So... the Worthy Book (Ladies Edition) arrived my doorstep the other day, I didn't have time to actually flip them through and I was so glad that I finally have time to check out what I can get from this book. I mean, don't we all just love discounts?!

Just so you know that Worthy Book is a voucher booklet for freebies, discounts and deals at some of Malaysia's most popular spots! With a total of 150 vouchers featuring popular shopping, beauty and fashion brands in Malaysia, it's a definite steal for you! Not to mention, it covers over 50 shopping malls in Malaysia which also means you are able to redeem it regardless you're at which states!

Instead of booking ourselves with morning island hopping tour, we opted for the afternoon session that comes together with the sunset cruise. We woke up at 8am, took breakfast and get ready for the tour. Just an hour before the tour van come to pick us up, we quickly drop by the tourist information to book for our airport transfer for the next day.

We woke up quite early the next morning as we have to grab breakfast before go for our tour.

Amber Chiffon Halter Swimsuit - short jeans pants - Havaianas slipper

This was a very impromptu trip to Krabi.

We've talked about going for a relaxing beach holiday, just the two of us girls, yet didn't really plan it after our trip to Seoul together. After a random Korean food and dessert night out, we were talking about our work stuff and it was our first time to book everything just out of the blue too!

It's probably the time for my friends and I to add a little fun into our annual Langkawi trip. 
It's NOT just about the alcohol guys! :p
(I mean, no joke, they literally stock up as much alcohol beverages in hotel and enjoyed it every single day without fail!)

once in a while,
in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairytale.

The first glance of the Kenzo x H&M collection was nothing but terrifying to me! The first question I had on my mind was "who would actually wear those out on normal days?!" Well, that until I personally had a feast in my eyes looking through the entire collection by myself during the media preview session. 

Last week, I was invited to join the members of the media for a wonderful wine pairing dinner sesh with Jacob's Creek which was held at Eight Gourmets Gala in Sunway. It was also the launch of its latest groundbreaking innovation - The Double Barrel.

Let's be real here, I am not a wine expert.
However, attending wine pairing sessions for the past few years and still learning how to distinguish the specialties for each wine that I've had, I learn how to appreciate wines.