Last Saturday was my company's annual dinner and it was held at the Grand Port View Seafood Restaurant.
Everyone was so happy that time as we can leave office one hour earlier than usual.
The dinner started at 7.30pm and Stephanie, Ms Chang and I was a lil bit late and we're the last three persons arrived there.
It was not really a good day as it was pouring heavily that time.

We're considered lucky as the dinner not started yet!
Caroline & Ms Chang
Still remember I mentioned about the nice white coffee at Cawan in my previous post?
Actually my lunch-mates and I had lunch at there the day before the annual dinner.

After the sucky lunch at Pizza Hut, I hoping for delish foods for lunch.
(It's not that am being choosy, but just don't wish my mood spoiled by my lunch!)
Ms Chang suggested this place since she went there before as it just around her housing area.
Am quite excited when we're on the way to this place.

Cawan Cafe at Beverly Hills.

I saw this on their wall.

This one actually quite similar to Old Town and Paparich.

You can try their Bakery Set or Basket Set.

The menu for their foods!
Cawan serves Malaysian Delights.

The ambiance of the place.
Although it's a non-aircond place, it gives you cozy and chill feeling!
We don't feel hot, but just nice! :D

While waiting for our orders, Ms Chang and I look around and I love their super clean toilet!
And there's also bakery corner where they offering buns, tarts, cakes and bread.

Egg tarts & butter-cheese sticks

Cute cupcakes!

Chocolate swissrolls.
It's looks so chocolatey!! 

Finally our foods and drinks arrived!

Iced Lemon Tea with sugar syrup.
The lemon tea served with two thick layers of lemon slices! I likey!

Ms Chang and Stephanie had this Chicken Chop Mongolia Set.
They gave me try it, and I love the tender chicken meat and the curry leaves made it more flavorful.
It's slightly spicy due to the curry leaves in it.
It just so different from the usual black pepper chicken chop!

I had this Prawn Salad with Rice. It tasted delicious with the sesame seeds on top of it!
I love the crunchiness of it! Smiley

We ordered this ABC Ice Kacang for dessert.
Ohmy, it so huge and lucky that three of us sharing it!
Ooh-La-La~~ It's so yum with my favorite peppermint ice cream on it!Smiley

Ms Chang and I

Stephanie and I

We're so satisfied with our lunch though we wish for another hour lunch break so that we could try ALL the foods at there!! Smiley
Who don't love foods aight?

The bill came out RM 34 only!
Can you see there? The Iced Lemon Tea is RM 0!
It's actually one set with our foods.
It's totally worth it to pay for these yummylicious foods!

Oh well, this place so gonna be my favorite place for lunch.

It has been pouring almost everyday, and actually this kind of weather make me become less productive than usual days.
I know I know it's not a good thing and at this time, I am missing the hot white coffee that I had with Stephanie at Cawan Cafe on last Saturday before we fetching Ms Chang for our company's annual dinner.

For those who knows me well, I don't drink coffee, I don't like the bitter taste of coffee!
But, I've made an exception for this.
Stephanie ordered it and well just going to give it a try and surprised me that it tasted so good!

Having a hot white coffee during cold rainy day, heaven!

Aside from that, we ordered two sets of butter and kaya toasted bread too!
Can you see how thick is that? I mean the kaya and butter fillings.

The sweetness comes from this kaya and butter toasted bread was really a heavenly matched with the a lil bit bitter white coffee!
I love it very much.

Oh by the way...
I finally cut my front hair!
I'm feeling good with fringe!

Yours truly with fringe

Caroline at the company's annual dinner.
How do I look now? 

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We always talk about food everyday, especially for those who working.
My colleagues and I always take turns to decide where to eat and what to eat for lunch!Food ready to eat 19
There's one day when we just do not know what to eat already and the choice of the day was vegetarian foods!
That time, Jessica joined us too.

Above : Photo courtesy of Everyday Food I Love

The moment we entered this Restoran Sayuran Good Friends, we're all quite worry that Jessica might don't like it.
Oh well, you know you will never get to eat REAL meat at there.

We tried not to go for ala carte just worried if Jessica going to found out!!
So we settled with the foods from the menu.

Jessica's Curry Laksa Noodle @ RM 6.50

The portion is huge and am surprised to hear Jessica said it's very spicy!Surprise surprised 034
She love spicy foods lots and rarely to hear she said spicy.

My Singapore Fried Mee Hoon @ RM 5.50

This one cooked just nice. Although it is slightly different from the original version.Facebook chat emote for cat smile!

Stephanie's Watan Horr @ RM 6.00

This one tasted just nice, just that the Keoy Teow is too little for the huge plate of it.

Ms Chang's Pan Mee @ RM 6.00

It looks pale right?
According to Ms Chang, it's not tasty at all and kinda dry to her liking.

Overall, the foods was just nice.
However, of course there's different in term of the taste as those meats are not real.
And guess what?
Jessica told us the spiciness of her Curry Laksa Noodle really gave her a kick!
She loves it and when we asked her what meat inside it, and she said "Pork Meat"
Three of us holding our laugh so badly and actually I burst out after few seconds!
How can she said pork meat when all those not the REAL meat but only FLOUR?
Laughing lol 047


I was craving for pasta and lasagna so badly the other day.
I asked my lunch mates (Ms Chang & Stephanie) if we could go for any Italian foods that day.
Too bad that our lunch time is only ONE hour thus we couldn't go further to get nice Italian Restaurant.
Therefore, we opted to go for Pizza Hut, and it's either go for Taipan or Likas area as our office located in the middle of them.
So, looking at the jammed road to Taipan, we ended up go for Likas one.Free Smiley

As usual, we were greeted by a warm welcome by the staffs.
Alright, here it starts...
We were forced to go upstair to dine as they doing cleaning.
GREAT, as we saw they allowed some people to dine there but NOT us.

After took our orders, as usual drinks comes first.
Took a sip of this Revive, it tasted shucks! Free Smiley

It just like a plain water added with a pinch of salt inside it.
Ms Chang ended up request to change to Coke.

I seldom drink Coke due to the gas inside it.
Obviously, I DON'T like it at all. Free Smiley

Am wondering since when the garlic sticks turned to butter sticks?! Free Smiley
They just spread the butter on the bun and toast it.
Certain part burnt somemore!

Of all Pizza Hut outlets, I guess Likas one is the worst! 
Am not complaining but this mushroom soup not creamy at all and it's more watery!Free Smiley

Stephanie and I opted for this carbonara.
To our disappointment, the spaghetti not al dente at all and I just had to say "It's overcooked!"Free Smiley
I had a quite hard time to finished it up.
Luckily the taste was okay!

Ms Chang ordered this Butter Chicken Pizza.
Am not sure how it was, but she only ate two slices of it and packed another two slices back to office and gave it our colleagues.

Sigh. How come it turned this worst?!
I mean this kind of fast food chain should maintains their foods standard on each outlets.
The one at KK still can maintain it well even though lots customers and how come this little outlet at Likas couldn't do better ?
What a sucky lunch we had there! 

P/S: Pizza Hut Likas not busy at all. 


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