Delicious Indonesian Pancakes @ MBI, Waroeng Oma (Sunway Mentari)

Have you guys heard of Martabak Manis or Terang Bulan pancakes before? Well, they are originally from Indonesia and in fact, they are one of the delicious street snacks in Indonesia. I know I have been bragging about it on my social profile each time I checked in this place on foursquare but I have not write about it. Many of you asking me where is it and what's nice about it and even ask me why I kept on going there for pancakesssss?! Well, I can tell you they are one of the best one I have ever tried in KL. 

M.B.I has two branches with each located at Sunway Mentari (Waroeng Oma) and SS15 (Salmon Steak). They are selling variety of Indonesian Sweet Pancakes that you can choose from! :D Our recent visit to Waroang Oma was really great that we could enjoy both delicious authentic Indonesian cuisines and also Indonesian Pancakes from M.B.I.

The Indonesian pancakes that freshly made upon order, best to be eaten immediately or it may turn soggy once it cold. Be it Martabak Manis or some called it as Terang Bulan, they are certainly perfect for people who love something sweet and savoury, like me? :p

Martabak Manis Keju Susu - RM8.50
The original Indonesian pancakes are thick and fluffy with sweet fillings of your choice. If you are looking for something original, you may give a try to this Martabak Manis with Cheese and Milk fillings. Just so you know that the cheese that they are using for the pancakes are also specially imported from Indonesia to ensure the original taste as back in Indonesia.

Martabak Manis Special (Kacang+Coklat+Keju) - RM10
We also tried the Martabak Manis Special with the fillings combination of cheese, chocolate rice and roasted peanuts. They were extremely delicious! The portion of the pancake also sufficient enough to be shared  up to 4 pax. 

Some of you might not fancy the original thick version of the pancake, you can always go for the tipker which is the thin version of the pancake. This tipker definitely a big no-no when it come for takeaway, even if you choose for takeaway, you have to eat it instantly or you can never enjoy the best of it. 

Tipker - Martabak Manis (Coklat Keju) - RM5
If you ask me, I would always go for the thin version of the pancake! I love the crunchiness and when the fillings melt-in-your-mouth that kind of sensation. The Chocolate Cheese fillings pancake is on top of my favorite list that I need a fix of it at least once per week now and then. I actually went back 3 times in a week just to eat this. 

Tipker - Martabak Manis (Pisang+Keju+Coklat) -  RM 6.50
Eric loves the Chocolate-Banana-Cheese pancake more than others. Though I think it was way too sweet to my liking when the bananas are already sweet and added with the sweet condense milk, a slice was enough for me. However, if you are a banana lover, you're going to love this! 

There are also Corn filling version for the pancakes. We have tried this thin pancake with corns and cheese as fillings. They were really sweet and equally delicious as others! I guess I need to give a try on strawberry and blueberry version of fillings for the pancakes! If you have your Indonesian friends over in KL, maybe you can ask them try the Indonesian pancakes if they are the same as claimed as Indonesian that tries it before! :D 

I'm going to share with your for the delicious authentic Indonesian cuisines that served in Waroeng Oma in my next post! Stay tune! 

M.B.I @ Waroeng Oma (diagonally opposite Sunway Pyramid)
42-1, Jalan PJS 8/2,
Bandar Sunway.
Business Hours: 11.30am ~ 10pm
Tel No: +6 03 - 5637 7255