FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza @ Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang

It was one of those evenings that we would love to dine and chill at times that led us to visit FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza. If you love to enjoy some delicious foods while chilling and listen to some music, this would be the great place for you to hangout with either friends and family. 

FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza
FLAM's which is well known for its "tarte flambe", is a thin crust pizza originating from the north-east of France particularly the region of Alsace. What made it difference from the Italian pizza? Flam's is made with a thin bread pastry topped with fresh ingredients with no tomato base. The usual tomato base that can be found on Italian pizza is replaced with a mixture of creams and has a prep time of up to 10 minutes that makes FLAM'S pizza unique as it is. 
The ambiance
Pink-black classy theme
The cozy ambiance is just nice and suitable for the guests to enjoy their foods while chilling with their favorite beverages at FLAM'S. We managed to try some of their signature drinks while waiting for the foods to be served. 
Screwdriver ( RM 21 )
A rather simple and refreshing drink for Eric - screwdriver. It was the combination of vodka and fresh orange juice that could easily be your favorite. 

Cosmopolitan ( RM 21 )
Yours truly had ordered the Cosmopolitan for the night. The Cosmopolitan is the mixture of vodka, triple sec, lime cordial and cranberry juice. 

Lychee Mojito ( RM 28 )
You would want to order the Mojito at FLAM'S for it's one of the top choices of crowds at FLAM's. Eunice ordered herself a glass of Lychee Mojito which made of rum, mint leaf, fresh lime, brown sugar, lychee and soda water.

Paris FLAM'S ( RM 29.80 )
The moment the Paris FLAM'S pizza presented on our table, I was totally surprised how thin the crust could be! Just so you know that yours truly always love to enjoy eating the thin crust pizza and this is definitely love! The super thin crust of pizza was topped with generous amount of turkey ham, fresh mushrooms as well as the mozzarella cheese! You could enjoy each crunchy bites of the pizza with sufficient amount of topping which is great!

Mushroom FLAM'S Deluxe ( RM 38.80 )
Next was the Mushroom FLAM'S Deluxe, another super thin crust pizza topped with seasoned and glazed mixed fresh mushrooms, cheese, cheese and cheese. With a splash of secret oil and aromatic herbs, this Mushrooom FLAM'S Deluxe easily stole our heart with the fragrant aromatic taste within it.

Pepperoni FLAM'S
Another top choice of the crowds was presented to us, the Pepperoni FLAM'S was most probably most favorite of the night. The super thin crust pizza topped with tomato sauce, cheese, basil, spicy sausage, egg and oregano flakes. Don't you just love to enjoy the cheesy thin crust pizza?

Roll it !
"Order a few, Share with your friends, Eat with your hands!" is the the tagline for FLAM'S which is well explained the generous portion of each pizzas served on the table is meant to be shared with others. And oh! We get to know the best way to eat FLAM'S pizza is to roll it and eat it that way! You would be surprised how the flavors bursting out in your mouth when you have a bite of it. Apart of the thin crust pizzas, FLAM'S also offers delicious pastas for the main. 

Seafood Pasta ( RM 26.80 )
The Seafood Pasta was cooked in Olio style, and of course you could always have a choice either in Olio style or Tomato base. This pasta served with assortment of fresh mussels, octopus, clams, squids, scallops and tiger prawns. You may not see it in the picture, you gotta go and try and stir it and you could find the treasure in it! 
Salmon Fettuccine ( RM 23.80 )
Another pasta for us, the Salmon Fettuccine is the flat fresh pasta served with Norwegian salmon tossed with fresh tomatoes and dill in a light creamy sauce. If you are a fan of not-too-creamy carbonara sauce, just like me, you would love this one! 

Whole Roast Spring Chicken ( RM 38.80 )
Last but not least before we proceed to the dessert, we get to try the Whole Roast Spring Chicken! I always love the spring chicken for it's tender meat texture. Needless to mentioned how tender it is and the flavorful taste of it shows how well marinated the spring chicken before it goes to the oven. Somehow, I wish I could have it all by myself on that night!

Dessert of the night ( RM 32.80 )
Dessert, always the part that I love the most and excited for! As for this one, yours truly has never expect to have such huge pizza as dessert. But hey! Look at it! It is certainly something different! The dessert pizza was rather fruitilicious compared to previous pizzas that we have had earlier on. The thin crust pizza spreaded with a layer of cream and topped with generous amount of thinly sliced banana. How would you expect a rather strange combination would be such sinful dessert to complete the dinner? It was sweet and that's how yours truly love the dessert for, and what's more? You could choose your desired topping of either banana, apple or mango too!

Preparing the pizza
Wood-fired oven
Each FLAM'S thin crust pizza were cooked in a very hot wood-fired oven that creates the crunchy thin crust. FLAM'S is best described as a convivial dish, to be served in the center of a table, waiting to be shared among family and friends.If you ask me, I do not mind to go for next visit for it's delicious super thin crust pizzas!

FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza
37, 39, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: 03 - 2145 8222
Operating hours : 12pm - 3am ( Daily ) / 12pm - 11pm ( HAPPY HOURS )
Website : www.flams.com