Here's a great news for fellow DiGi Prepaid Mobile Internet users! What if I tell you that you can win yourself a super cool new Vespa? Some of you might have already aware that DiGi has launched the 60 Vespas in 60 Days contest earlier this month. DiGi Prepaid mobile internet customers stands a chance to win a Vespa LX150 worth RM8,800 everyday from September 2 to October 31 2013.

Caroline & Ms Rosy
Oh! That was my BFF photo with Ms Rosy! Thanks to The Butterfly Projects Malaysia and L'Oréal Paris for setting up such wonderful afternoon tea party for all of us to enjoy girly-pinky session with Ms Rosy.
I was born in small island called Labuan which was previously part of Sabah and now is one of the federal territories in Malaysia. My first travel experience would be from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu which sometime my parents opt to travel by ferry or plane. KK is considered huge to me when I was small and still huge now, because there so much more to explore in a place I called as hometown. I'm glad that I've chosen Tourism Management back in college and got to know and visit places in Sabah itself, which were all beautiful not only for the breathtaking scenery but culture and histories. From my studies, I get to know and learn about places around the world and I started making a wishlist to visit those countries when I'm capable to earn money and travel. 

MTR handle to Disneyland Resort are all Mickey's head!
I've been dreaming to visit Disneyland since the first Disneyland was built. I know it's not cheap and I know to be able to meet all the Disney characters myself would feel complete. When Le boyfriend told me that we are going to Hong Kong, the only thing stuck in my mind was Disneyland! Our visit to Disneyland Hong Kong was 4 months ago and it's still one of the best travel memories ever. 

One of the reasons that I enjoy working from home would be I can do some pampering on my skin more often compare to I have to work outside. I have received two sheets of Beauty Clinic Mediheal - Overlab Blueberry Real Powder Mask (Energy Care) from HiSHOP early this month. 
Beauty Bag - Travel Survival Kit
I believe The Butterfly Project Malaysia is no longer foreign to most of you by now as I've been mentioning how awesome they're previously and still continue being awesome and inspiring to the rest of the community. Still remember my entry post for the Spa Getaway trip to the Lost World Of Tambun previously and I actually just got back from the 2D1N trip on the Monday. To our surprised, The Butterfly Project Malaysia has prepared beauty box themed "Travel Survival Kit" for all of us and that's simply mean less thing to pack for the trip!

I have been to Sanook for several times, not only for the lakeside ambiance but also for the good foods. Guess what? They have launched a new lunch promotion which I think it's really really affordable and totally value for the money. Let's check out what they have to offer for the lunch promotion!

Remember my post about the Art Jamming Party by DEFINE? It was held at the Terrace @ Hock Choon and it was really an interesting event after all! Read on to check what have been prepared for the guest! 

Look at this Volkswagen Kombi van, you would agree with me how classic it looked like here. Now, you have to remember this very first look of this van and compare it with the "after" look of it.

Say HELLO to Ms Rosy! <3

She is much prettier here! T_T
I don't know why, as much as I love anything that is pink and white, most of my girlfriends doesn't really fancy that. Well, that's not for long until I've met Ms Rosy! She has such flawless, fair and even-toned with a touch of rosiness, that's what we called it as rosy fairness! Now, tell me how you can stop to adore her? 

Hello! Am back with the update on my second week of using ACPURIS! Well, you can see my "before" photo here in my previous post and look at my terrible acne-prone skin condition. My photo above taken with my iPhone 5 without any filter and only pact powder on my face and you can see it shown some improvement on the front look. However, there's still visible pimples and scars on the sides. 

Yours truly has attended the Heineken Star Serve with Keith Neir media workshop on the last Friday. Yup, we're going to learn about the correct way to pour the perfect pint of Heineken beer! 
I always get frustrated when I didn't get to online throughout the day when I travel to other country. I remember when I travelled to Hong Kong and Bangkok without much wifi coverage on-the-go, I always ended up posting those photos taken earlier when I back to the hotel.

