MM : I See The Light by Mandy Moore ft Levi (OST Rapunzel)

Another Monday and we're getting closer to the Chinese New Year celebration!
Anyway, Thaipusam come first before the Chinese New Year.
I bet many of you having a day off for Thaipusam festival too!

At the moment, I have nothing to do, oh well, you know I'm pretty FREE during these period?
I was checking back all those pictures in my folder and found some pictures taken during Eric was here.
Har... I miss him already. (all the time)flirt3.gif

We had our dinner at Secret Recipe at Warisan Square the other day.
I can just tell you this is the worst dinner I've ever had.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Foods look very nice right?
But... taste bland and the spaghetti noodle tasted like as if it was cooked hours ago.

There goes our sucky dinner.
We ended up didn't finished up the foods and left for our movie!
Yes that was our very first movie outing together!

We watched Rapunzel!
You know how much I love watching those fairytale movie?
We enjoyed watching this movie much.
And, I don't mind watching it over and over again!!

Let me share the song that am in love with...
And even sing it again and again...

All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I've been
Now I'm here, blinking in the starlight
Now I'm here, suddenly I see
Standing here, it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be

And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you 

All those days chasing down a daydream 
All those years living in a blur
All that time never truly seeing
Things the way they were
Now she's here shining in the starlight
Now she's here, suddenly I know
If she's here, it's crystal clear
I'm where I'm meant to go

And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog is lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once, everything is different
Now that I see you, now that I see you 

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Arthur Wee

Ah Bok


  1. hehe...yay!! first movie outing!! coming one more soon!! =P

  2. nice movie for sure!! i like the horse!! =3

  3. haha but the secret recipe food here not bad wan le...=3

  4. I think it's time we boycott Secret Recipe. They say the food is from some factory in West Malaysia...and here, they just microwave and serve. Go and check - any kitchen anywhere where they do all the cooking? I don't think so. And besides, the drinks at the outlet here are RM1.00 more expensive than in the peninsula. Discrimination! Boycott this West Malaysian franchise. Support our own - Sugar Bun!!!

  5. @ericleeh no one rebut with u! :p

    hehe yea lor! :D cant wait for next one! :3

  6. @suituapui yea! heard about that before too!! teruk la like dat! :( yeaa d drink, iced lemon tea only so expensive!! not nice summore!! grrr

  7. Rapunzel definately one of the best classic disney movie..

  8. wow, so nice got nothing much to do huh.. so just happily goyang kaki waiting for CNY lor??

  9. oh yes, Thaipusam is on this coming Thursday.. yes!! another holiday and no need to work~~ :)

  10. hahaha!! so that dinner must be very unforgettable right?? the worst dinner on your first date for movie~~ kekekeke :D

  11. i've not watched that movie, is it nice?? for you sure nice lah, watch together with Eric mah~~ :p

  12. Secret recipe....very expensive leh..

  13. Took my family to watch Rapunzel. They love it!

  14. Hey Caroline! :) Happy MM! :) I can't wait to see this movie with the kids and B! :)

    I have always loved Mandy Moore, she's a great singer and a great actor too.. :)

    I'm glad you didn't have any spoilers for the movie though.. :P

    Are you in a long distance relationship? If yes, ooh, that is hard work girl.. But I hope you guys make it.. :)

    Love and hugs!


  15. oh yeah it looks nice in here...
    love pasta dishes and the i can say that mom's spaghetti is simply the best hahaha...

  16. hey i really want to watch this movie... another fantastic Disney creation

  17. but i guess it's out of the theaters now so i have no choice but to wait for the dvd release or else go buy pirated copies whahaha

  18. Happy MM caroline.... love your entry
    will post mine later
    see yah

  19. i'm sure the company made up for the food eh Carol :)
    Great song!
    happy MM dearie!

  20. Catoon themes are always awesome. Happy MM Carol!

  21. @[SK] lol! not goyang kaki oso la! :p just that getting boring. :/

    so nice! me no holiday lor! :(

    LOL! yeah right! totally unforgettable one!

    go watch! damn nice one! :D

  22. @Petei love it! haha! sure dey love it! :D

  23. @Ane hey Ane! yea u shud watch with them! very nice! :D

    yes Ane, long distance one! thanks dearie! hugs! :D

  24. @bluedreamer27 looks nice! i felt cheated by the look. :(

    u shud go watch this movie! :D im loving it! :D

    Buy the DVD! worth to buy it! ;)

    Happy MM too!

  25. @Namzagree! hehe thanks n Happy MM to u too! ;)