Self Random Thoughts.

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  • I have been trying to challenge myself to play with colours when it comes to makeup, I'm glad that I did it last Friday. I guess watching Michelle Phan's video does influenced me a lot on makeup. :p 

  • AirAsia is having promotion again! I have missed out the last promo for Taipei and Sydney, and I don't wish to miss out this one. Now I need to plan for my end of year trip and wish I can squeeze in perhaps a 4D3N trip to somewhere to celebrate my birthday? 
  • I am not sure if I should be glad for having few choices in almost everything in my life because I actually stuck myself in such a huge dilemma for the past 3 days just to choose either A or B. To be honest, the decision made also because of an understanding friend but it turned out, am not that happy with it too. Part of me, just want to be there with them. :( Since decision was made, I guess I need to just look forward for the day. 

  • Nostalgia by Sungha Jung. He is a very talented and the dream to meet him in person has turned into reality. I met him last Saturday and get to interviewed him as part of the media group. The moment he look at you and answer your questions, that was really memorable for me. 

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