Of Lux Fine Fragrance Workshop & Media Launch!

I'm finally back in dearest hometown , KK once again and this time to celebrate the elder brother's wedding. Don't ask me about mine as I don't feel like settling down…yet. Well, let's talk about other stuff for today. :p I was part of the media members to join Lux for its beauty media trip to Melaka last week and it was really a great and scentsational trip ever! 

We gathered at the Menara ™ as meeting point and were welcomed with first goodie bag upon entering the coach. It was really sweet and thoughtful of the PRs for prepared all the basic "survival" kit for all of us, there were a 2 pouches contained Vaseline body lotion, vaseline lip balm, Sunsilk shampoo & conditioner, Dove deodorant and LUX body wash!

Both Uni and I decided to just sleep during the 2-hours journey to Melaka to compensate our lack of beauty sleep the night before. Upon arriving, we were well welcomed by the staffs at Casa del Rio and another goodie bag for us! We were each given cold towel and ginger-lemon shaved ice to refresh ourselves. What's inside the second goodie bag? There's another bottle of LUX body wash together with silk bathrobe, towel and body scrubber. 

We were all given the key card for our very own hotel room together with the appointment card for our spa session! Yes, they have pre-booked our spa session, oh-so-nice! The room was really spacious and luxurious completed with all the amenities and balcony too! I shall talk about the room in my next post. After I done with all the unpacking and took a short rest before head to the Satkara Spa for the spa session that have been arranged for us. 

The spa session was really nice that yours truly somehow dozed off during the session. Again, I shall share about my wonderful experience in separate post as now am going to talk about the Lux Fine Fragrance Workshop! Both Uni and I managed to get a nice rest before the Pre-Cocktail session where we actually get to snap photo and running a chance to win ourselves prizes for Instant Glamour Photo Contest! :p There were props prepared for that, but I didn't use any of them as I don't think they suited my look for that night. :(

Let's move on the main spotlight event of the night. It was started with welcome speech by the emcee Naz and followed with speeches by Ms Tanya Teng, Brand Manager of Unilever. "In order to continue to inspire millions of women who have come to trust Lux for their daily cleansing and beauty needs, we collaborated with some of the top perfumers in the world such as Ann Gottlieb. Ann has created among the most recognised and celebrated scents in the world such as Obsession, CK One and Eternity for Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs "Daisy" and Christian Dior "J'Adore". LUX customers can enjoy every bath knowing that the lingering scent that stay with them long after their bath is created by a world renowned perfumer. Lux evokes yours senses and provides exceptional pleasure to your bathing and skincare experience. This is something that is unique to Lux" said Tanya.

It was then followed by fine fragrance workshop conducted by Mr David Boyd, Global Fragrance Director of Givaudan. This part was really fun and interesting! We were taught to smell and differentiate all those scents, not to mention about the smell-and-guess game! :p I nearly fainted after tried to smell all those different scents provided! >.< Well, let's see all the different fragrance profile of the Lux body wash:-

Lux Soft Touch
Inspired by strawberry fields, Soft Touch is composed to convey an irresistibly soft and sensual feeling, blending indulgent florals with some fresh fruity notes. The rich floral bouquet is contrasted with the sparkling fruity fizzy notes of strawberry and passion fruit. Caramel and vanilla complete this creative scent. Lux Soft Touch forms a light creamy layer on the skin which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

Lux Velvet Touch
Velvet Touch gives you a pure lingering fresh tip note of sparkling citrus, clean aldehydes and apple. The elegant scent is up-lifted by muguet and jasmine and enriched with creamy peach. The fragrance ends with powdery, woody and ambery notes to connote a warm sensuality. Lux Velvet Touch is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth after each bath.

Lux White Impress 
This fragrance embodies the graceful charm of Lily of the Valley, transparent rose and jasmine petals combined with a sparkling fruity ensemble that greets your olfactive palette with sheer orchard freshness while leaving a scent trail of comforting musk, amber and white vanilla . Lux White Impress is the perfect choice for those who wish to achieve beautiful fair skin as the body wash exfoliates, whitens and moisturises at the same time. 

Lux Magical Spell
A complex blend of eight mystical ingredients, the Magical Spell body wash is guaranteed to create a sensorial explosion. The complex fragrance has a romantic and sensual floral heart with a key note of rare black orchid. A captivating blend of juniper oil, dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean are expertly layered on top producing a fine fragrance that lasts. These fine exotic ingredients are extracted at the peak of their bloom and embraced into exquisite Fragrance Pearl ™ , giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step our of the shower.  

Lux Wake Me Up
Opening with refreshing citrus notes and a delicate floral heart, fruity and musky notes perfectly round off this delicate, feminine, refreshing fragrance. The name states it all, as Lux Wake Me Up provides you with a fresh-looking beautiful skin that will perk up your day. 

Lux Brand Ambassador, Nur Fazura joined all of us at that night to share her thoughts on using Lux body shampoo in her daily life. She shared that she has been using Lux and always associated it with its beautiful fragrance. Now that Lux comes with best ever perfume and fine fragrance created by one of leading perfumers in the world, Ann Gottlieb, it makes it all the more special and scentsational. Lux body wash is truly a precious yet indulgent beauty treat! ;)

The launching ceremony of Lux body washes also took place on that night. We were not only enjoying our buffet dinner but also entertained with dance performance at that night. Prize giving ceremony for Instant Glamour Photo and Best Dressed by Nur Fazura. It was kinda unexpected winning for me to win the Best Dressed Award and that made me happier girl at that night!

We were all had fun during the entire scentsational session and that was really informational one! The prize that I've received for the Best Dressed award - Digital Photo Frame, The Nail Parlour voucher and also Parkson RM200 Cash Voucher! *Yay*

** Lux is available in two bottle sizes. The Lux 700ml bottle is priced at RM15.90 and 220ml at RM6 while the 600ml refill pack is priced at RM8.90. Grab one today and enjoy your scentsational journey with Lux too! <3