If there's a surprise bouquet of flower, it's most probably from the brand - Mamonde. Mamonde is well known for its floral theme and they just sent a lovely bouquet together with the new Mamonde All Stay Foundation!

My first visit to Ishin was years ago when Eric brought me there to celebrate my birthday during our early dating year. It was my second year in KL and I was truly enjoyed my dinner there. It was wonderful and everything was delicious! ❤

Other than great beauty deals, I can never resist any travel deals! It can be flight tickets, accommodation, luggage bags, etc.  Speaking of which, I do have a few trips coming towards the end of the year and just like our handbags, you can never have too much luggage bags! :p

I'm not a very techy kinda person, but I do know what I look for in a laptop. With my current job, it's important to be able to multitask. Let's be real, even with a smartphone, we always wanted a device that we can do few things at the same time. With the new evolution in technology, we tend to have higher expectation on what's new that coming to us. All I can say is the new ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 never disappoint at all!

Bangkok, is definitely one of my favourite cities to go to and I never get bored of it. While others enjoy shopping in Bangkok, the main reason I go back there mainly to enjoy the food! What made this year trip to Bangkok even more fun was because it was the very first #ThreeGen trip ever.  

I rarely drag myself out for brunch except for a good reason - to catch up with friends! The reason brunch out is never really an option because Eric and I cook at home, and also we prefer not to go through the road jam during the weekend. However, there are these few particular brunch spots that stuck in my head and I will find every single possible excuse just to go back there to enjoy a good brunch session!

Seems like yesterday when everyone starts raving about Dinner In The Sky and now we have the Plane In The City! I mean, it's literally a plane in the city. It got me curious when I first received the email invite to the launching of the Plane In The City and I know I have to go and check it what it is all about!

I've been getting my hair done and treated at Number76 Midvalley for over two years and I realize friends around me don't really know what are the perks they are getting from becoming registered Number76 members! Trust me, it's not that hard to convince my friends to visit Number76 for the very first time, I mean, look at my hair, it has been bleached over 10 times and yet still at a pretty healthy state. :p

I love myself a good sheet mask and if you open my fridge, you will find a container of sheet mask chilling in there, ready to be taken whenever I need one. One of my all-time favourite sheet masks gotta be Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask! I've been using innisfree sheet mask since forever, way before Innisfree finally opened its store in Malaysia. It is so good to my skin and it's totally affordable!

I haven't been penning down my thoughts here for the longest time. Not because I don't want to, but I guess the work stuff really taking up most of my free time. I promise I will be writing more now! :D

Let's back to the main topic for now.
Confession to make: The new journey didn't start off smoothly, there were hiccups and there's also a moment where I decided to just quit. You see, I am never a quitter and I don't give up on stuff easily. I don't see a point to continue working with people who don't seek improvement and grow themselves. Most importantly, I don't like to deal with dramas. Thankfully, there's one person who truly believes and appreciates my ability that I decided to give it a try and take it as a challenge for myself to grow to another phase of my career. For that, I thankful for her. (you know who you are).