Heineken Star Serve with Keith Neir @ GAB

Yours truly has attended the Heineken Star Serve with Keith Neir media workshop on the last Friday. Yup, we're going to learn about the correct way to pour the perfect pint of Heineken beer! 

While waiting for the rest to arrive, we actually played with the Heineken Star Serve Facebook App! It's none other than the "Perfect Serve" game. The FIVE simple steps to for perfect pint of Heineken:-
  1. RINSE - A cold, clean glass makes the head last longer
  2. POUR - The optimum angle to pour the perfect Heineken
  3. SKIM - The freshness of the beer is sealed instantly
  4. CHECK - Heineken Perfection Guaranteed
  5. SERVE - Enjoy the crisp smooth taste of Heineken

It may seems easy but it's not really that easy, especially when it comes to controlling it. The first score Eric gotten for his first time, almost there. 

Heineken Star Serve is a global draught beer quality programme that aims to improve and maintain the quality of beer. So, wherever you are in the world, Heineken promises you the quintessential drinking experience with every sip.

Welcome speech
Opening Speech
Keith Neir
The only reason for ordering a second beer is the quality of the first and the experts at Heineken go to great lengths to ensure that every pint of beer you order here in Malaysia or back in its homeland, Amsterdam or anywhere around the world reflect the same excellence that make it the world's no.1 international premium beer.

Mr Keith Nair, GAB Professional Solutions Manager and Heineken Draught Master shared "Heineken works hard to ensure world class quality of draught beer is produced in our breweries worldwide. However if it is served wrongly, all that love and care can be destroyed at the bar, right before the drinker's eyes."
Bar of the night
The heart of the Heineken Star Serve programme is the Heineken Pouring Ritual. Five steps are all it takes to deliver the perfectly served Heineken draught beer for the quality Heineken drinking experience. Although the perfect pint of Heineken can be achieved in 5 simple steps, mastering the art of pouring takes more than just a few tries. Bartenders all over Malaysia go through a comprehensive training that does not only hone their pouring skills but grooms them to be stars in the hospitality industry.

Pouring it in perfect angle
Skim the beer!
Choulyin were asked to pour the perfect pint of Heineken and guess what? She did it in 2 tries, that's pretty great heh? She's also given the Draught Master badge and there's only 3 in Malaysia. 

It was then followed up with Keith Neir himself to demonstrate to us. He explained each steps on how to serve the perfect pint of Heineken and we also get to know why is it important to skim your beer. "Essentially, we also want to educate drinkers and the public on what a perfect Heineken is, so they can demand for it. It's a win-win situation, where our drinkers can enjoy perfectly served beer and bars nationwide maintain their quality serve," added Nair during the workshop.

Yours truly got it right for the first time! (^ν^)Well, that's not bad right for a non-drinker like me? :p

Eric also tried his pouring skills and seems like he need to work more on it! :p Look at that, that's not the perfect Heineken, yet. Right after the whole warming up session, it was then followed by pour-off challenge among all of us. 

Caroline & Benjamin
Eric & Don
Silviana & Uni

Oh look! That's perfect pint of Heineken!

Evelyn & Hubby
Guess who's the winner?
We were then brought to a tour in the huge coach and all of us were totally surprised with how it was modified and furnished inside! There's a bar in a coach bus! 

Bar inside the coach bus
After the judges done with counting our scores and ready to announce the winners, we were given each "Certified Pourer" badges before heading back. There will be 5 winners will be selected and they get to bring back a carton of Heineken beer back with them.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Charmaine & Caroline
Caroline & Uni
The Heineken "Star Serve" contest runs from 19 August - 20 September 2013. Simply head to Heineken's Facebook page and perfect your pour to earn your passport to the home of Heineken! 

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