Busy and hectic life I am having now always a brilliant excuse for me to go for some pampering and relaxation for a day at least? Ahh well, I just could not ask for more when I am given few hours pampering session at Celmonze today! It rarely happen and it's just like a golden opportunity! 

Products Display
Yes I guess most of you still having some "Samsung Galaxy SII- fever" out there! For those who havent't check out the site that I've shared in my previous post, you better do it quick! It is the new Samsung interactive and fun microsite "I Love Samsung Galaxy SII" and if you looking for some fun and want for more surprises, you just gotta check this site out quick!

Is it hard? Not at all. Just a simple click to I Love Samsung Galaxy SII at http://bit.ly/pa8JrF.  And you will be landing at a blue-ish site with some simple and user friendly interface and fun not just end at there! Click the "Click Here!" words as highlighted and get more fun!
I used to pester Eric to bring me all the way to Betty's Midwest at Aman Suria whenever I craving for some delicious pork burger. And... Since ever I met Ciki, I realized we actually don't need to go all the way so far just to get our pork burger fixed! Hungry Hog is the place! It is situated at SS15 which is nearer to our place. 
Hungry Hog
The ambiance of Hungry Hog
It looked rather empty from the outside but both Eric and I decided to give it a try. After all, do not judge a book by its cover. Don't be surprise as you can see lotsa piggies decoration upon entering! The place decorated in a very simple way and most importantly its cleanliness I would say.

It's hard to catch up with the technology now, especially phones! Who don't love smartphones?! Nowadays, even the company also giving their employees to use smartphone instead of those black and white screens with the keypads. Perhaps with smartphone, it is easier for them to receive emails? The first smartphone for me was the LG Optimus One! I am more into Android for the apps and games are mostly FREE? It also as great as iOS? I can do almost everything just with my smartphone.
The Samsung Galaxy SII which came out in recent month is definitely one of the best smartphone ever, like SERIOUSLY?! With the slim and sleek design of it, much lighter, better hardware and who don't love Android which working well with Google? I came across this site and ohmy I am so envy with them!!

Something FUN at here!! This site sharing some short, spontaneous videos of proud Samsung Galaxy SII owners with their phones each week! Still have no idea with it? Click on the "CLICK HERE" words as highlighted below and there's much more you can see.
Am a big fans of TVB dramas (or maybe you can say am a TVB drama junkie! ) And I know am not the only one! Great news for everyone especially all Hong Kong TVB fans out there! Get ready for an exciting surprise because SKINZ™ Infinite is thrilled to bring you one of your favorite actresses to Malaysia - again! A living testimony of timeless beauty, award winning Hong Kong TVB actress and spokesperson for SKINZ™ Infinite - Charmaine Sheh Sze-Man will be gracing our shores for a special appearance this 1st and 2nd October 2011 to herald the beneficence of SKINZ™ Infinite.

Some says, macarons are supposed to be sweet, as in very sweet? While I prefer it to be not too sweet. I have tried few from other places and yet I always ended up munched one piece and that's all for me. Just till when I stepped into Green Treats Cafe for high tea with bunch of friends, things changed!

Located at the lobby level of Swiss Garden, Green Treats Cafe serve a range of baked organic bread, wholesome sandwiches, cakes, gourmet teas, coffees as well as freshly squeezed juices for total wellness. Upon entering, did I just saw Baskin Robbins ice cream there?!

Back in KK, I can easily get a place where I can choose to dine by the beach side or lake side or anything. At KL, I hardly found any places like that for me to dine in till I found out this place - Secret of Louisiana. It was a pleasure being invited and dining in with some good friends and most importantly, we get to experience the most authentic Cajun cuisines at here!

Secret of Louisiana
Who would have thought there's a place where you can have a romantic lake side dining experience in Klang Valley? Looking from the outside, this place doesn't seem like a lake side restaurant to me. I was so surprised after entering the restaurant!
In this modern days, do you actually will go for hotel room when you travel domestically? Would you actually willing to pay for the expensive hotel rooms especially when you are in a big group or family? Well, of course it is definitely a yes when it is sponsored one but how about if you are on budget? So, let me ask you, have you heard of iBilik ?

iBilik is now become the Malaysia's largest and No.1 room for rent, homestay, short term rental website, with ,over 70,000 listings posted online all across Malaysia. Any part of Malaysia such as Johor, Kelantan, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor and Terengganu.
[ This post is a collab with Eric Lee ! ]

Kick boxing is a fast growing sport with hundreds of smaller events happening all over the country. So yea,  I used to be a Karate-girl and now slowly into kickboxing! Fuuuh! Not only for men kay!!

We always together and being there for each other. We might be very busy with our own stuffs but friendship is always there. We celebrated the double combo celebration - Mid Autumn Festival and Lionel's Birthday - on the Sunday at Jade Pot Dim Sum and Steamboat Restaurant. 

It's been a while since I had my steamboat session with friends or family and it was really great ideas came from Mei Yee to celebrate both Mooncake and birthday celebration at Jade Pot Steamboat restaurant. Eric and I went to PJ Hilton to collect the birthday cake for Lionel's birthday surprise before headed to Jade Pot.

Am with new hair! :p

It is an honored being invited for the Best In Grain Preview at Ricetaurant on the last Thursday night. The first thing I did after hearing the restaurant name, Ricetaurant, I surfed and it was so surprised to know that it is yet another restaurant under The Big Group. The Plan B restaurant we went for Quachee's birthday dinner also one of it. 
To answer the curiosity on my mind, why is it named Ricetaurant, well it is a tribute to the Asian staple, Rice. For many of us in Asia, rice in its delicious form has come to equate comfort food. Ricetaurant serves a menu more traditional rice dishes from around the region, with creative updates thrown in. 

I have never try any Lebanese cuisine and this is definitely my virgin experience to try Lebanese cuisine. First came to my mind was is it going to be spicy type and quite similar to Indian cuisine? Ahh well, authentic Lebanese cuisine is a rich mixture of various products and ingredients sourced from all over Lebanon. Olive oil, herbs and spices, fresh fruits and vegetables are commonly used, as well as dairy products, cereals, fishes and meats. A typical Lebanese menu comprises of hot and cold mezzes, grills and stews accompanied by freshly prepared Pita bread.
Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine
Interior of Al-Amar
Is there anyone still in the holiday mood today? I bet you guys feeling more blues aight? The long holidays just ended yesterday and guess everyone resume their work and schools. Anyone wacthed the little blues called The Smurfs? 

The Trailer for The Smurfs

I am so in love with all the little blues in the smurf village and can't help myself singing along their favorite happy song! It was sooo great being given the opportunity to watch the special screening for the movie that I love, and that gotta thanks to Eli. I've joined fellow bloggers for Nuffnang's special screening of The Smurfs at TGV KLCC on the 24th August and hell yeah am pretty love the movie.

So yea I got myself a new baby except for my lil cute Piggy! It is none other than the latest series in Blackberry Bold series, the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900. I have been waiting for this phone to come months ago and been following several sites just to know when is the official launching date for this phone. I even went to Blackberry store just to asked when it's coming out in Malaysia, yes am that crazy for this phone. I remember they told me it only coming out on the 15th of September. 
Last week, Eric and I went for a walk after had our dinner with Mei Yee and Lionel at Gardens, and there you go, I spotted BB9900 on one of the Blackberry dealer phone shop ! We went to take a look and tried it out, it just awesome! I didn't get it on that night but the next day! It's hardly to imagine that I finally get it on hand and it's mine! It cost me for a whopping RM 2188. Well, I did not wait for the telco as I do not want to tie up with any contract. It feels so good being one among the first to own it.