My Inspirations.

I love how I always get those challenges and target to aim in my work now, but it's seriously not fun when I'm stuck with no ideas. I hate to not be able to move on from one stop to another stop. I also tend to be very stress for it especially when I give myself maximum 3 days for it. And... it's funny that I get inspirations from something that is totally not related with my work topic.

When I know that I can't force myself too harsh and learn to stop and breathe and start looking for inspirations, I opened up my website bookmarks and the top two - and - their writings and their contents could be some of those most original ones that inspired me a lot. They are about beauty and fashion. See, I don't need something KPop to inspired me. *winks*

To me, Michelle Phan herself is already an amazing woman. She's not just making your life lots easier on how to do makeup and save your money with some DIY cosmetics, she also don't mind sharing about her life story too. Perhaps, everything quite personal that reached to each and every fans/subbies of her including myself. Let me share some videos of her that you might want to watch here.

Fabspy, is amazing. The person behind it is someone who are passionate towards fashion that she finally able to make things possible. I admire her and the writer behind the blog, she made me fell in love with everything she wrote inside the blog, from the very first post. Don't be surprised because I actually enjoyed reading her long post a lot - A songbird's loveInner Circle: Addiction, etc.

These two sites just never failed me from going back to the sites several times in every single day, it just like they keep me alive. Well, maybe you can tell me which site that inspired you so I can add it into my bookmark too! :D