It's actually interesting that how myself being a blogger able to be one of the first to know about exciting beauty and skincare product launches. By saying that, it includes feminine wash too. And I guess, being a girl/woman, we always have more things or body parts to take care compared to the guys/men.

There's a difference between having dry skin or dehydrated skin.
As for me, I have combination skin - acne-prone and dehydrated - at certain areas of my skin. It can be really frustrating sometimes. And staying up late and not getting enough sleep definitely tires the skin and it becomes more dehydrated, losing it radiant, etc.

Ohai! I know... I know...
I have been sort of MIA here.
Not gonna lie that workload taking over most of my time and feeling uninspired is not helping at all. 

Quick update - I just got back from few trips and received a number of exciting beauty product packages - I know I have so many things to write here soon! Can't wait to talk about all the fun things again!

If you own a brand or handling a brand in the beauty industry and plan to penetrate the global market, specifically the European market - it's time for you to check out Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. Being someone who always passionate in the beauty industry myself, it was such an eye-opening experience getting to know what Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is about! The recent mini-conference event was definitely something new to yours truly and I'll share some of the information I've gotten here on my blog.

This is certainly an overdue travel diary post.
If you've been following me on Instagram, you would have known that I've gotten an opportunity to take a short break from my crazy work schedule and join AirAsia's familiarisation trip to visit this charming little city called Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Since then, everyone asking me tonnes of questions like - how was Cambodia? what to do in Sihanoukville? how much you spent in Cambodia? where in the world is Sihanoukville?

Though I'm pretty sure I did not manage to visit all the places in Sihanoukville, I would really hope at least my short getaway travel diary here would give you an idea of Sihanoukville in Cambodia. ;)

If you are following me on Instagram and watches my Instagram stories, you would have seen all the snaps of live eels and how the experienced chef prepare the unadon from scratch. I remember that I did not geotag the location for the first few snaps and some of you were curious where is it? It probably the ONLY Japanese restaurant in Malaysia that imports LIVE eels all the way from Japan to ensure the freshness of all of its unagi-dish - MAKOTO JAPANESE CUISINE (formerly known as Hikari-ya) at Desa Dri Hartamas.

I kid you not, summer in Hong Kong is blardy warm.

If it wasn't because I've been to the Hong Kong Disneyland, I probably will get super upset with the weather. Thankfully, I've been there and I didn't bother to wait until the firework show. By 3 pm, I just wanted to go back to the hotel and stay in with 16C air-conditioner cold room.

The first thing I did when I got back to my hotel room - shower and apply mask sheet.
tip: keep your mask sheet/mask pack in the mini-fridge in the hotel room to enjoy the cooling mask whenever you need it!

Alainn (pronounced as "aw-lin"), from the Old Irish, brings the meaning "beautiful".
Alainn Medispa, a health and aesthetic clinic has recently opened its second branch at the Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC.

brief introduction:
Owned by a proud mother of three wonderful children, Dr. Nurul Ain Abdullah whose medical background and experience include emergency medicine, primary health care, maternal health, child health and preventive medicine, she has also developed professional treatment programs at Alainn. Dr. Nurul Ain Abdullah's experience in the field of aesthetics has enabled her to identify the most concerning problems affecting women.

I still remember the excitement when I found out about Greyhound Cafe is coming to Malaysia last year. I've tried some of their food and desserts during my trip to Bangkok a few years back, it was soso good and I couldn't wait to try it here!

I'm so glad to be able to try out their new menu which will be available in ANSA outlet starting 18th August 2017. Read on to find out what's new on the menu!

Online shopping can be addictive and we all know that the word shopping also means spending money. I've talked about how I love doing online shopping in few blog posts and as time goes by, I've discovered more tips on how can I save some moolah whilst doing the shopping.

18.07.2017 marks the 7th year of us being together.

It's kinda crazy because the both of us seriously are the opposite of each other and this was exactly what I've written in the very first post talking about our relationship. But here we are, still together with each other.

Langkawi, a place that I would go once a year without fail.
Apart from the cheap alcoholic beverages and chocolates, there're actually many other things to do in Langkawi - plenty of fun water activities, sunset cruise, zip lining, etc.
It has been super fun discovering new things to do in Langkawi and I was super happy that I went for the zip lining adventure at Umgawa early this year.

Oh hello!
The past 2-3 weeks was crazy. It was challenging and chaotic... and fun too!
Anyway, this is an overdue post and I really wanted to share with you girls (and boys) with some products I've been using for the past months.

