Don't you love vacation? It has been really hectic working life that am glad I had this short vacation to Krabi. As much as I looking forward for the trip, I was quite reluctant to leave my work behind and even worked on the early morning before my flight to Krabi. I am seriously not someone who just prefer to switch off the phone as I will still worry of everything. But somehow, I knew it's time to relax and pamper myself heh!

If you ask me, I would always prefer morning flight but there's only one flight to Krabi and I was a lil bit pissed off for the flight was delayed for another 30 minutes. But hey, it only took us 1 hour 20 minutes to reach Krabi and we took taxi to go to the hotel that we're going to stay at there. The taxi driver stopped by tour agency and we managed to booked two days tour in quite cheap rate ( altho Eric said it still can be cheaper if we could bargain hard ). 
It's hard to write while you're not in the mood, it's just hard. At this moment, while the tears falling down like nobody's business, here I am writing for a friend of mine, Elwyn who's leaving to New Zealand in a while. I do not really know him much and the time we get to know each other not too long and he is leaving. 

What I know about him, he is kind and friendly, he always bring happiness to other people and it wouldn't be a surprise when you're laughing while hanging out with him. I always remember how we sit along with other bunch of friends and while we are still working in the same industry, it always fun to know the valuable experience of others, I supposed. 

STRESSED = DESSERTS, now you know why I love desserts! Where to go? Pick Me Up! I shall tell you..

I twitpic-ed a picture of the tower ice and a friend of mine actually asked me where is the tower ice? I have replied with "pick me up at kuchai lama hehe" and yes, you can see he asked the question again! Oh boy, the shop name is Pick Me Up and it's located at Kuchai Lama, opposite of Snowflake. I was there with several blogger friends and we were lucky enough get to sample almost each of the desserts at Pick Me Up.

Pick - me - up
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If you know me, I am a bread person. I love breads and give me anytime especially for breakfast, I will always love it! I've been hearing lots about O'briens Irish Sandwich Cafe for their delicious sandwiches and it is definitely a good one when they decided to open one at Midvalley shopping mall. I am not a person who fancy McDonald breakfast although they're quite cheap which always ended up I rather wait till the lunch time only stuff my hungry tummy with tons of foods! 

O'briens at Midvalley
Interior of O'briens
Since ever its opened, I rarely stopped by after look at the crowd queuing everyday especially for lunch! I was curious how people could just have those sandwiches for lunch as I afraid that won't be enough for me. I broke my record last Thursday night by just having dinner at O'briens! I even planned to go for other foods after that but heck! I was really stuffed that night.