Ramadan Buffet Dinner @ Tonka Bean Café, Impiana Hotel KLCC

We are approaching the month of fasting or Ramadan in less than a month time and I bet our fellow Muslim friends also start looking for great place for gathering and enjoy break-fasting together with friends and family members. Well, let's check out what Impiana Hotel KLCC offering for this year!

The theme for the Ramadan buffet at Tonka Bean Café at Impiana KLCC this year is "Santapan Ramadan" which is suitable with what they are offering this year. You will be not just seeing the typical buffet spread but with the addition of traditional Malay delights too! 

Salmon Gravalax, Oyster, Prawns, Mussel on Ice, Assorted Cold Cuts, Sausages and Pickles

Mixed Garden Green, Coleslaw with Raisin, Potato Salad, Garden Green Salad Bowl

Honey Dressing, Orange Dressing, Thousand Island, Caesar Dressing, Tartar Sauce, Olive Oil

Kerabu Taugeh, Kerabu Nenas, Acar Rampai, Kerabu Kacang Panjang, Kerabu Kerang, Kerabu Mangga dan Sotong, Indonesia Pecal with Peanut Sauce, Spring Roll, Tauhu Bakar, Belinjau, Acar Buah, Tempe Goreng Jawa, Telur Masin, Ikan Masin

Mangga Muda, Betik Muda, Jambu Air, Jambu Batu, Sengkuang, Timun, Kuah Rojak, Kacang Tumbuk

Chef in Action
BBQ Lamb with Nasi Briyani, Acar Timun, Papadom and Mint-Tomato Yoghurt Dhalcha, Chicken Shawarna, Pita bread, Tahini Sauce, Tomato-Onion Salad, Lemon Wedge

Curry Laksa, Penang Laksa, Mee Soto, Mee Rebus with condiments, Fried Noodle - Mee Mamak, Char Koay Teow

Nasi Tomato, Ayam Sambal Merah, Nasi Ulam, Ayam Goreng Belacan, Daging Kawah, Gulai Telur Itik dengan Belimbing Buluh, Petola Tumis Air Soo Hoon, Ikan Bawal Masak Siam, Steamed Tofu with Mushroom and Soya, Salted Prawn, Chili Crab, Stir Fried Ginger Beef, Chicken Rice, Yong Tau Foo with sauce, Chinese Fried Rice with Silver Anchovy, Braised Chicken with Preserved Vegetables

Sweet Corn Crab Meat Soup, Ayam Berempah dengan Kentang, Bubur Lambuk, Shredded Chicken, Paru, Fried Shallot, Telur Masin, Daun Sup, Daun Bawang, Kicap Pedas, Kacang, Ikan Bilis

Chocolate Fountain with Condiments, Aneka Biskut, Agar Agar, Malay Pudding, Indonesia Layer Cake, Buah Kurma, Cream Caramel, Banana Cake, Pandan Cream Cake, Bread & Butter Pudding, Malay Kuih, Kuih Bingka Ubi, Kuih Ole Kacang, Ketayap, Cucur Badak, Dodol, Wajik, Talam Jagung, Onde-onde, Kaswi, Bahulu, Kuih Lompang


18 Flavours of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream with assorted toppings

Fresh Coconut Water
You will certainly be spoilt with choices at here! I wish to show you all the pictures of the foods that I've had but that would be way too long post. Yours truly totally enjoy the Baskin Robbins ice cream, fresh coconut and also durian! Yes, you'll be enjoying UNLIMITED of durian fruit!

Santapan Ramadan @ Tonka Bean Café, Impiana Hotel KLCC 
Date: 10th July 2013 until 11th August 2013
Time: 6.30pm to 10pm
  • RM108++ per person
  • Children aged 6-12years old: RM54++
  • Senior Citizen aged above 55 years old: RM54++
  • First and Last THREE days of Ramadan: RM98++ per person
** All diners will be extended an Aquaria KLCC special voucher each whereby guest will enjoy a deduction of RM5 on entrance ticket upon presenting the voucher at the ticketing counter.
** For dining reservations, please call +6 03 - 2147 1111, extension 3034 or 3035

Impiana Hotel KLCC
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50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603 - 2147 1111
Toll-free: 1800 883 100
Email: info.impianaklcc@impiana.com