was the last day of Eric at here too.
We woke up quite early for Gaya Street Sunday market.
Us with the morning sunshine!Smiley

We walked the entire street, and looked at lotsa things, Eric is finding the Tenom Coffee to bring back for his family and his buddies.
Am not a coffee lover, I don't drink coffee.
I myself looking for something to get for his grandma.
We walked one round and am almost giving up, I just couldn't stand the glaring sunshine striking hot on that day! Another thing, I hate the crowds!
Locals and tourists everywhere!
Got myself cooling Lo Han Guo with longan drink!

Oh well, am surely can survive with that drink before we go for our brekkie.
We walked to another way of the street and Tadaaa! We've met Foong!
Gaaaah! Not the real Foong of course! :p
Eric with Panda!

That panda just reminds me of Foong and also the game "Inflate the Panda"!
Oh look at that! That's the easy way to play the game! Just touch on any of those pandas and it will turn bigger n explode! Smiley

We didn't buy it though. It's cute with music and can move somemore.
We walked further and saw another stall selling Tenom Coffee and it's quite cheap!
Tell u! Eric is quite pro in bargaining!Smiley

Eric paying for the coffee!

He also bought a bottle of chilli paste!
I know it is really spicy one, again, am not a spicy food lover. 
He love spicy!

So, Eric got all the stuffs he wants and me at other side, still thinking what to get for his grandma.
I've been looking for lotsa thing and phew~ Eric finally suggested to buy handkerchief!
This is the only stall selling nice handkerchief!
So lucky to get this!
Nice or not??

Oh well, just the moment we wanted to leave the street, these pets caught my attention!
They reminds me of Mariuca with her three meows!
So yeah, this is one of the reason I blog for today!

Cat #1

Cat #2
Cat #3

Cat #4

I actually got them to intro to her meows - Benji, Chubbs and Phoebe!
Lol! Ok, dearie now you can choose which to be their partner!!

I love the white one! But you know the price for each of them is minimum 1k++ each. 
Alright, I'm not a cat lover so I don't mind them.
I just love the fluffiness of them!!! 
Happy Fluffy Friday!

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Frenda Grace Amin



  1. that pic of eric n panda? eric looks so chinese there.. must be his sepet eyes! LoL :P

  2. @Merryn FC1! :D

    Lol!! he is chinese wat! :p his eyes double eyelid one wor! whr got sepet! LOL!!

  3. chooooooooooopppppppppppp 2nd FC...so long dun have dee T3T

  4. me love coffee and spicy stuff but wifey dun like...LOL

  5. huh?? me pro meh??? very teruk only in bargaining....T3T

  6. my grandma love the handkerchief!! muahaha

  7. love the sunshine effect!! muahaha

  8. dun like cats but i like the second last cat...LOL

  9. TGIFF...Thank God It's Fluffy Friday...nice eh? LOL

  10. @Eric Lee FC2! :D me so long dint blog dy wat. lol! eh consider pro la can get discount dat time! :)

    glad that she love it. :)

    ohyea, i also just realized it! :D nice right! hehe

    me not cat lover oso! :p

    hahahaha! not bad worr! LOL!!

  11. LOL that cats.. wanna pinch.. so cute one.. hehe...

  12. I love the first picture with the sunshine rays! Nice!! But I bet it must be really hot eh? I cannot stand it also!! Love the cute handkerchief! And the panda! LOL!

  13. LOL @ TGIFF, Eric! Morning Caroline, I just woke up!! :D

  14. Wah hi-five la Eric! Da spicier da better right? :)

  15. He eh I'm so happy the meows reminded u of me and my three meows, that is so sweet Caroline, love ya! :D

  16. Min 1k is not too bad Caroline!!! Have u seen this Fluffy Meow? 2k but oh so fluffy and white and flat-face... I love!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Thanks for playing this week sweetie, so happy to see YOU a non cat lover, joining this very fluffy meme this week, woo hoo!

  19. LOL Eric sounds like me, love coffee and spicy stuff ha ha ha!

  20. Happy Fluffy Friday Caroline! Love the pics and I'm glad u and Eric had a wonderful fluffy time that day, meow!

  21. Meow #1 is for Chubbs, Meow #2 is for Pheebs and Meow #4 for Benji, okay or not? Hahahhahahahha

  22. Aww.. so cute Caroline.. i used to have one exactly like #3 but passed on already :(

  23. Awwww...their all cute but I would pick #3. I love his color and my cats are all country cats too.

    I would never be able to keep the white one clean!!

    Happy FF!

  24. Eeeee....Chinese got pantang, acnnot give people handkerchief lah. I love Gaya Street!!! Only on Sundays, right? Wah...late post, Friday already today. So busy, ya? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  25. love the Cat # 4 looks so innocent and sweet

  26. hahaha, sure you don't have time for blogging as you have spent most of them with Eric~~ :D

  27. so there must be a lot of local stuffs we can't get in KL in that market??

  28. haha, really unexpected Eric is so good in bargaining yeah?? so did he grab a lot of things from there??

  29. hahaha!! tha panda is cute, is that for Panda?? sure he will like it very much~~ :D

  30. i like Cat #4, very cute especially at that angle its head is so much bigger, hahahaha~~

  31. eh i love Tenom Coffee too!! ;) i've been to Tenom once hehe...

  32. lol @ We've met Foong! ahahahaha....

  33. thanks for still drop by my blog although u r busy :)

  34. It has been like ages since I last visited Gaya street. Must pay a visit on my next trip back to Sabah. the first photo of you with your boyfie looked great! :)

  35. Looks like a lot of things to see and buy over there..

  36. @Frenda YEAP!! very cute n fluffy too! :D oh FC3!

  37. @iamthewitch haha yeaa very hot!! after snapped then continue walk! LOL!

  38. @Mariuca waaa morning! LOL! he loves spicy foods!

    ohmy! so fluffy! i likey! lol! dey all actually 1.5k above la. aiyooo expensive! T.T

    HAHA yea indeed very tired but with him always fun! :D

    waaawaaawaaa!! ok ok!! perfect! :p

  39. @Blogger Cats har? tooo cute to passed away. :( but nemind i saw ur cat now very fluffy too!! wohoo! :)

  40. @The Painted Veil heya Jackie! ;) haha i love the white color most! but i guess agree wit u, very hard keep it clean! :D

  41. @suituapui ahhh yea i knew that. learnt that before too, it mostly practise in China widely. but this one my intention to give is for good, guess shud be okay ba right? hehe

    yea worr very busy with my work! T.T ish wink wink summore. LOL!!

  42. @bluedreamer27 hahaha how u noe it is innocent?? :p it looks sweet n cute! ;)

  43. @[SK] haha whr got! he is not here nemore worr! LOL! Yeap can say so! :D

    ohwell, he can do bargain but u noe he dnt shop much oso. lol! nt for him, plan to get it for him! LOL!

    Nice leh! :D

  44. @Monicahaha! i dnt drink coffee dats y dunno wat so nice with tenom coffee! LOL!! i've been thr several times as one of my aunts staying at there! :D

  45. @Inspired Momx1 haha actually me oso seldom go gaya street one, cz cannot stand the crowds! :) hehe thnx yea! ;)