Still remember my previous post about Heineken Green Room is back? Yours truly joined the other bunch and partied that night too! It was my first time to attend Green Room by Heineken and the lineup and musics played on that night were quite different to the usual party type. 

I believe most of you have seen Nicole quite often whether in my blog or during events. We used to be two devils in the office last time and who knows we ended up built up friendship through work? And now, we often hangout together and she's someone who I can call as bff too! :D 

Melbourne is wonderful. Yes, I've been hearing it for countless times but I have yet to visit the beautiful place on my own. Guess what? A bunch of lovely Australian came over to Malaysia and decided to bring us to experience almost everything in Melbourne style!

Let's explore Melbourne!
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  • I have been trying to challenge myself to play with colours when it comes to makeup, I'm glad that I did it last Friday. I guess watching Michelle Phan's video does influenced me a lot on makeup. :p 
We are approaching the month of fasting or Ramadan in less than a month time and I bet our fellow Muslim friends also start looking for great place for gathering and enjoy break-fasting together with friends and family members. Well, let's check out what Impiana Hotel KLCC offering for this year!

The theme for the Ramadan buffet at Tonka Bean Café at Impiana KLCC this year is "Santapan Ramadan" which is suitable with what they are offering this year. You will be not just seeing the typical buffet spread but with the addition of traditional Malay delights too! 
Awesome beauty product + healthy foods = The best combo to stay beautiful! Yours truly attended a very interesting Dove event that we're not there to learn and get to know the new Dove product but also learn to cook and prepare 3 simple healthy meals on the last Saturday. 

The Food Studio
The event took place at The Food Studio at Amarin Kiara. I'm kinda fell in love with the place, it was so beautiful with amazing view from the top. 
I've been blogging about beauty and now let's talk about foods! Not girly talks but foodie talks maybe?

Dai Ban Noodles, located in Damansara Utama aka Damansara Uptown can be easily spotted by the roadside with their huge signboard and banner at the outside. Before entering this place, I thought I'm going to have several types of noodles for dinner and only realised that I was wrong. They're not just serving noodles but variety of choices of foods and beverages too. What makes them rather special would be the way they prepare the foods with thoughts and also they uses fresh ingredients for their dishes. 
NO, I am not kidding you that you can get yourself a FREE smartphone. Read till the end and I will tell you why and how to get yourself a free smartphone! 

Caroline & Quachee
A surprise beauty trove has come to me before I welcome the month of June. Obsessive Beauty, that's what've been offered in the June edition trove by VanityTrove. To stay beautiful in both internally and externally, you may need to check all the amazing products in the trove!

While you're snoozing, your skin is at its restorative best! Well, I bet everyone going to agree with this because your body doesn't have to work at skin protection overnight and can focus on repairing the damage done throughout the day. Let's take a look how we can pamper our skin before go to bed every night with the amazing beauty products prepared in this trove! 
It's Monday peeps and yours truly are as cheerful as other Mondays! Monday is always meant for another great start for me. Still remember that I've participated in the Blogger Fashion Shoot previously? The blogger runway fashion was held at Luxeswinger in Publika on 8th June 2013. 

We were there early to get our hair and makeup done and I've gotten yet another completely different look this time. When she apply the double eyelid tape on my double eyelid eyes, I was a lil bit confused and wondering why until I saw the result myself. The look for this time was rather feminine and it well suited with my elegant white dress.
I used to be someone who were afraid of go through chemical treatment on my hair until I reached 20 years old and the first thing I did on my hair was permed it and colored it the next 3 days. I know this is crazy and I never thought it's actually damaging my hair. Well, perhaps it wasn't that obvious until I bleached my whole hair and my hair damaged till the point that I wish I can just stay at home for that whole period. It took me at least a year to get back a lil bit healthy hair of my own. But, I guess now there's no dilemma anymore after Pantene launched the newest range - Color & Perm Lasting Care Range

Yours truly was so glad to get invited to attend the Pantene's Damage Discoveries media workshop last week. Let's check out what is it all about, shall we? 
Seems like there's quite a number of new range of bras launched and introduced since the month of May till now. One of them, b.tempt'd by Wacoal Malaysia. The official media launching was held at Isetan KLCC last month. The whole counter was beautifully decorated in purplish theme and that somehow shows the sexiness and flirty-ness at the same time. :p

Wacoal @ Isetan, KLCC
I love how I always get those challenges and target to aim in my work now, but it's seriously not fun when I'm stuck with no ideas. I hate to not be able to move on from one stop to another stop. I also tend to be very stress for it especially when I give myself maximum 3 days for it. And... it's funny that I get inspirations from something that is totally not related with my work topic.

When I know that I can't force myself too harsh and learn to stop and breathe and start looking for inspirations, I opened up my website bookmarks and the top two - and - their writings and their contents could be some of those most original ones that inspired me a lot. They are about beauty and fashion. See, I don't need something KPop to inspired me. *winks*

Have you guys heard of Martabak Manis or Terang Bulan pancakes before? Well, they are originally from Indonesia and in fact, they are one of the delicious street snacks in Indonesia. I know I have been bragging about it on my social profile each time I checked in this place on foursquare but I have not write about it. Many of you asking me where is it and what's nice about it and even ask me why I kept on going there for pancakesssss?! Well, I can tell you they are one of the best one I have ever tried in KL. 

Remember my previous post about how you can stay beautiful with HiShop? HiShop gave me May surprise with another box that contained secret to stay beautiful and presentable! And... I can't wait to share it with all of you today! Read till the end for surprise! :p

Upon unboxing it, I actually screamed and jumped happily seeing all the products that I actually planned to buy and now I can save my money and buy another beauty products! The three products prepared for me this time just perfect for my daily needs for a very very simple look. Let's check out what are they!
CONGRATULATIONS to Benefit for their Brow Bar opening at Sephora KLCC! To celebrate the opening of the new Brow Bar, Benefit offers 2-for-1 brow services exclusively for Sephora White Card members. 

The awesome 2-for-1 brow service allow you (Sephora White Card member) to bring another friend to enjoy brow wax and shape services for only RM38! That also means you and your friend only need to pay RM19 each to get the complete brow service.