Burp~~! Yes, that's how most of us did once we're getting too full with the foods. And yes, am not talking about the action but a place where we can get to stuff ourselves with various yummy foods! Burp! Asian Food Gallery, a contemporary food court that furnished with modern interiors with cozy and warm ambiance would be a place for you to feast like a king. Unlike other food court, the cleanliness at Burp! definitely guaranteed for guest to enjoy their foods comfortably.

Burp! The Asian Food Gallery
Clean and Spacious
The interior is a fusion of industrial furnishings like steel combined with rustic wooden finishes. Burp! comes complete with handphone charging stations and free WiFi for the guest to enjoy. Besides, there are also television screens, boardgames and play area for the kids. Instead of focusing on Western dishes, Burp! has an array of local Asian delicacies and hawker fare which is what Malaysians are really known for. 
To dine in somewhere that makes you feel home, a comfortable and warm cozy ambiance for you to enjoy your foods, why not go to the apartment ? Don't get me wrong, The Apartment, with restaurant and bar dining concept and furnished with similar furniture that you placed at your comfy home or perhaps your apartment too! 

For the month of April, the apartment restaurant & bar has launched The Chef Series with the theme of Unlimited Flavours of The Ocean which considered as the first part of the whole idea. The first menu kicked start in April and featuring an array of seafood creations to satisfy the cravings of seafood lovers in the city, just like yours truly. As mentioned few times, yours truly definitely enjoy venturing and enjoy fresh seafood in town for it's just hard to get one at KL compared to KK! Yours truly certainly glad to be part of them to get to sample the dishes for The Chef Series this round. 

Oyster Shot ( RM 11.90 )
It was one of those evenings that we would love to dine and chill at times that led us to visit FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza. If you love to enjoy some delicious foods while chilling and listen to some music, this would be the great place for you to hangout with either friends and family. 

FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza
FLAM's which is well known for its "tarte flambe", is a thin crust pizza originating from the north-east of France particularly the region of Alsace. What made it difference from the Italian pizza? Flam's is made with a thin bread pastry topped with fresh ingredients with no tomato base. The usual tomato base that can be found on Italian pizza is replaced with a mixture of creams and has a prep time of up to 10 minutes that makes FLAM'S pizza unique as it is. 
Last week, I have attended a talk about the introduction of the Vibrance Kegel Device brought by Bioinfinity. Frankly, I was totally no freaking idea what is that? How the device look like and how it's work? It was rather an eye opening knowledge and sort of education to yours truly. 

Yours truly
A set of Vibrance Kegel Device
Since ever my first experience with cosmetic lens, I am kinda like it actually albeit of the fear in me of using it long term after read some posting on disadvantages on contact lenses. Seeing the people around me enjoy wearing it especially during some special occasions, it makes them look outstanding always! 

When I get to know about FreshKon comes with their new series - Dezigner - which is towards the unique, groovy and absolutely stunning line, this certainly tempted me to try on them! There are four stunning shades for you to shine yourself - Pink Solitaire, Aqua Solitaire, Orange Solitaire and Green Solitaire. Solitaire is conceptualized to frame the iris in a multi-faceted diamond cut which designed to shine!
Back in KK, there's no such thing as brunch in my family during the weekend as my parent would definitely wake all of us up on time for the breakfast. Well at here, after the hectic working weekdays, I do feel glad that I could actually sleep longer and woke up a lil bit later than the usual working days. On the Saturday, after woke up and refreshed ourselves, the boyfie and I headed to a rather new place to stuff our extremely hungry tummy at The Lunch Box. It was definitely our brunch for we woke up late and did not have any breakfast yet.

The Lunch Box @ Bandar Sunway
The Lunch Box has two outlets which one located at Bandar Sunway ( opposite of Sunway College ) and another one located at Monash Residency. The one at Monash Residency seems more spacious compare to the one at Bandar Sunway. Without further ado, let me share with you all what we had for our scrumptious brunch with Dylan on the Saturday.
Dessert always the top in my list and I would not mind to go for it anytime! It always best to cure my tensions and please give me dessert anytime when you see my moody face kay? So, we actually went to QQ Snowmix to try on what they are offering there!
QQ Snowmix @ Bandar Puteri Puchong
Interior of QQ Snowmix
I always love to enjoy the chilling dessert in a warm and cozy ambiance place and I do love how spacious it is at QQ Snowmix here. And oh! Do you know that you can get a drink at RM 1 with any purchase of desserts during the weekdays from 1pm  - 8pm? If you're staying nearby, why not grab one?
I've been hearing about ZALORA since the past few months and tell you that I've been falling in love with all the items selling at Zalora site! They are all worth loving items that can turn you into such fashionista babe! I've been looking from dresses to pants to skirts to shoes to accessories and how I wish I can afford to get them all.  I believe most of you are aware of their latest contest - Zalora Outfit Makeover!

Watcha waiting for peeps! Come and let's together join Zalora Outfit Makeover contest to stand a chance to win up to RM 1500 worth of top-to-toe outfit makeover! What's more? If I could win this, my lucky reader will get the same too! All you need to do is just comment and tell why you need a makeover outfit too!

Here's a list of loves that I wish to have if I won the RM1500 Outfit Makeover Contest!

Tri-OS - Tube Top Jumpsuit with Gold Studs ( RM 148 )
** I love something simple and jumpsuit is really comfy to wear on especially during casual outing!
I bet many of you have known that yours truly currently working at Midvalley. To me, working right next to the shopping malls is really fun! You know, I can always go for shopping or perhaps window shopping at either Midvalley Megamall or The Gardens Mall. See, it's very convenient despite of the jam condition at there! In the office, colleagues always love to go for morning breakfast especially coffee at McDonald, or perhaps Gloria Jean's Coffee or even the Starbucks! While around 3pm, we would always opt for bubble teas like Gongcha or Comebuy, it can be just anything we want and we can get at there.

Since the Starbucks just right opposite to the office, I could not resist myself from visiting it over and over again just to get my all time favorite Chocolate Cream Chip! Yours truly definitely not a coffee addict nor fan of it. You and I both know how much the price for a cup of it and it could really burn a hole in my pocket if I go for it every single day. However, with BCard, I definitely do not mind to spend daily on it for not just paying for it but I can earn points from my purchase too!
Have you actually ever heard of woman-only spa? Frankly, this is the first time I get to know it.

Anjung Jelita Spa & Beauty Centre, is made specially and specifically for women. The owner, Bella, believed that women of the 21st Century in Malaysia are powerful, successful and hardworking (albeit at work or at home) yet they are also down-to-earth, feminine and filled with the Eastern culture they were brought up with. These women would enjoy a relaxing time at a spa but might not feel very comfortable when there are men around. Thus, the women-only spa was opened.