Planning and throwing a perfect birthday surprise aren't easy especially when it involves a huge number of pax. Now before I start telling you about the birthday surprise planning and so on, let me briefly introduce fellow sweeties aka #AjlaaGeGirls. Some of us may have met each other at the events while the rest were all properly introduced during our staycation at Ajlaa Village back then. I may seem the odd one here, but the girls are all very kind and sweet to me, it's like a sisterhood for us. We talked, we joked, we laughed, doing silly things with each other whilst we are together, that pretty much explain our bonding session.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

I guess staying in Malaysia always excites me when it comes to brands launching their Spring/Summer collection as these collections are always the most colorful and totally appropriate for us here. ALDO has recently launched its Spring/Summer 2016 collection at Suria KLCC Fashion Week and I would say everything in these collections never disappoint me at all.

Both Nicole and I loves Japanese food. 
And it's been a while since my last visit to Okonomi, Publika for some interesting fusion Japanese food. It was Nicole's first time trying out the food at Okonomi and I thought we could give a try some of the dishes from their new menu which we later realized that we ordered kinda too much for just the two of us.

Every inni-fans nationwide were all surprised by the brand, innisfree with the announcement of its bestseller, The Green Tea Seed Serum has planned to stop to meet its Malaysian friends en route its "Journey of The Green Tea Seed Serum" across Asia. And well, that including yours truly! 

Of course, it was a success journey with over 3,000 fans welcome the Green Tea Seed Serum to Malaysia in Pavilion, KL. 

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. We were transported to this huge villa - Summer Residence - at Genting Sempah for the launching of new SENKA range which will be available in selected pharmacies and hypermarket in June 2016. We were all greeted with the white and foamy pool, totally perfect for the theme!
Broiled Lobster Chowder & Crab Croutons -RM18.90

A place that serves good yakitori with beer and whiskey always sounds great especially after you've had a long day at work. As for me, I am absolutely enjoy having the flavorful Broiled Lobster Chowder & Crab Croutons with a pint of Kirin beer - not bad at all.  

Torii, a Japanese-accented gastro-bar, dedicated to the twin pleasures of yakitori and divine whiskey. The menu featuring grilled skewered meats, seafood, and vegetables. Also, with a range of unique Japanese-inspired dishes. The story behind the name "Torii" is tri-faceted. Firstly, Torii is a play on the Japanese word "Yakitori", which essentially means grilled chicken. Torii also alludes to Mr. Shinjiro Torii, widely regarded as the father of the Japanese whiskey industry. Finally, Torii in Japanese also means a traditional Japanese gate leading into a shrine. 

I almost forgot that I have this lovely piece of jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge a while ago. I have a love-hate relationship with jumpsuit due to my height and myself being skinny. With only 163cm height, there's no way you can rock every jumpsuit beautifully! This purchase was quite a risky one because I didn't try it and put it right into my shopping bag and off to the counter for payment.

Thankfully, with a little help of waist belt and heel shoes, it didn't turn out that bad. I hope.

I love waffle. The good ones. 

What about the Belgian waffle?

I had my first Belgian waffle in Bangkok two years ago and I get excited when I can get my Belgian waffle fix in Malaysia too - Madame Waffle. Madame Waffle is a Japanese style quick-service cafe serving artisan Belgian waffles, specialty coffee and green tea. Just so you know that the waffles are prepared using the finest ingredients imported from Japan and baked fresh daily on site. 

If you have not tried any of their waffles yet, you might want to check out my five most favorite waffles at Madame Waffle! 

The first visit to Mr. Wolf was for the CNY dinner with PersonEdge. The food on that night was so good that I really wanted to come back to this place to enjoy other food on their menu. When Mei Sze asked for a brunch date at here, there's no way for me to say no to her!