Guess what? I get excited and happy to get to know that DiGi offering roaming packages! That simply means I need not to worry about the wifi or data plan for my next travel visit to other country. There will be no bill shock when you travel and data roam overseas. You will get to enjoy unlimited roaming via your mobile phone, laptop and even tablet with a daily max cap from as low as RM32/day. It roam with 41 operators worldwide. 

Still remember about the pre-booked spa session that arranged by LUX during the beauty media trip to Melaka? All of us have been pre-arranged a spa session at Satkara Spa in Casa del Rio, Melaka. 
16th September: HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY! <3

Lace Bell Sleeves Tunic, it's more like a love at first sight to me. If it wasn't because of it priced at RM109.90, I would definitely click the "ADD TO BAG" instead of "ADD TO FAVOURITES". Since then, I went back almost everyday to check if it is still there or out of stock. (´・_・`)

Yours truly has attended the Press Conference for the 2nd Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo (MIHTE) 2013 which was held on the 12th September 2013 (Thursday) at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. The press conference was organised by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). Let's check out what MIHTE is all about here. 

A very impromptu visit to Coffea Coffee just now for our quick supper. Eric has been a coffee addict lover all this while and been wanting to drop by and try out the very much talked about Coffea Coffee that just opened not long ago at SS15, Subang Jaya. 

Am kinda miss my Hong Kong trip and I remember we had some difficulties in finding particular restaurant or coffee shop in Hong Kong too. One of them was this Kau Kee Restaurant (九記牛腩) that located at Gough Street, Sheung Wan. It was kinda confusing with the maps from the travel guide book and somehow messed up the directions. 

Both Eric and I have been up for food hunting since the past few weeks. I was away back to hometown during the last weekend and Eric discovered there's new food outlet up at USJ Taipan which is really near to us. We decided to come and try it earlier today for brunch before Eric head to work. We've tried few pork chop buns during our visit at Macau and Eric somehow enjoyed it very much. That explained why we want to try the Pork Chop Buns at Tai Lei Loi Kei, Macau 1968 (大利來記豬扒包) at USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya.

I am back with another beauty-related post! I know you guys have been seeing me posting about HiSHOP, I just can't help but loving their services and the sites full with new products that we can't get it here in Malaysia! So... I received a personalised August beauty box from HiShop with 3 beauty products in it. 
Hello guys! Mark your calendar for one of its kind "DEFINE - Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E" on this coming 15th September 2013 (Sunday)! Just so you know that DEFINE - Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E is a series of events that advocate self-expression through the urban indulgence such as Fashion, Art, Music etc. It is a series of parties that would allow its Guests to freely express themselves thus empowering them to truly DEFINE the party themselves. 

To kick off its first out of five events, DEFINE will be starting with an "Art Jamming Party" which is based on one of our key urban indulgence: Art. This Art Jamming Party will kick off on Sunday, 15th September 2013 from 4pm to 10pm. This event will be held in collaboration with several well-known artistes in Malaysia. Am kinda looking forward to the event for the activities they have prepared.

What do you guys think of the Samsung Galaxy S4 ( running on the latest Android OS - Jelly Bean)? I was glad that I've given opportunity to try the phone for two weeks long as not only I can try out some KPop-related apps that created and developed by the company am working with now and also get to try what are the improvement made in Android device, again. As you can above, the complete set of Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the charger, usb pin and earphone. It comes in three different colors - Black Mist, White Frost and Arctic Blue. It uses a Li-ion 2600mAH battery and using micro-sim.

Hey loves! Some of you might have already know me as Kpop die hard fans! Well, it's not really as am not only love the Kpop music but also the cultures, foods and BEAUTY! I've been admiring the Korean beauty (no, am not talking about plastic surgery) with all their beauty skincare and cosmetic. Today, am going to share with you that I started my journey with ACPURIS in healing my acne prone skin condition. 