I received this bagful of Omorose beauty products last month and I've been enjoying using most of the products for my daily no-makeup makeup look for work.

"Happiness is dark chocolate"

For those who knows me well enough, you would've known by now that I always opt for the dark chocolate when it comes to anything chocolate! I was sososo excited when I got to know that I will be going to The Dark Gallery over the weekend for an 8-course artisanal dark chocolate menu brunch.

As you guys may know that I have a combination and acne prone skin which also means most of the areas on my face are oily. I used to have major breakouts which mostly contributed from not taking care of my diets. It gets better after I started to get rid of any kind of nuts entirely from my diet and minimize the number of sweet desserts in my meals help too!

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

Having such sensitive and acne-prone combination skin type, I dare not try any skincare that promises skin whitening and skin brightening effect. The reason simply I've tried a few of them and they did nothing good but broke my skin out big time. I figured that my skin sensitive to certain ingredients in the products. I will always stick to skincare products with mostly natural ingredients and the best would be all natural ingredients.

T-shirt - is that one clothing item that can be found in everyone's wardrobe. 
It's just a simple outfit yet super versatile, you can choose to dress it down or up, or even for a semi-casual working meeting appointment. I just got this super cute T-shirt from Baker Street and I thought I can share with you how I love to wear this T-shirt, in three different styles, for different occasions.

24.01.2017 // It was my friend, Reina's birthday!

I actually bought her actual birthday gift two weeks before her surprise birthday party and wrapped it nicely together with a personalized card. Just when I thought I'm good and settled for it, I remember seeing all her flowers post and I know she loves flowers very much, I should definitely get her a bouquet of flower on that day too.

Here's another one of my favorite things to do in Langkawi - Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Both Mynn and I had so much fun during our previous sunset dinner cruise in Langkawi and we thought we should go for it again! This time we were by ourselves and booked with Crystal Yacht Holidays which also depart at Resorts World Langkawi

I love all things pork. 
And if you are pork lovers like me, you'll definitely love the Lunar Porky Specials for Chinese New Year menu at Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro. I must say that all these porkalicious dishes are best complemented with your favorite alcoholic beverages too!

I recently got back from an impromptu and amazing trip to Langkawi. It was quite an emotional one for me as I managed to cross off one of my resolution lists this year - to overcome my fear of height. I personally didn't expect that I could achieve it within the first month of 2017.

When I told my friend, Mynn that I want to do this, let's do this together! 
I knew she going to say yes because both of us have been wanted to try from the first moment we found out about it from our previous trip to Langkawi with Resorts World Langkawi last year.
And I guess it wouldn't happen without a little help from Mr Yap too!
(so, thank you Mr Yap! :D)

For those who are friend with me on Facebook, you would have realised that my cover photo is always the three of us - Me, Noel and GarYee. Long story short, we were all in the same team 5 years back and that's how our friendship started then.

My birthday gift from them last year - a 4D3N trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We got super excited knowing that would be our very first time travelling together. At the same time, we're quite worried because we all know we are really quite different from each other in term of personalities. See, there's also some pros and cons even when you know each other too well too!

Chinese New Year is approaching and I bet most of you have already started with Chinese New Year goodies shopping! 
While some of you prefer to shop for CNY cookies, my mum and some of my friends prefer to bake at home! For those who are on the same page like them, you might want to read on to get more CNY cookies idea to celebrate the joyous celebration of Chinese New Year!

Believe it or not, I always travel with all my full-size skincare products.
I know some of you going to judge me but in my defence - I have a very complicated skin type and can't simply change my skincare products especially when I travel oversea for more than 5 days.
And I find it much a hassle to transfer my skincare to another smaller bottles which I know I will end up fill up more than I should and we know how much been wasted throughout the time.

Well, guess what?!
Laneige recently has launched its Travel-ready Beauty Essentials collection that totally perfects for those who often travel just like me.

It's been a while since my last post about food!
When our foodie friend asked us to come and have dinner together at The Eighth Avenue, part of me was YES! while another part of me was asking what are we gonna eat there?
All I know was we are going to enjoy some really yummy fusion food along with a glass or two cocktails for the night.

Some of us are battling the rain this time of the year, while others are bundling up for the frigid temperatures. In Malaysia, you might be more suited with a poncho and a pair of rain boots, but if you're lucky enough to travel this time of the year, you'll need a leg up on the latest winter styles.

Here are a few trending cold weather looks.