I Love Samsung Galaxy SII - Surprise!

It's hard to catch up with the technology now, especially phones! Who don't love smartphones?! Nowadays, even the company also giving their employees to use smartphone instead of those black and white screens with the keypads. Perhaps with smartphone, it is easier for them to receive emails? The first smartphone for me was the LG Optimus One! I am more into Android for the apps and games are mostly FREE? It also as great as iOS? I can do almost everything just with my smartphone.
The Samsung Galaxy SII which came out in recent month is definitely one of the best smartphone ever, like SERIOUSLY?! With the slim and sleek design of it, much lighter, better hardware and who don't love Android which working well with Google? I came across this site and ohmy I am so envy with them!!

Something FUN at here!! This site sharing some short, spontaneous videos of proud Samsung Galaxy SII owners with their phones each week! Still have no idea with it? Click on the "CLICK HERE" words as highlighted below and there's much more you can see.

There's a numbers of Samsung Galaxy SII owners submitted their videos, and well, if you're one of them, it's still not too late for you to submit your short and interesting video! Show up your precious Samsung Galaxy SII and show to them why it is the smartphone ever! To get more fun, lets hop over to http://bit.ly/pa8JrF  (http://www.samsung.com/my/lovegalaxysll/) !!