A Girly Date | Okonomi, Publika

Both Nicole and I loves Japanese food. 
And it's been a while since my last visit to Okonomi, Publika for some interesting fusion Japanese food. It was Nicole's first time trying out the food at Okonomi and I thought we could give a try some of the dishes from their new menu which we later realized that we ordered kinda too much for just the two of us.

Matcha Shiratama float -RM14.90
Matcha Latte -RM10.90

Matcha Shiratama Float for me and Matcha Latte with whipped cream and chocolate syrup for Nicole.

Kani Fumi Harumaki -RM12.90

Hokkaido crab meat, Japanese cucumber and salad leaves rolled in Vietnamese rice paper served with sesame sauce.
Mango Prawn Salad -RM20.90

Succulent prawns, fresh mangoes, and Japanese cucumber topped with tobiko and a mango salad dressing served over mixed greens and cherry tomatoes.

This is definitely my kinda salad, love it!
Salmon Oyakodon -RM15.90

Can we talk about this Salmon Oyakodon or what everyone calling it as sushi burger? 
With simmered fresh salmon, avocado, tamago, bird's eye chili, tongarashi and tobiko layered in seasoned rice, this is quite filling and please do not order this if you can't handle spicy food. It's delicious but super duper spicy for me to handle it.

Salmon Mentai -RM21.90

Lightly marinated fresh salmon fillets grilled to perfection.

This is really yummy!
Salmon Sashimi -RM25.90

Fresh Norwegian salmon slices served over dry wakame and alfalfa sprouts
These are sliced at the right thick portion and really fresh salmon sashimi! Just perfect for salmon sashimi lovers like us!

Seafood Supreme -RM28.90

Uramaki, seaweed, white rice, soft shell crab, Hokkaido crab meat, salmon, Japanese cucumber, cereal and yukke sauce.
Spicy Seafood Pasta -RM21.90

As a spicy food lover, Nicole really loved this bowl of Spicy Seafood Pasta. It has scallops, succulent prawns, crab meat and salmon tossed in a zesty garlic and olive oil sauce topped with bird's eye chilies.

Matcha Anmitsu -RM12.90

Matcha ice cream with red bean paste, matcha chocolate, kanten jelly, rice mochi, and caramel syrup.

For those who don't fancy green tea, this dessert also available with vanilla ice cream. It's just perfect for a sweet ending!
Nicole really enjoyed the food and I'm so glad that the food were as good as my last visit here! I also bet that the chef kinda shocked with the amount of food that we've ordered for two and totally proud of ourselves for finishing them off! Some of them are new in the menu and you might want to try them out yourself.

A4-G2-02, Solaris Dutamas,
No 1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm (Daily)
Email: info@okonomi.com.my
Facebook: OKONOMI


  1. That matcha ice cream really look delicious. RM12.90 is quite expensive though

  2. Oh wow... look at all those yummy dishes... I won't mind having some of those.... but yes, I feel it is a little pricey..

  3. nice food to try there. seldom go there now can go try

  4. nice food to try there. seldom go there now can go try

  5. Oh yums love their salmon mentai the most. Definitely worth revisiting

  6. i love the food at okonomi actually.. so much passion has been put into each creation

  7. I am going to attack the Salmon Oyakodon, so tempting la.

  8. the food look so yummy! Wanna dine there one day

  9. The spicy seafood pasta looks yummy . Can try one day :D

  10. Ohh my my I love Japanese food and all of these looks lovely! Esp the salmon! And green tea ice cream. Okay, need to go here some day