ACPURIS (Acne Purifying System) is one of the beauty range that made in Korea which designed specifically for acne prone skin. I have no idea on how it's going to work but still decided to give it a try and wishing to achieve a clear skin after a month usage. Let's see what they have for complete range of products:-

I'm finally back in dearest hometown , KK once again and this time to celebrate the elder brother's wedding. Don't ask me about mine as I don't feel like settling down…yet. Well, let's talk about other stuff for today. :p I was part of the media members to join Lux for its beauty media trip to Melaka last week and it was really a great and scentsational trip ever! 

We gathered at the Menara ™ as meeting point and were welcomed with first goodie bag upon entering the coach. It was really sweet and thoughtful of the PRs for prepared all the basic "survival" kit for all of us, there were a 2 pouches contained Vaseline body lotion, vaseline lip balm, Sunsilk shampoo & conditioner, Dove deodorant and LUX body wash!
I believe most of you have heard of Pink N' Proper! If haven't, it's time to check out the site!

Pink N’ Proper is founded in August of 2011. We are one of the only few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, ASOS, Vero Moda, Coco’s Fortune, Boohoo and many more. Our mission is to expose and introduce Malaysians to branded products that are not usually found in local retailers. We specialize in current fashion trends ranging from classy dinner dresses to casual work wear to formal meeting wears. We deliver worldwide.
Pink N' Proper also has recently launched their Bikini Collection for all the bikini lovers out there which including yours truly. :p What they have to offer in their Bikini Collection?

Pink N’ Proper’s Bikini Collection is the first collection launched under our own brand “Pink N’ Proper”, along with other types of collection including casual wear coming soon in the near future. Inspired by this season's retro trend, we are bringing high-waisted bikinis back into fashion, along with brightly coloured bikinis and monokinis! Get summer-ready with Pink N' Proper's bikini collection girls!

Believe me or not, I only started using hand lotion or cream 2 years ago, when I was 22. The reason I start using it simply because I received one as a gift from my boss. (´・_・`) I didn't know it's important to take care of our hand instead of just keeping it clean until I realised my hand skin get drier and not soft and smooth, that's kind of freaked me off. Here I received one Yes! Nurse hand cream from The Love Jars that somehow excites me to try it out as soon as I unboxed the sweet little gift box. 
Hunca She Is Fun Heart Shape Box Set - RM79
It's no longer the boring box but something lovely that brought by the postmen last month. It was considerably huge and smells really good too. It's the Hunca She Is Fun Heart Shape Box Set from HiSHOP! (^ν^)

What's inside the heart shape box? Yes, they look really lovely! There's 50ml EDT + 100ml Deodorant + 75ml Glittery Body Lotion included in the box. Trust me, it smells really really nice! 

I can't stop thanking HiSHOP for continuous bringing surprise to me! (⌒▽⌒) Look what arrived doorstep last month - Bloop Candy Lipstick (304).
I know I have been saying this for countless times that I hate Tuesday. :< The blues always attack me on the Tuesdays. Bad huh? Anyway, some of you might know that I'm now part of the Butterfly Projects team being the Twitternista (what a fancy name heh? :p). Do follow @ButterflyMsia on Twitter and come tweet me, I promise I won't ignore you! :p 

The team have been great and guess what? Illy tagged us on this tagging game and I have no reason to say no to her. >.< I hope you won't be freaked out with my answers. the first-ever flora-flavoured vodka from ABSOLUT VODKA, and is the latest addition to the Absolut Flavours family. The ABSOLUT HIBISKUS is introduced by Pernod Richard Malaysia to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day and Malaysia Day. I received this precious gift along with media invitation few weeks ago and it was bad that I could not join the Merdeka countdown party last Friday night. :(

Most of my friends actually surprised the fact that I listen to Mando-pop too, because for them am just a die hard Kpop fans. Oh well, I just wanted to share with you guys that I've attended the "Meet & Greet Session with Olivia Ong" who came all the way from Taiwan to Malaysia for her latest album 等等” promo tour. The event was held at Berjaya University College of Hospitality.