My Halloween Frenzy Hauls from Sephora | ProductNation

Ohai! I know... I know...
I have been sort of MIA here.
Not gonna lie that workload taking over most of my time and feeling uninspired is not helping at all. 

Quick update - I just got back from few trips and received a number of exciting beauty product packages - I know I have so many things to write here soon! Can't wait to talk about all the fun things again!

For now, I just wanted to pen this down here because I was totally spooked by Sephora's recent Halloween Frenzy deal! I mean, it was by far the craziest deal I've ever encountered! And by the way, gotta thanks ProductNation for this!

If you know me, you would know that I'm all about anything beauty related stuff - skincare and makeup. And let's be real, with my current busy schedules, it's almost impossible for me to go to the physical shop to try out those makeup products! When this happens, the next best thing would be a reliable site with curated and proper product reviews! In this case, for me would be a proper makeup review in Malaysia!

I was looking for some promo code for Sephora because I really wanted to get my hand on a new set of makeup brushes for myself. I saw the article on ProductNation about this Halloween Frenzy deal and quickly downloaded the Sephora app (ps. you really should download the app if you haven't done so!) because it's only available for the app.

60% OFF DEAL. I will never forgive myself if I actually missed out this deal!

I quickly scroll on the list of products under this deal and you have no idea how excited I was to see the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set (Vol. 3) makeup brushes set in the list! That item itself already cost me RM739 and I just need to get few more things to enjoy that 60% OFF right away!

So yeah, I just get myself the essential products that I use every single day for my brows. These products in total only cost me RM361.50 after the 60% OFF! I actually saved a total of RM542.50! That's so much better than the previous 30% SALE! :p

I find it really helpful to have a reliable site like ProductNation where you can find trustworthy product reviews as well as discount codes to get the products! The best part is you don't need to worry about where to get those products as there's a "BUY NOW" button under each product listed in the articles so you can shop by clicking it!

As for me, I am paying extra attention to makeup, beauty and also appliances section! I am still looking for some stuff for my home and I can read everything I need to know through ProductNation! You guys should really check it out! ;)

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  1. i have been in dire need to update my cosmetic stock and you have been a great help at that. the major reason is that i trust your choices because you are so amazing